Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 136: Live with Me from Today

Matriarch Jackson's condition stabilized a lot. She finally was transferred from the operating room to
the intensive care unit.

Only one family member could go in to see him. Emily had already gone in before, so the one who
went in now is Patriarch Jackson.

Patriarch Jackson basically took up all the time to go in. The others stayed here but could not see
Matriarch Jackson at all.

The doctor advised them to go home and have a rest first. Most of them greeted to the old
housekeeper and left.

Hunter stared at the door of the intensive care unit. He had stood for a long time and then turned to

Liam walked to Emily and said in a low voice, "Miss Emily, let's go back first."

Emily met Matriarch Jackson today and knew that it was no use staying here at this time.

Seeing Hunter's stiff back, she nodded and kept up with his pace.

Liam drove the car for them. They were silent all the way.

After dinner and a bath, Emily sat down at her desk and opened her Notebook computer.

She still had a lot of scripts to write. But tonight, she couldn't write a word in her Notebook computer.

She didn't understand what Matriarch Jackson meant by saying those things to her.

The maid knocked at the door and said that Hunter asked her to come.

Emily tidied up her clothes and walked out of the room. Then, she knocked on the door of Hunter.

Hunter was still working.

He was originally investigating projects abroad. But he came back immediately after hearing the news
that Matriarch Jackson was very ill.

It was evening when he was abroad.

After flying for more than ten hours, he came back here. Because of the time difference, it was also
evening here.

In other words, Hunter had not had a rest for nearly 30 hours.

He didn't look tired now. But his eyes are a little dark.


“Sit down."

Emily was a little nervous. It seemed that every time she got along with Hunter, she was always under
great pressure.

Although in fact, Hunter usually would not take the initiative to put pressure on her.

But even if he didn't speak, he was also solemn. When she was with him, she couldn't relax at all.

Emily looked around and went to the chair to sit down. She was at least a dozen steps away from

"Do you like to sit so far away to talk to people?” Hunter stared at her and frowned lightly.

“Well...” Emily knew that this distance was a disaster for chatting.

However, she didn't think that she could talk something with Hunter.

“I can hear what you say.” She tried to force a smile.

Staring at the distance between them, Hunter suddenly remembered what Henry said that day.

Your identity, as well as your age, made her feel that she and you were two world people.

People in two worlds... Now looking at the distance between them, those words seemed to become
true at this moment.

Hunter put down the mouse and turned the chair to face her.

He crossed his long legs and held the cup in his hand.

“It is so late. You still drink coffee. Don't you plan to go to bed?”

After finishing saying this, Emily regretted. How could she meddle Hunter's things?

But seeing his obvious harmful habit, she couldn't help meddling.

Hunter looked at the cup in his hand, and his eyes sank for a moment. After that, he put the cup on the

His hands were on his legs. The slender fingers were delicate and perfect, like white jade.

The two crossed long legs with golden proportions were perfect and sexy.

Emily gently coughed and looked away. She subconsciously moved her chair behind.

Although the moving distance was very limited and almost imperceptible.

But Hunter still easily noticed her action that she wanted to pull a big distance with him.

“Do you have to treat me with this estranged attitude?”

Two people who had slept with each other became strangers when they left the bed?

“Hunter, I don't understand what you mean.”

Emily was still smiling. But it was just a forced smile, and Hunter could see that Emily was perfunctory
to him.

Hunter's eyes were getting deeper. His deep eyes seemed to hide a lot of feelings that she couldn't
understand. But it also seemed to have no emotion at all.

Anyway, she couldn't see through him. So, Emily decided not to think deeply.

“Hunter, what can I do for you?" Emily asked seriously.

So, he could not talk to her if there was nothing. They were still so strange and estranged.

She was unrestrained and at ease among her friends. But in front of him, she became stiff and

“Do you think I'm much older than you?"

The words that the man asked suddenly let Emily be stunned for a long time.

How could she answer this question? The point was, why did he ask this question?

Seeing her indecisive expression, Hunter was more depressed.

Did she have to think carefully about how to answer when she talked to him?

If she had to think carefully about every sentence she said, what was the meaning of the answer?

She was just perfunctory to him!

“I'm asking you something!" He suddenly accentuated his tone.

Emily was scared and said, "No. It's less than ten years."

But thinking about it, he was nine years older than her!

She didn't care about this before. Being mentioned by Hunter, Emily suddenly felt that the age gap
between them seemed really big.

Three years was regarded as a generation gap. Then, nine years was three generation gaps!

Was Hunter so old? Why didn't she realize before?

Seeing the dislike flashed her eyes, Hunter suddenly felt uncomfortable.

She really disliked his age!

He was 27 years old and was just in his high and vigorous spirits. However, he was considered too old!

Hunter almost wanted to catch the girl and beat her ass hard.

Didn't she know that, at his age, women, both 18 and 80, were all attracted by him?

Did she only like those little boys in their twenties?

That Terry was only in his early twenties. When she was with Terry, she laughed so happily.

“Like to eat big stalls and to low-end KTV singing?" He asked, "What else do you like?"

Emily met his eyes. Hunter seemed to be chatting with her or interrogating her.

Emily felt clearly that Hunter did not want to give her pressure, but she was still a little nervous.

What else did she like?

"I like a lot of things. "

“For example?”

“For example...” She couldn't remember what she liked best.

She had too many interests and nothing to like in particular.

In fact, it depended on who she was with. If they were like-minded, she would be very happy even if
they just had a meal.

So, how to say what she liked?

“I like things young people like anyway. I don't have any special hobbies.”

This answer was like an interview answer and was a bit perfunctory.

Emily forced a smile, "Hunter, what else?”

The things that young people liked...

Hunter stared at her sitting position again. She was really far away from him.

So, should the first step be to shorten the distance between them?

Hunter's fingers moved and he announced. "From today on, you move in with me.”