Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 135: Why Him

Emily didn't know when Hunter came back.

When she heard the news that her grandmother was seriously ill, she immediately ran to the school
gate without thinking about anything.

Matriarch Jackson was seriously ill and was sent to the emergency room. Now, all the people of the
Jackson family had rushed to the emergency room.

After getting on the car, she had been holding her palm.

She was extremely nervous!

Although in her last life, Matriarch Jackson could still live for half a year, that was her last life.

In this life, her life's journey was completely different from the previous one.

Now, Emily did not know what was the situation of Matriarch Jackson and whether she could survive!

Hunter's face was ghastly pale and he was dusty.

Obviously, after receiving the news, he hurried to come back from abroad.

After two days’ absence, he seemed to be more apathetic, and the aura of being away from strangers
became more and more intense.

Emily was worried about Matriarch Jackson and didn't pay much attention to the man beside her.

Along the way, they did not even say a word. The atmosphere was heavy.

Finally, they arrived at the hospital parking garage. As soon as they got off, Hunter took Emily's hand
and walked quickly to the elevator room.

In the operating room on the 17th floor, everyone was waiting.

They looked solemn and did not say any words to each other.

Seeing Emily, Patriarch Jackson suddenly stood up and said in a deep voice, "You come with me."

Emily thought Patriarch Jackson was calling Hunter. So, she immediately let go of Hunter's hand and
retreated to one side.

Unexpectedly, Patriarch Jackson went straight to her. Seeing that she didn't respond, he even grabbed
her wrist.

“Grandfather...” Now, even Hunter couldn't see clearly what Patriarch Jackson wanted to do.

“Your grandmother wants to see her.” Saying this, Patriarch Jackson directly took Emily and went to the
operating room.

People was shocked and could only watch Patriarch Jackson knock on the door of the operating room.

The nurse came out. Hearing that this was "Emily", she immediately let Emily into. Even Patriarch
Jackson was blocked outside.

“What's going on?" Hunter frowned slightly and walked to the door of the operating room.

Patriarch Jackson glanced at him. He did not relax at all with a serious face.

After a while, he said, "The doctor said that she has been calling Emily all the time."

Patriarch Jackson didn't remember who was Emily at all before.

For him, the reason Hunter was engaged was only to please Matriarch Jackson.

Patriarch Jackson was absolutely dissatisfied with Emily. How could such an ugly woman deserve his
best grandson?

But Matriarch Jackson was very stubborn to let Hunter and the youngest daughter of the Gale family
get engaged.

What else could he say with Matriarch Jackson's current situation? So, he could only arrange the two
people to be engaged first.

As for the future, after Matriarch Jackson... After that, he had other plans.

It was impossible for an ugly woman to become the young lady of the Jackson family. After all, this
position was the facade of their family. If she went out in the future, she would surely make their family
be laughed at by others.

So, he couldn't remember the name of the youngest daughter of the Gale family.

He couldn't remember who was Emily Matriarch Jackson calling. He only thought that Matriarch
Jackson was muddle-headed and talking nonsense.

But seeing Hunter coming with Emily, Patriarch Jackson immediately remembered when Matriarch
Jackson saw Emily in Jackson's house, she indeed called her Emily!

No one knew why Matriarch Jackson only wanted to see Emily among so many younger generations.

Patriarch Jackson didn't know why a girl who was not related to them, but just engaged to Hunter,
could be favored by Matriarch Jackson.

But the fact was that after Emily engaged to Hunter, she was deeply favored by Matriarch Jackson.

At the last family dinner, Matriarch Jackson even let Emily sit by her side.

Even the two legitimate daughters of the Jackson family had not enjoyed this kind of treatment.

Emily also did not understand why Matriarch Jackson wanted to see her at this time.

But after several layers of disinfection and coming into the room, no matter whether she understood or
not, Emily was completely shocked.

Matriarch Jackson attached to tubes. She could maintain her life depending on the supply of pipes.

She looked very emaciated. Her breath was weak, as if she would be taken away at any time if the
wind was a little bit strong.

Emily felt sad. Her nose twitched and her tears almost rolled down.

"Grandma..." Emily squatted on the edge of the bed. She held Matriarch Jackson's hand and looked at
the doctor.

The doctor shook his head. “We've tried our best. Now, Matriarch Jackson can only wake up by

There was no problem with the operation. But Matriarch Jackson was too weak to go out now.

Even if she went out, she had to be transferred to the intensive care unit.

In short, it was a catastrophe for Matriarch Jackson. Whether she could survive or not depended on her
own will.

“Grandma, it's me. I'm Emily. Grandma, I'm here."

She did not know why Matriarch Jackson needed her. But at this moment, Emily realized that she
needed Matriarch Jackson very much.

Matriarch Jackson was the best to her among all the people in Jackson family!


“Emily...” Matriarch Jackson's cracked lips moved and she murmured.

Emily was shocked and suddenly looked up to see the doctor.

The doctor nodded and motioned for her to continue talking to Matriarch Jackson.

Emily took a deep breath and said softly, "Grandma, it's Emily. I am coming. Grandma, do you have
something to say with me?"

“Emily...” Matriarch Jackson was obviously excited again. Her eyelids were shaking, but she could not
open her eyes.

The doctor and the medical assistant came to check Matriarch Jackson immediately and paid close
attention to the data of the instrument.

There were signs of gradual improvement in the data. Although the recovery was not much, it was
much better than before.

The doctor looked at Emily and nodded to show encouragement.

Emily clenched Matriarch Jackson's hand. Her voice trembled slightly but was softer.

"Grandma, I'm here. I'm Emily. Grandma, do you hear me? Grandma..."

"Emily..." Matriarch Jackson's fingers moved. Gradually, she took Emily's hand.

Her voice was so hoarse and intermittent that even the doctor could hardly hear what she was saying.

“Emily, my granddaughter... Emily, Emily..."

“Grandma, I'm here. I'm here!"

So, in Matriarch Jackson's heart, she had already been her granddaughter!

Emily didn't know why Matriarch Jackson was so kind to her.

But she could feel clearly the Matriarch Jackson's affection to her.

Even in the Gale family, no one had ever given her such affection.


"Only Hunter... can protect you. Emily, only Hunter..."

Emily was shocked for a moment. She really didn't understand why Grandma had to let Hunter protect

Wasn't she safer if she did not follow Hunter?

At present, although the danger she was facing was not entirely due to Hunter, at least half of the
people came for him.

But grandma said that only by following Hunter, could she be safe.


“Only Hunter. Emily, must... follow Hunter.”

Matriarch Jackson suddenly tightened her fingers and held Emily's hand tightly.

Emily was scared and called the doctor, “Is grandma going to wake up? Doctor, hurry to come and
have a look. Is grandma going to wake up?"