Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 120: Emily, You'd Better Be Kind

After two years, would they really break up?

Before, it seemed that Emily had already made up her mind, but now that Sally asked, why was there a
trace of hesitation?

No, how can she hesitate? Wasn't this something decided in the past lifetime?

If she didn't want to die early, she had to stay away from Young Master Jackson!

She enjoyed living very much!

“None of your business” Avoiding Sally, Emily continued to fill out the application form and handed it to
the staff.

Amy was in the inner-most isolation room to the right of the second floor.

It was because she had just arrived and was not dispatched yet.

After a few days, she would be arranged to live with others in another ward.

No one knew if the Winstons had visited her, but the room was messy, dirty and very shabby.

If the Winstons still cared about this daughter, they would definitely not let her live in such a lowly ward.

At the sight of Emily Amy looked as if she had seen a ghost, she was scared and hid in the corner of
the room, “Ghost, ghost!"

Sally wanted to say something, but Emily pulled her back behind him.

She lifted her chin and Sally immediately understood, and she pushed Terry and Joe quietly next to the
door and turned off the lights in the room.

It was still daylight, so there was plenty of sunshine and no need to turn on the lights.

But this room was in the remote corner which had been a storage space for the tenant's belongings.

It was dark and damp, and after turning off the lights, the room was completely dark.

Amy was even more scared as she hid in the corner and shivered, “Ghost, ghost, ah... ghost!”

“Amy, do you remember who I am?" In order to prevent her from screaming too loudly and alarming the
staff, Emily decided to settled things quickly.

“You're a ghost, you're a ghost!" Amy turned pale.

Amy's long, beautiful, jet black hair was cut short, because the staff found it troublesome.

Because no one took care of her after the haircut, she now looked like a lunatic, dirty and ugly.

Any past glimmer of elegance was completely gone.

She was very high-spirited and prestigious not long ago, now, she was a pitiful sight.

After she fell apart, not only were her friends unwilling to see her, but even her family members were
unwilling to admit this young woman was from the Winston family.

She was in a really miserable state now.

Emily did not approach, but looked at her blankly, ‘Tell me, who was your contact in the Jackson's
house? Who told you about Vincent?”

Amy continued to hide in her comer, “Don't touch me, don't come near me, ghast, you are a ghost! Go
away, go away"

“If you tell me, I will leave immediately’ Emily's face suddenly sank as she approached.

That face, in Amy's eyes, instantly became ghastly!

“if you don't tell me, I'll always haunt you, and I won't leave you alone even when I die!"

“No! No! Don't touch me, don't!’

Amy screamed, and Sally immediately closed the door, in fear that the staff would hear her scream.

This room was so remote that patrolling nurses were not willing to come.

But if she kept screaming like this, sooner or later, she would alarm the staff.

Emily didn't want to drag on either, and suddenly walked over and clasped Amy's hand.

‘Tell me! Who in the Jackson family has been contacting Wendy? Speak!’

“Don't touch me, don'”

“If you want say anything, I will tear you apart!”

“It's Sarah, it's their eldest madam!”

Amy was clearly frightened, she shivered in terror, and desperately tried to shrink into the corner of the

However, the other side was a wall, so no matter how much she tried, she couldn't hide at all.

‘It's the eldest madam, the eldest madam, she's a bad person, she’s actually a bad person... Don't kill
me, don't tear me apart, don't, don't!"


How could it be Sarah!

Emily was astonished, never did she expect that the name Amy would say was the most peaceful and
gentle Sarah.

Sarah's appearance suddenly rushed into her mind.

She suffered a lot of grievances at the Jackson family and any madam would shout at her.

The eldest master didn’t respect her at all, and blamed her first for anything that happened.

But she still remained calm and was always so quiet... How could it be Sarah?

“No, don't tear me apart, don't!’

Amy was out of control, tears ran down her face, and even saliva was dripping out.

“Don't tear me apart, Mommy, mommy, I want my mommy... coc00oh, I want mommy.”

She looked at Emily, and suddenly rushed to Emily, “Mommy, mommy save me, mommy..””

Emily let go of her hand, and Amy grasped at the air and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Mommy, mommy... She looked at Emily pitifully, as if she didn't understand why her mother didn't want

Emily's feelings were mixed. Although Amy had done so many bad things, with the state she was in
now, the punishment was enough.

She never wanted to see this person again.

She turned around and left.

Sally, Terry, and Joe quickly followed behind her.

Just as the four of them got out of the room, they didn't expect the staff to bring a well-dressed woman
toward them.

Whether it was Wendy or Emily, they both seemed a little surprised to see the each other.

Emily glanced at the fruit basket in Wendy's hand. It was indeed unexpected that this vicious woman
would come to see a cousin who was no longer of any use.

However, thinking it over, it seemed to make sense.

“You came to see if she is really crazy? She laughed.

Wendy's face was soft, ‘Emily, it seems that you're fine. I heard that you went back to Young Master
Jackson's villa in the morning. I still don't believe it”

She smiled so gently that anyone would have been fooled into thinking that she was a kind and elegant

“thad planned to go see you in person, but knowing that you have just returned, I thought you might
want to rest another day and planned to see you tomorrow.

She looked Emily up and down, and breathed a sigh of relief to see her safe and sound.

“it seems that there is nothing wrong with you, so I guess I don't have to worry anymore”

This fake act almost made Sally want to vomit.

However, the male staff who brought her in stared at her glowing face in infatuation.

The legendary first lady of Bentson City was truly a kind and lovely girl.

Although her sister's attitude toward her was obviously not very good, she was still really gentle and

Therefore, his eyes were full of hostility as he looked at Emily.

‘Time's up for visiting the patient, please leave

Anyone who was disrespectful toward the first lady was not worthy of respect.

Sally was angry and wanted to step forward to speak, but Emily pulled Sally back behind her.

Emily looked at Wendy and smiled, “Is she really crazy? I don't know. However, her mouth can be very
useful sometimes.’

Wendy's face changed slightly, but she quickly adjusted her expression, sighed lightly and looked sorry.

“She's my cousin and your cousin, the Winston family doesn’t want her anymore. In the future, do
come to see her more often, don't let her be too lonely”

As she walked past Emily, she suddenly leaned in, and whispered with a voice that only the two of
them could hear, “You'd better be kind, don't push people to the edge, of you'll be sorry”