Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 138: You Think Everyone's Like You?

Emily felt that she had offended Hunter again. But she really didn't know what she said wrong.

In short, she could not see through his minds. So, it was useless to think more.

She put her Notebook computer on the tea table and was ready to sit on the ground to work.

The man immediately frowned, "Do you need to be so aggrieved in my room?"

"What?" Emily looked up at him. Aggrieved? No, she was not aggrieved at all.

“Come here.”

“But I really have something to do...”

"I say, come here.” Hunter was a little upset and irritable. He glanced at Emily coldly, "Take your
Notebook computer.”

Emily was confused and closed her Notebook computer and went to Hunter.

"Sit here.” Hunter pointed to the position beside him.

Then, he dialed an internal phone number. Soon, the servant brought a chair matching with the desk.

It seemed that the two people would work together in the future.

But how could she do things together with Hunter?

"What? Don't you like this chair?" Seeing that she was reluctant to sit down, Hunter picked up his
mobile phone again.

"No!" Emily immediately stopped him.

What did it have to do with chairs? She just felt that the way in which Hunter developed a tacit
understanding with her

seemed to be... too enthusiastic.

Tonight's Hunter was different from he was before.

He was always busy with his own business most of the time when she came to his room before.

But tonight, he had been paying close attention to her every move so far.

Hunter even had been staring at her bear doll for a long time when she put the bear doll on the bed.

Perhaps, he was disgusted that she brought such a childish thing to his bed.

However, Hunter's bed was so big that it looked at least three meters wide.

She only occupied 1.2 meters wide and she would not hinder him.

"Since you don't dislike it, why don't you sit down?" The man frowned again.

"OK. I will sit down..." Emily had difficulty in understanding his idea.

Sitting not far away from him, she still subconsciously wanted to move the chair to the other end.

The next second, he was unhappy, "Don't move!”

Emily was scared. Her hands kept moving the chair. She turned her head and met his eyes, “Hunter...”

"Come over here." She always wanted to stay away from again and again. Was he so horrible?

Emily could only move a little bit.

The man was dissatisfied, "Closer."

Emily was a little bit angry. But in the end, she moved closer.

Finally, Hunter was satisfied with the distance that he could touch her as long as he reached out.

Seeing that she sat square and was stiff, Hunter hummed, "Do your own things. Don't care about me.”

She was always at ease with others but very unnatural with him!

The man's displeasure made Emily more confused.

She tried to open the Notebook computer. But Hunter was disgusted when he saw her Notebook

"How old is it?" He picked up the Notebook computer and looked at the back. Then, he became even
more disgusted.

"What can this configuration do? It’s too slow to surf the Internet.”

"Hunter, if the Internet speed is too slow, you should let people check the WiFi of this villa”

"The computer response speed is too slow. Won't it affect the speed of browsing?"

There would not be any problem with the network of his villa.

Emily was biting her lips and was not convinced.

She knew that Hunter was a distinguished man and everything he used was the best in the world.

But what was wrong with her Notebook computer? It was only three years since she bought it. Wasn't it
enough for her to use

it smoothly?

It was not for him. Why was he choosy?

Hunter had already picked up the mobile phone and ordered, "Send a Notebook computer to Miss

“Hunter, I don't need..."


"Nothing." He looked at her again with this stern look which made her not dare refuse. Was he showing
off his big eyes?

If he stared at her again, she would... admit defeat.

Emily was helpless. Looking at the new Notebook computer sent by Liam, she had no temper.

But this Notebook computer...

"My God! This one values more than 100,000!" This was a style that could only be seen in magazines!

"You don't like it?” He had not specially prepared these things for her before.

Hunter said, "Make do with it first. I'll take you to City L to choose one you like at the weekend.”

“No! I like it! This one is good enough!”

Why did not she like? She had never used such a high-end Notebook computer in her life!

“Well. You don't need me to pay back, right?” She didn't have so much money.

Hunter's face darkened. Emily immediately knew that she said something wrong.

She forced a smile and flattered, "Oh, you are so rich. Of course, you don't need me to pay back..."

She opened the new Notebook computer immediately and installed the software she needed. Then,
she copied the information from her old Notebook computer to the new one.

The two computers were put together. The original one she used was so ugly.

The new one was like the image of Hunter, who was noble and elegant as well as all-powerful.

“Don't worry. Even if you look ugly, I won't abandon you."

It took her half an hour to toss all the information. Emily felt a little pity when she put away the old
Notebook computer.

When she finished, Emily sat on the chair and looked up at the deep eyes which could let people crazy.

"Hunter, what else can I do for you?” Why was he staring at her all the time?

What was going on with Hunter tonight? Could it be that he had watched her for more than half an

"Nothing. Just do your business.’

He did have looked at her for a long time. He just wanted to see what was in the young girl's Notebook

But there seemed to be nothing apart from some comic materials.

In his Notebook computer, wasn't it also only work materials?

People aged 27 and 18 didn't have nothing in common, right?

Hunter was still entangled with the gap of nine years old, but Emily had already started to work.

When she started writing the script, her mind fell into it.

Serious girls were particularly beautiful. At this moment, although she still had freckles on her face, she
looked really beautiful.

But what she wrote...

"She is angry. Why can't she tell her boyfriend what she is thinking? Cold war? It is so naive.”

“Fighting for a love letter? Why are these kids so naive? Are they men?”

"Truth or Dare? Nowadays, are there people who still play such boring games?"

In the end, he even grabbed her mouse and turned over the script she had written before page by

"Since he is a rich young master, if he wants to send flowers, why doesn't he spend some money to
buy them? He goes to the back mountain in person and let the girl hurt. He is really stupid.”

"It is stupid to incriminate someone with planted evidence.”

Emily was speechless.

Hunter were still reading the script carefully, and sometimes made complaints about it.

"The girl's mother is seriously ill, but she does not want the money of the man. She is so stubborn to
have to earn her own money. Is she not afraid to delay her mother's treatment?"

"Doesn't she ask a man to help her when she is in danger? Why? Look, something is wrong, right?”

"..." Emily tried to endure.

Hunter was still frowning, "In the middle of the night, a man and a woman just hold hands and chat with
each other? That's not common sense at all...”

"Hunter, are you finished?”

What was wrong with two people holding hands and chatting in the pure years of 18? Did they have to
sleep with each other?

Emily finally couldn't help but be angry, "Do you think everyone's like you? You just think about that
kind of thing all day. You old rascal!”