Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 142 : She is very Defensive

Emily did not expect that Wendy, who seemed to be very gentle at ordinary times, would ask such a
dirty question.

Emily thought that Wendy was hypocritical but cultured at least before.

Now, she had lost her temperament because of these questions.

It was so... disgusting.

“How about it? You don't want to say it, do you? Then you can't hear from me the reason why your
mother left the Gale family.”

Wendy was not worried that Emily would leave now. From Emily's expression, Wendy had learned how
to control her.

Emily took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she said expressionless, "Yes, we have had sex
more than once. He has a strong ability and makes me happy.”

“Shame on you!” Wendy's face sank in an instant. She was so angry that she wanted to take up the
glass and pour the water on her forcefully.

“Isn't Miss Wendy ashamed to ask me such questions all the time?"

Emily had no expression on her face. After restraining her shyness, she could control her emotions.

She would not lose her reason because of Wendy's provocation.

“I have answered your questions. Can you tell me why my mother left the Gale family?”

“Didn't Charles tell you?"

The waiter brought the steak over, and Wendy just calmed down a little.

Originally, she just wanted to humiliate Emily. But she didn't expect that she would lose her cool
completely because of Emily's few words.

After the waiter left, Wendy was playing with the ring on her ring finger while staring at Emily and

"Your mother was forced to leave the Gale family by my mother.”

Saying this kind of words, Wendy did not have the slightest apology and even took the winner's

Emily still didn't speak. Even though she was pinching her palm and almost hurt herself, Emily still
showed no concern.

“Is it?” Emily smiled and cut the steak.

“So, what do you want by inviting me to dinner today?”

“Aren't you sad? Your mother was forced away by my mother. After she was forced to leave, she had a
hard time outside. Do you not feel distressed?”

“What does it have to do with you whether I feel distressed or not?"

Anyway, Wendy had ordered a meal, and Emily could only eat it first. After all, she could save money
for a meal, right?

The purpose that Wendy asked her to come out would not be simply to say a few words which made
her feel unwell.

What was strange was that Wendy had not let out any flaws until now. Emily could not guess what she
wanted to do.

“Well. You don't want to talk about your mother. So, let's change the subject.”

Wendy suddenly reached out and took the mushroom sauce to Emily.

“The mushroom sauce here is delicious. Try it."

Before Emily could refuse, Wendy poured the mushroom sauce on Emily's steak.

When she put down the mushroom sauce, she suddenly waved and pressed her hand on the back of
Emily's hand by accident.

Emily frowned and took her hand back.

“Sorry. Iam a little dizzy." Wendy murmured.

But she resented Emily a little more.

This Emily was so far away from her that she couldn't touch her!

Wendy thought that it should be very easy to take Emily's blood sample.

She just needed to talk to Emily and distract her attention. Then she could pretend to bump into her by
accident and prick her with a fine needle on her ring.

But she didn't expect that she could not get close to Emily at all.

In order not to arouse Emily's suspicion, Wendy lowered her head to eat steak and looked for some
boring topics.

“I heard that the elder sister will finish the overseas projects ahead of time and come back early."
Wendy said.

Emily was stunned. In her memory of the last life, the eldest lady of the Gale family had always been
indifferent to her.

The elder sister was not bad, but Emily was stupid in her last life. She was often used by Wendy to
frame the elder sister up in front of Charles.

The elder sister was not Kate's daughter. She had been targeted by Kate and Wendy in the Gale

Emily was also Wendy's accomplice in the last life. So, it was natural that the elder sister would
alienate her.

But in fact, the elder sister always took care of her when she was a child. But she was so stupid that
she could not tell who was good and who was bad.

Wendy said again, "You used to have a bad relationship with elder sister. This time, you can't make her
angry again after she comes back."

"Don't worry. Without your mischief, elder sister and I will get along very well."

Emily still ate the steak attentively, as if she was not interested in any topic Wendy said. She only
wanted to finish quickly and left.

If it was not for getting Emily's blood sample, Wendy had already left. Why should she stay to be bullied
by this ugly girl?

“Anyway, the elder sister will come back. You should get along well with her.”

Wendy really couldn't find a topic to distract her attention. Emily was not interested in any topic!

“I'll get some drinks.” Wendy stood up.

Emily felt something was wrong. Why did Wendy have to go to the bar for drinks?

According to Wendy's character, she had always maintained her noble status of a wealthy family. If she
wanted something, she would wave to the waiters and let them come to serve her.

It was impossible for her to go to the bar on her own.

What was Wendy thinking?

Unexpectedly, when Wendy walked by Emily's side, she sprained her foot and rushed straight to Emily.

Emily, who had been on guard for a long time, suddenly stood up and dodged from the other side of the

Seeing Wendy fall on her chair, Emily said in a deep voice, "Wendy, what do you want?"

Did she want to attack her in public?

How dared she? Wendy was more and more extravagant now!

“You are so strange!" Saying this, Emily did not look at her again and walked quickly to the door.

“Emily, wait!” Wendy was so anxious that she immediately caught up with Emily.

But the waiter came quickly and stopped her, “Miss, you haven't checked out yet.”

“Can't I afford it?” This was the first time Wendy was stopped by a waiter for fear that she would dine
and dash.

She threw a few bank notes to the waiter, and immediately ran out.

However, there were so many people on the street that Emily had already disappeared.

Damn! Wasn't it easy to get some blood samples? Why couldn't she do such a small thing well?

She didn't know why Emily was so defensive to her!

It should be easy for her to stab Emily with a ring as she fell to her just now. Why could she fail!

Could it be that Emily had seen through her minds?

How could she tell sir about this?

..In fact, Emily did not see through anything. But she did see that Wendy harbored evil designs.

But she couldn't understand it at all. Even if Wendy wanted to attack her, she shouldn't choose a café
with so many people.

Wendy was not so stupid.

So, what exactly did she want?

“Oh-" Thinking too much, Emily didn't see the way ahead clearly and bumped into a warm chest.