Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 126: It's Never Easy to Face Him


“No, no, Mr. Hunter. It is net a request. It's not. Mr. Hunter...”

Gosh! She's going nuts!

Didn't Mr Hunter hates the woman who makes the first move? She made hers and he... took the bait?

“Mr. Hunter, no... Wait. It still hurts-

That seary hand on her shaking body finally stopped. Hunter lowered his head and stared at her panic
face, then raised his brows.

“Why did you do that if it is still hurting?”

“I...” Emily choked on words. Didn't she put up an act on purpose to make him hate her?

She never thought this would be the outcome.

“So, you were just putting up an act?" Hunter lowered his voice.

It felt like the air around them was frozen.

Emily panicked. She raised her head and looked at him. However, she couldn't read any emotions from
his eyes.

She was so impulsive, but Hunter seems so calm.

He... knew it all along?

Emily clenched her fists. She really couldn't read anything from Hunter's emotionless eyes.

But one thing's for sure. Hunter knew she was pretending right from the start.

‘Did it bother you that much to stay with me?" Hunter's voice is icy cold, and he sounded annoyed.

‘Are you saying that my skills are bad and I'm not making you happy”

“No; he was her first and only man. How she'd know about the skills of the others?

‘Then, why is it?”

Emily was pissed. What was that question?

Their relationship based on a contract. Wasn't it normal for Emily to reject him?

‘These are not written in the contract.’ There's no need for any reasoning to reject him.


The word pierced Hunter's heart.

It was only a contract-bounded relationship for her from the start.

What's there to expect then?

Hunter admitted that he was upset, but as for the reason why, he couldn't name it.

A Contract-bounded relationship was his idea.

Now Emily was only obeying the terms and rules on the contact. She wasn't interrupting his life nor
bring influences into his life.

Wasn't that what he wanted?

Emily didn't know what went through Hunter's mind. He was so quiet and calm, and it scared her.

She didn't think she did anything wrong, but when he stared at her, Emily felt like she did.

It was so stressful.

“Mr. Hunter.”

“Who gave you permission to call me by that name?” Wasn't her his fiancé, based on the contract?

No fiancé would call their significant half like this.

Emily was confused. Didn't she always call him by that name?

“Then, Mr. Jackson..” she stopped the moment she saw the coldness his eyes.

Alright then. If you don't like that, then... Young Master?"

Emily followed what everyone called him. She thought she got the right answer.

However, Hunter looked more pissed off than before. He stood up and had his back facing at her.

He didn't know why he was so angry. He was just pissed off.

Emily didn't know what she did wrong, but obviously, she did something wrong.

The heart of a man is like a needle under the sea. It is so unpredictable that you can't catch nor see-

Emily put her hand on her chest and sit up straight. As she looked at his back, Emily asked, “Mr.
Hunter, is there anything I can help you with?"

Hunter didn't want to reply to her. Was she saying that he can only come to her when something

Emily is used to Hunter's temper. After all, the villa belongs to him.

He can go wherever he wanted.

What innocent boy he was? He is a dangerous cheetah!

It is only safe when she stayed away from him.

“Mr. Hunter, I need to take a shower. Suit yourself


“No!' Emily quickly grabbed her sleeping gown, and run into the bathroom.

She then locked the door from inside of the bathroom, without hesitation.

It seems like she doesn't want to stay beside him at all as if she thinks of him as a dangerous animal.

Hunter saw his reflection on the glass vase as he turned away.

All women used to be so obsessed with him.

But now? All Emily wanted was to get away from him.

Is he not attractive anymore?

Why didn't she want to get close to him like other women?

Hunter stood up and walked into the balcony, then stared at the night sky.

When Emily walked out of the bathroom, the room was empty.

At the same time, her mobile phone rang. She picked up the call, Terry..”

“Hahaha! He's so dumb. No, I'm telling you. It wasn't Sally's fault. It's you and Joe! You guys are so

‘That girl likes you, but you gave away her present to Sally? Do you want Sally to take the blame far

"... I know you didn't like that girl. I know. Don't take it too seriously, It's okay. I'm here. I'll help you to
deal with her”

“What? These are not why you called? What is it then? Club? Did Sally tell you that? It's okay. I can
deal with it”

“Anyway you don't like that girl? She's pretty...Alright, alright. Terry baby, it's all my fault, alright?”

“But she is pretty...”

Hunter stared at Emily, who sat on the bed through the sheer curtain on the French window as he
stood at the balcony.

She sat so casually on the bed. Too casual.

She never sits like this in front of him.

Emily always sat up straight. So formal and it was never casual.

Now, she curled her body out of laughter. Sometime she would fold her legs, or cross them. Sometimes
she would even sit like a boy.

Emily's smile looked so natural and bright. It's like she got nothing holding her back.

Hunter had never seen this side of her before.

When Emily finally fett that she is being watched, the smile on her face disappeared.

A tall man stood in front of the French window and against the wind. He stared at Emily through the
sheer curtain.

When Emily walked out of the bathroom, she didn't see Hunter in the room.

The lights in the room were so bright, and it was dark in the balcony. Emily couldn't even see there was
someone else at the balcony.

That's why she thought he was gone. Who knows he never even left the room.

The moment Emily realized she was sitting in an awkward position, she quickly adjusted her position
and sat up straight.

Her fingers, which hold the phone, were stiff. The jay in her voice went away, as well.

“Terry something came up. I've got to go now. Bye.”