Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 129 Just Admit You're Jealous

Emily came out of the KTV with Sally and others, because Sally suddenly said she was hungry.

Their reservation was from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., so the time was absolutely enough.

It was much cheaper to eat out than to have a meal in the KTV.

They were not rich students, so they couldn't spend money at will.

Although they could have their meal in KTV, the food there was expensive and not delicious.

Anyway, the room would be reserved for them until 6 a.m. They still had enough time to sing songs.

When she came out of the KTV, Emily always felt a little uneasy.

She always felt someone staring at her coldly in the dark.

It seemed that Hunter was staring at her, just like a cheetah.

"Emily, what's up?" Sally tugged at her sleeve and let Emily turn around who just wanted to look back.

"Nothing, I just feel hungry," Emily said faintly.

She held Sally and Lois, and moved on.

Hunter should be in the villa. He couldn't be here.

She had probably been scared by Hunter a few times tonight, leaving Emily a shadow of fear.

So she was always suspicious now, suspecting that Hunter was in a corner behind her and staring at

But in fact, what had she done that deserved his attention? Hunter couldn't have followed her.

She thought that she was thinking too much.

A group of people walked down the street, and Henry stared at one of the people and squinted.

They didn't attend Hunter's engagement because they were abroad at that time.

Although he had not met Emily, he soon recognized her in the crowd.

From a distance, he could not see clearly what was on her face, but he saw her delicate and beautiful

No wonder she attracted Hunter.

Hunter suddenly stepped forward, far behind the group of young people.

Henry followed him, "Young Master, are you going to catch the adultery?"

Hunter didn't say anything. Actually, he shouldn't care about her. He should get in the car and leave.

But somehow, he just wanted to know what these young people liked to do at night.

Henry could only shut up and quietly follow Hunter.

Monty and Johnny didn't say anything, just following him.

Four handsome men was walking in the street, attracting a lot of people's attention.

However, these four people had long been accustomed to women's attention, so they didn't care.

Hunter crossed the street and saw Emily sit down in an open-air night market with her friends.

A group of people chatted while eating. Emily sat in the crowd and got on well with others. She didn't
look like a rich young lady at all.

Hunter wanted to go, but Henry said, "Do you envy how relax they can be together, or do you want to
know what they're saying and doing?"

Hunter glanced at him with impatience and anger in his eyes.

Henry said with a smile, "Brother, just admit you're jealous."

"Do you want to die, don't you?" Hunter's tone was so cold that the air almost froze.

Everyone else would be scared to death after hearing this, including Monty.

But Henry wouldn't be afraid.

He knew Hunter so well. Actually, he just became angry from embarrassment.

"They don't know me. Do you want me to get some information for you?" He laughed.

"It's boring!" A little girl was not worth it.

However, he really wanted to go and see what Emily was saying, and what she was eating.

At home, there were a lot of expensive food, but she didn't seem to like them.

He suspected that the price of all the dishes here would not be more expensive than any of his family's

But she laughed so happily. She was so excited when she discussed what to eat.

She said that she was stuffed, so she refused to drink milk tonight.

But now, she seemed to be able to eat a lot of food.

Henry patted him on the shoulder and walked out of the shadow to the night market.

"Well, your wife doesn't know me either. I also can go there." Monty wanted to walk over.

But his collar was caught. Hunter pulled him back.

"Brother, it's a murder!"

His strength was so hard that he almost broke his neck.

"If you don't let me go, I won't go. Why are you so rude? No wonder your wife abandons you, and is
together with another man… Oh! Brother, I'm wrong!"

Hunter just glanced at him coldly, then turned and walked toward a nearby restaurant.

Johnny kicked Monty, "If you talk nonsense again, Young Master will let someone sew your mouth with
a needle."

"He will not."

"I guess." Johnny also went into the restaurant and took a seat where he could watch clearly.

Johnny could only choose a second best position. Seeing Henry approaching Emily, he was so excited
that he closed the glass wall.

She was the first girl who made Hunter so anxious and upset. He wanted to go and talk to her.

But it was not this time. He would wait for another time.

When Hunter was not at his side, he would find her.

As soon as Emily and her friends ordered, they began to talk about business.

"Rufus, the level of your coloring at present won't let you have a good assignment."

Rufus had been smiling and talking with Sally. But when he heard her words, his expression became

In fact, he knew his shortcomings. After Lois said that they would really enter the competition, he also
wanted to quit.

"Well, I'll help you with the chores. I will usually practice more, and I won't participate in the event of
your competition, is that OK?"

Today, he was so angry with Emily that he ran out of the studio. Later, Lois said that Emily would invite
her to dinner.

He had calmed down, and he just met with Sally. So he decided to ask Emily to come out to sing and
have dinner today.

But his mood was ruined before singing.

"I didn't say I wouldn't let you stay in the club. You are such a good painter. Of course, you should stay.
I won't waste talent."

Emily blinked and looked at him, "You must be in this competition, too. Don't run away. "

Rufus was stunned. Lois and Sally were puzzled.

"Emily, what do you mean?"

She said that Rufus was not very good at coloring just now. Their club was really short of people, but
they would not leave people with poor levels.

However, if they took inferior painting to participate in such a large-scale competition, they wouldn't
even pass the preliminary competition.

"I said you're not good at coloring, but I didn't say you're not good at anything else."

Emily looked at Sally, "You can show us the original pattern I gave you today."

However, Sally was staring at Henry who was not far away, unwilling to look away from him.

"So handsome, Emily, how handsome he is!"