Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 143 : Why Do You Pester Me

“Sorry...” Emily covered her nose which was hurt and retreated in a hurry.

But because she retreated too fast, she stumbled over something. Then, she was unstable and fell
behind her.

“Be careful.” The man reached out and helped her.

“Thank you.” Emily finally stood firm and looked up at him.

The next second, her eyes were immediately filled with defense, “It's you. You... Psst."

The back of her hand hurt. Emily raised her hand and found that there was a bloody wound.

Although the wound was not big, it still hurt.

Henry's sight fell on the back of her hand. He winced gently with good-looking eyebrows, "Do I hurt
you? Sorry!”

"It is me who accidentally touch your button.”

Emily looked at his button.

As soon as Emily looked at Henry's shirt, she knew it was very expensive. Every button was carefully
carved out.

Henry also looked at his button and was a little helpless, "It seems that the next time I can't wear this
kind of clothes. It will become a sharp weapon to hurt people.”

He took out the paper towel and held Emily's hand to wipe the blood on the back of her hand.

Emily immediately took her hand back. She was still on guard against him.

Henry said with a smile, “At least, I didn't hide the thing that I knew your fiancé, right?"

This was true.

In fact, Emily didn't know why she was on guard against him. After all, Henry didn't do anything.

She just subconsciously wanted to get rid of the relationship with Hunter.

“You can treat me as an ordinary person. I hurt you. So, I want to treat you to dinner, okay?”

“No. I've already had a meal.” Emily still refused.

“Well, you dirtied my button. You offer me a meal to make amends, okay?" Henry changed his words.

“Why do you have to eat with me?” Emily looked at the button on his shirt. She did leave her blood on
the button.

“Nothing. I just want to have dinner with you.”

“But I don't want to."

“Then, I'll still find a chance to have dinner with you until you accept.”

“You...” Emily glared at him. She had never seen such a thick-skinned person.

Henry smiled softly. It had to say that Henry was very handsome.

But as long as Emily thought of that he and Hunter knew each other, she didn't want to see him more
even if he looked handsome.

“Come on. I'm hungry.” Henry crossed her and walked in front of her.

He chucked the used paper towel in the dustbin by him.

Emily was not willing to go with him and still stood in place.

“Class 1801 of the design department of Bentson University, right? If you don't agree to have dinner
with me now, I'll go straight to your school to see you next time.”

“You...” This psychopath!

But Henry smiled and looked back at her. The light smile was so amazing that it made the surrounding
scenery lose color instantly.

All the girls who passed by were staring at him and were attracted.

Emily couldn't understand why this man had to pester her.

"I'm really hungry. I have a bad stomach. If I don't eat on time, I will have stomachache. Can you have
a meal with me?"

He was so humble to make a request. It was just like a boyfriend begging for his girlfriend.

Passing girls all stared at Emily. Seeing that she was so indifferent and heartless, they all wanted to get
rid of Emily and took this super handsome guy with stomach trouble to dinner.

The man had said that if he didn't eat on time, his stomach would feel bad. How could she be so

Emily closed her eyes and took a deep breath to not be in a sulk.

Staring at Henry, she said coldly, "My time is limited.”

“Don't worry. It's just a meal.” Henry smiled. The girls were crazy again.

How could there be such a good-looking man? How could there be such a good-looking smile?

As soon as he smiled, the flowers around him seemed to be about to bloom.

As he smiled again, even the sky had become particularly clear. The blue sky and white clouds were
beautiful beyond words!

This man was really handsome!

They walked into a nearby restaurant which was selected by Emily.

After walking in, Henry's smile disappeared.

The restaurant was so small that there was no box. This was the peak time for eating, and there were
two people waiting in line at this restaurant.

Emily was in a better mood when Henry did not smile.

"I like the food of this restaurant. If you don't like it, let's go. You can go to another place to have a meal
by yourself, OK?"

Henry looked down at her. This girl intentionally chose this place.

He said faintly, "it's OK. I haven't eaten in this kind of restaurant. It's OK to try it.”

“However, it is very likely that we will share tables with others. The bowls, chopsticks, tables and chairs
may not be very clean.”

"Since it's not clean, why do you still eat here?” Henry frowned.

Thinking of greasy things, Henry felt the stomach unwell.

"I don't care. I'm used to it. I'm just afraid that your clothes, which are all famous brands, will be dirtied
by oil. Then, you will lose hundreds of thousands."

Emily's words were originally meant to satirize Henry. Unexpectedly, when people around them heard
that the clothes Henry was wearing were worth hundreds of thousands, they moved aside one after
another, fearing that they might dirty his clothes.

The restaurant owner was also scared, and quickly wiped the oil on his hands with a towel.

Looking around, the restaurant owner found that the customer of one table had finished eating and left.
So, he hurried to carefully clean up that table.

"Sir, Miss, can you sit here?" The restaurant owner asked carefully.

Henry still frowned. Emily had already sat down by the table and looked at him.

“How about it? Do you want to eat? If you don't eat, let's go. "

“Why not?" Henry walked past, but his eyes were fixed on the table top.

Although the restaurant owner had just wiped it carefully, he still felt that the table top was still greasy.

And the chair, which was greasy...

“The chair is not dirty. Really. It's just a little old.”

The restaurant owner came over, wiped the chair with his hand, and spread out his hand to show

"You see, sir, the chair is really not dirty.”

Seeing that the restaurant owner was so cautious, Emily felt a little sorry. After thinking about it, she
was about to tell Henry that they could change the place to not embarrass the restaurant owner.

Unexpectedly, Henry had already sat down and looked at her and said, "I'm not familiar here. Please

Emily looked at him, and then at the restaurant owner.

The restaurant owner was still standing on the side, fearing that he did not serve them well.

This kind of small restaurant couldn't afford to offend such rich customers. They were just making a
living. It was not easy for him to do such business.

“Hey, please serve some of your specialty dishes as soon as possible.”

Anyway, Emily was not full just now. After eating two mouthfuls of steak, she did not feel like eating
because of Wendy.

Now, she was hungry, too.

“OK. Please wait a minute.” The restaurant owner went to prepare the food immediately.

Emily looked at Henry, "Can you tell me why you keep pestering me? What do you want?"

“I don't know.” Henry looked down at her eyes.

When they sat together, Henry found that the girl was so short.

“Humph.” He said with a smile, as if he was really puzzled, "How can he fall in love with you, a short