Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 146: Emily, I Don't Want to Compete with You

Passed Wendy's blood off as Emily's and had a paternity test...

Matriarch Jackson was stunned. The whole person became extremely stiff and was shocked.

Who was this woman? Who was she on the phone with? Who was Matriarch Jackson?

Wasn't she the only Matriarch Jackson?

So, who was the person this woman called?

Before Matriarch Jackson could understand, the woman after the flower said again, “Hunter seems to
like that Wendy very much, and often invites her to visit Jackson's house."

"I feel worried about Emily. So, I come here today. I haven't expected to see Wendy and Hunter
together. I am so angry!"

“Isn't Wendy relying on her appearance which is like her dead mother? She dares to steal Emily's man.
This bitch! I have to

take her a lesson sooner or later!"

Not knowing what the man at the other end of the phone said, the woman continued to curse, "I would
have driven Wendy out of the house at the beginning if I knew it. How could I have kept her if it wasn't
to hide Emily's identity?"

“I have raised her for so many years for nothing and let her take Emily's place. What I want is that one
day, Emily will be admitted as Talia's daughter by Matriarch Jackson.”

“Of course, I have already known that Wendy is Matriarch Jackson's granddaughter...”

After that, Matriarch Jackson couldn't hear any words.

Her heart was a little uncomfortable. Suddenly, her hands fell on the position of the heart, and she was
short of breath.

Oh my god! What did she do? The truth was like this!

How could they! How could they treat her granddaughter like this!

They even bullied Wendy into this way!

“Matriarch Jackson, Matriarch Jackson, what's the matter with you?" The maid was startled and cried
out in a hurry, "Help, help! Matriarch Jackson is sick! Come on, help!"

...Matriarch Jackson was sick again and spent two days and two nights in the emergency room.

Two days later, she was transferred to the intensive care unit. It was said that she didn't want to see
anyone, even Patriarch Jackson.

Later, Patriarch Jackson insisted to go in. No one knew what happened in the room. In short, three
days later, Matriarch Jackson went back to the Jackson's house.

There were family doctors and nurses who took care of Matriarch Jackson in the Jackson family. As
long as she didn't get sick, it would be better at home than in the hospital.

The key was that Matriarch Jackson had been in a bad mood and did not want to see anyone.

This time, she even did not meet Emily.

Five days had passed, and now it was the sixth day. Emily completely did not know the situation of
Matriarch Jackson.

Hunter had gone to visit Matriarch Jackson twice. However, every time Matriarch Jackson faced him,
she was about to speak, but saying nothing.

She seemed to have a lot of things to say. But in the end, she did not say anything.

People did not know how to comfort her with such a situation.

The doctor said that most patients had this kind of situation, because they knew themselves... their
physical conditions were not very good.

So, Matriarch Jackson was worried that she would die soon. Then, she was desperate?

No one was willing to say such words. But as for Matriarch Jacksor's situation, everyone had been

They were afraid that Matriarch Jackson really wouldn't live long.

The doctor had revealed carefully in the past that he didn't sure whether Matriarch Jackson could
survive this winter. Everyone in Jackson family was worried about this news.

Two days later, it was the weekend. Emily came to the Jackson's house early and wanted to visit
Matriarch Jackson.

Unexpectedly, she met Wendy in the yard, who also came to visit Matriarch Jackson.

“Emily, are you also here?” Wendy seemed to be in a good mood today.

However, her dress let Emily inexplicably feel a bit strange.

It was beautiful for Wendy to wear retro dress.

However, she never liked this kind of skirt. What's more, she had no makeup at all.

Without makeup, was this still Wendy?

Emily had never been kind to Wendy. She just glanced at her and went to the backyard.

The servant said that Matriarch Jackson was in the backyard. She wanted to see Matriarch Jackson.

As long as she could see with her own eyes that Matriarch Jackson was in stable condition, she would
be at ease.

“Why are you walking in such a hurry? Do you think Matriarch Jackson would like to see you again?"

Wendy walked behind her, slowly and calmly.

"What do you mean?" Emily looked back at her. Although she didn't want to contact Wendy, she always
felt that there was an insinuation in her words.

“Nothing. I just want to make a bet with you."

Wendy came to her and motioned her to go to the backyard with her.

“Do you think Matriarch Jackson would like to see you or me today?”

Emily frowned. What relationship could Wendy have with Matriarch Jackson?

In the last life, although Wendy had always wanted to please Matriarch Jackson, Matriarch Jackson
had been indifferent to her all the time.

But today, why did she look so confident?

“I heard that Matriarch Jackson actually wanted me to be with Hunter. But not knowing why, she
changed her mind later."

Wendy's smile today was as elegant as a noble princess.

She looked at Emily without any hostility. Because she seemed to not despise her as an enemy.

She was so superior and elegant, but always so hypocritical.

Emily ignored Wendy and went straight to the backyard.

Wendy also followed closely behind her with no intention of passing her.

Matriarch Jackson was behind the main house. This time, Patriarch Jackson was with her.

Last time Matriarch Jackson was ill and transferred from the emergency room to the intensive care unit,
Patriarch Jackson had been with her.

But after all, he was the boss of the Jackson Group. He had been accompanying Matriarch Jackson, so
the affairs of the Jackson Group had naturally been delayed.

Now there was a rumor inside the Jackson family that Patriarch Jackson was arranging for a

But Patriarch Jackson hadn't made a statement. So, everyone was still trying to perform well.

Although Hunter had always been favored by Patriarch Jackson, he had his own Century Group, and
he seemed to have no intention of coming back to take over the Jackson Group.

As a result, the competition in the Jackson family was very fierce recently.

Now, it was critical to please Patriarch Jackson and Matriarch Jackson.

Seeing Patriarch Jackson pushing Matriarch Jackson for a walk not far from the front, Emily hesitated
for a moment and then quickened her pace.

She knew that Patriarch Jackson didn't like her. But she came here to see Matriarch Jackson today.

So, even if Patriarch Jackson didn't like her, she had to brace herself and go there.

Unexpectedly, she just walked two steps while her arms were grabbed and she was pulled back by

“What are you doing?” Emily was pulled and her feet were unsteady. She almost fell down and could
only catch Wendy subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, Wendy fell to the ground as Emily caught her.

“Oh.” Wendy cried out in pain. She touched her ankle, and tears filled her eyes.

“Emily, I... I just want to see Matriarch Jackson. I really don't want to compete with you.”

Emily frowned. The next second, she knew what Wendy wanted to do.

Wasn't it too childish to frame others?

How dared she play tricks in Jackson family! Hunter was not here. Why was her purpose to do it?