Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 124: A Pure Little Boy

“Cough!” Emily was choked by the mouthful of soup.

Worried that she can't withstand it and let her have some nourishing soup?

She was referring to the activities the night before... the happenings of the entire night?

Emily's face turned red as a beetroot, she was so shy that she wanted to find a place to hide.

The butler and servants were all standing by and Master Jackson spoke so loudly, How could they not
hear him?

A few female servants also started to blush and lowered their heads and did not dare to look around.

Only Butler Qin was smiling and introduced to Emily "Missus, these were prescribed by Mr. Peter Yan"

‘These are to enrich the blood and these are to nourish the stamina. This special chicken soup is very
good for ladies, very nutritious.”

‘And this, deer antler fish rolls, this is not only good for Missus, but they are also good for Master’

“It's good for men to be more active at night... Master, don't you agree?”

Hunter's chilly stare shot over and can numb a person's scalp. Butler Qin couldn't react in time.

But, before he could finish, he understood and changed the topic.

“Master is so strong that he doesn't need any extra supplements. But since Missus’ body is weak,
Master should eat some together with Missus”

What he meant was Master Jackson should eat some so that she would not feel lonely.

But to say that Master Jackson... cough...

Their Master was brilliant and powerful, how was it possible that he can't do that well? No one will ever
believe it!

Emily really wanted to dig a hale to crawl into and never to see anyone anymore.

What happened last night with Master Jackson in the room... must be known by everyone in the villa.

What's wrong with these people? Did they eavesdrop last night?

It's supposed to be a matter between them but now it was like the ancient emperor and his favorite

When he saw that this girl's face was so red that it could bleed anytime, Hunter waved his hand and
signaled Butler Qin to leave with the servants.

The entire dining room only had Hunter and Emily left.

He said without emotions, “Eat?

“I don't feel like eating” The medicinal taste was too strong and she couldn't eat it.

The most important thing was, eating this meal, was like accepting a life of being spoilt.

Would she Go through what happened that night again after she ate and recuperated?

Gh lord! What nonsense was she thinking?

“Don't want to eat?" Hunter raised his eyebrows, “Want me to feed you?’

Emily raised her head and looked at him. Unintentionally, she looked into his deep and chilling eyes.

The image of him pressing onto her and the large beads of sweat flowed down his face and onto her
chest flashed into her mind.

Emily's heart trembled and quickly looked down.

“it's unappetizing.” She said softly.

Hunter frowned tighter, unappetizing? Isn't it full-flavored?

“Tomorrow we'll change a chef." But now eat first.

“Then we'll eat tomorrow...”

“Your body is too frail, if you don’t nourish yourself, you will faint easily”

Master Jackson's magnanimous gaze was natural and sincere, but his words made her blush and heart
race, she almost couldn't resist it.

“Last night you fainted twice.”

Emily felt that she was about to faint right now! Can he stop this explosive topic right now?

Will he stop forcing her if she ate them?

Without thinking, she immediately raised the bowl and drank the chicken soup.

The chicken soup prepared by others tasted sweet but she wasn't sure what they placed in this soup to
make it so thick and almost undrinkable.

Although she knew that it was good for her, the taste was too intense.

Thereafter she picked up the chopsticks and started eating.

All the deer antler fish rolls, bird's nest wine... wow, this was the first time she heard that bird's nest can
be taken with wine.

The world is full of amazing things.

If it was not for her absolute trust in Doctor Peter Yan, she would not dare to eat some of these things.

She ate every dish on the table until she absolutely can't eat anymore. She placed down the bow! and
looked at Hunter.

“Had enough?" He frowned and wasn't satisfied with the amount she ate.

Emily nodded pitifully.

Although it appeared to him that she didn't eat much, but her stomach was small and if she were to eat
some more, she might vomit.

‘Qin!’ Hunter shouted.

Butler Qin brought a broth soup from the kitchen, smiling from ear to ear.

“Missus, this is a special broth soup which is taken after meals. After drinking this, it is guaranteed that
you won't faint when you're with Master Jackson tonight”

Plink... Emily's chapsticks dropped onto the table and she almost slid down from the chair.

Let her faint, she was too ashamed to face all these.

Hunter this scoundrel, why did he announce their activities on the bed to everyone! It's ridiculous!

At night, June arranged the bed for Emily.

She saw Missus was troubled and June couldn't help but laughed, “Missus are you blaming Master
Jackson for getting them to prepare that table of dishes?’

As soon as she said it, Emily's face started burning up again.

June started to laugh, "Missus, you really can't blame Master. Master has never taken care of a girl,
you are the first one. It's normal for Master to be so anxious”

Emily's face was still red and locked at her, “First?”

“I don't know if Master has woman outside but you are the first woman that Master took home. And you
are the first one to spend the night in his room.”

June was considered someone who took care of Hunter since he was young and when she mentions
Hunter, her eyes would be full of love for him.

“Our Master never likes to interact with girls, I'm thinking that you might be his first woman”

“June, what are you trying to say?” Though Emily was shy, these words were shocking.

Master Jackson's first woman? How could it be? Master Jackson was such a remarkable man, how
could he not have other women?

“theard it personally when Master consulted Doctor Yan. He said that last night you fainted twice...”

“June...” Emily was really scared of this topic and she was totally embarrassed.

But June continued, “Master asked because he was anxious about you and he was actually... trying to
learn how to take care of you,

Emily bit on her lips not knowing whether to believe these words.

“Master even asked Doctor Yan, was there any way to let you enjoy sex even more”

These words almost made her legs collapse.

June laughed, "I heard it by accident and not intentional, okay? But Missus, don't you think that our
Master is very adorable?"

She leaned over and laughed heartily “This is a pure little bay, Missus, you have found a precious

Emily frowned, Master Jackson was a pure little boy? Was that possible?

But, he actually asked Peter Yan these things, was it true that he was inexperienced in these matters?