Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 145: The Girl Is Perfect

“Does it affect me to explain or not?” Henry finally picked up chopsticks.

Emily couldn't refute his words at all.

He didn't know the restaurant owner. They wouldn't have any contact in the future.

In this case, it did not matter for him whether the restaurant owner misunderstood him or not.

There was nothing wrong with those words. But Emily still felt that it was too heartless.

Emily looked at this man again. He was really handsome. Even standing with Hunter together, he was
not inferior at all.

He and Hunter were really from the same world. Only such people could be qualified to be Hunter's

On the contrary, the distance between she and them was so far...

“What are you thinking?” Henry suddenly put down his chopsticks and looked at her.

“Nothing. My tongue hurts." Emily looked down to cover her feelings of loss.

“Just eat. After finishing eating, we can say goodbye. I have classes in the afternoon.”

Emily did what she said. After dinner, she said goodbye to him immediately.

This time, no one could stop her. As soon as they left the restaurant, Emily left immediately. She didn't
want to look at Henry any more.

Henry looked at her far back and his deep eyes gradually become blurred.

It seemed that he was thinking about something.

Three days later, under the care of everyone, Matriarch Jackson miraculously recovered.

It was fine that day. The maid pushed Matriarch Jackson for a walk in the backyard.

Matriarch Jackson accidentally saw a familiar figure.

The girl stood in the flowers. That white and clean skirt, which was clear and refreshing, had a retro

It was a kind of... a familiar feeling.

“Talia...” Matriarch Jackson thought she was wrong.

But, this back figure, this hairstyle, this skirt... Why was it so similar to Talia in the picture?

Finally, the girl turned back. Under the sun, her face was pure and clear. She was so beautiful that her
skin was shining even without makeup.

"So beautiful..." Matriarch Jackson subconsciously wanted to walk over.

“Matriarch Jackson, do you want to go for a walk?"

Seeing Matriarch Jackson nodding, the maid immediately pushed her and went on.

It seemed to be getting closer and closer to that girl.

The girl seemed to see Matriarch Jackson. She was stunned and immediately came over, "Hello,
Matriarch Jackson."

“You are..." Maybe it was because the sun was too strong, Matriarch Jackson felt that her sight was a
little blurred.

She couldn't see the girl's face clearly. She only knew that she was very impressed by her skirt.

This was clearly Talia's dress in the photo. Why was it on the girl now?

“I'm Wendy, Emily's sister.” Wendy smiled at her.

This smile was gentle and soft. Coupled with her soft temperament and beautiful and clean face, all
elders would definitely like her as long as they saw her.

In particular, her face was really beautiful.

Hearing that she was Emily's elder sister, Matriarch Jackson was immediately excited.

“You are Emily's elder sister. You are so beautiful!"

She was really beautiful! In particular, she did not even make up and her face was clean. Matriarch
Jackson liked her very much.

But looking at her dress, Matriarch Jackson always had some inexplicable feeling in her heart.

“Your skirt...”

“Does Matriarch Jackson also like this dress?" Wendy twirled in front of her.

As she stood and looked at Matriarch Jackson, she smiled a little shyly.

“I don't know why. I like this dress since I was a child. Maybe because I was influenced by someone
around me in childhood. ”

“Someone around you?" Matriarch Jackson was shocked.

“I can't remember her. I just vaguely remember that when I was very young, there was a person around
me who liked to wear such a skirt.”

Wendy tilted her head, as if in memory. But she finally shook her head.

“The memory is too vague to know who that woman is. But I know she was very kind to me. Before I
could remember her, she had disappeared.”

“Why did she disappear?” Matriarch Jackson looked a little anxious.

“I don't know.” Wendy shook her head and was confused, "Anyway, she disappeared. Later, I am alone
all the time.”

“And your mother?" She was Emily's elder sister. So, was she the elder sister or the second elder

She seemed to be at the same age with Emily. She should be the second elder sister.

This girl was the second daughter of the Gale family. Her mother should be the daughter of the Winston
family. Matriarch

Jackson had forgotten her name. But she still remembered the general situation.

“Hasn't your mother always been with you? Why are you alone?”

“My mother...”

Wendy bit her lips and her eyes flowed through a trace of grievance.

She bowed her head and grabbed her fingers and whispered, "My mother doesn't like me. She likes
Emily. She is with Emily

almost all the time.”

Matriarch Jackson did not understand. She had asked someone to investigate things, but she did not
investigate so thoroughly.

However, Wendy was Kate's daughter, but Emily was not. Why did Kate accompany Emily all the time?

How could she accompany other people's children, regardless of her own daughter?

“I don't know why. I even thought that my mother was not my mother at all. Maybe she was Emily's

Wendy smiled, as if she was trying to let herself show no concern.

Her voice was as soft as today's wind, which made people feel easy.

“Maybe I have not been clever enough since childhood, so my mother likes Emily more than me.”

She smiled so lonely, which made people feel sorry.

However, she was strong.

Even in such a lost time, she still smiled to comfort Matriarch Jackson.

“But I have been working hard. I believe that as long as I work hard, my mother will like me one day."

“Silly girl..." Matriarch Jackson sighed. She didn't expect that the beautiful girl would live so hard.

Matriarch Jackson should be happy since someone loved Emily. But hearing Wendy's words, she felt a
little strange with an unknown reason.

“By the way, my mother is here today. It seems that she is also nearby.”

Wendy seemed to be very respectful to her mother. She was a little anxious.

“My mother will be angry if she can't find me all the time. Matriarch Jackson, I'll go to my mother first. I'll
see you later."

After greeting Matriarch Jackson, Wendy turned and left.

She was so uneasy and cautious. She seemed to be afraid that her mother would blame her if she did
not do well.

She was the daughter of a powerful family. Why did she live so cautiously?

Was her mother really bad for her?

“I've also heard of this Miss Wendy." The maid pushed Matriarch Jackson and went on.

“Well?” Matriarch Jackson looked back at her. "What kind of girl is she?”

“A very good girl. I heard that because of her outstanding conduct and cultivation, she was called the
first beauty of Bentson.”

“The first beauty?” She had such a high praise!

“Yes. She has been excellent in both character and learning since childhood. She is not the same kind
of person as Miss

Emily, who is infamous.”

The maid continued to push Matriarch Jackson forward. At the other corner of the flower bed, they
heard that someone was calling.

The woman hid behind the flower. Her voice was very low, but Matriarch Jackson could clearly hear
what she said.

"..."Yes. Don't get in touch with Matriarch Jackson anymore. If Matriarch Jackson knew that you passed
Wendy's blood off as

Emily's and had a paternity test, you and I would not be able to survive in Bentson, you know?