Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 121: Why Couldn't You Just Die in a Ditch Somewhere

As soon as she finished uttering these words, Wendy returned to her usual gentleness.

‘I'll go see Amy first, catch up with you later.”

She and Emily passed by each other, whether it was her posture or body, she was impeccably perfect!

“Fake!” Ever since she heard from Emily about how Wendy framed her, Sally became extremely
disgusted with this woman.

As for why Emily wanted to tell them about Wendy, it was because Joe and Terry were killed by Wendy
in their previous lives,

To avoid the same mistakes, they had to know what kind of person Wendy was.

Her three friends trusted her unconditionally. if she said that Wendy was a bad woman, then none of
them had any doubts.

“What did she tell you just now?" Sally couldn't help to ask when they left the hospital.

“Nothing, she asked me why I couldn't have just died in a ditch somewhere’’

Emily didn't want to say more about the Jackson family's affairs, she didn't want her friends to get

She still did not know whether to believe Amy's claim that it was Sarah.

In her current state, there was no way to verify whether Amy was really insane of pretending.

However, if she was pretending, there was no reason to continue now that Emily has returned.

She didn't prosecute Amy so there was no issue. If Amy was just pretending to be insane, she would
definitely come out soon.

Should she just wait and see how long Amy could survive?

'‘There are still classes in the afternoon. Go back and prepare for class”

Emily lost count of the number of her absences.

Although she was no model student in the past, she couldn't continue to be like this anymore.

It seemed that after being engaged to Young Master Jackson, her life was a complete mess.

Although the university courses were easy, but it was not an excuse to skip classes,

The afternoon class started at two o'clock, and Emily and Sally returned to school at 1,45.

“Well, look who's back, our school's prom queen!”

They did not expect that Emily would come back alive, some of them felt disgusted at the sight of her.

Some even had more vicious words, ‘Wasn't she dead? How did she come back? She's polluting the

“How dare you...” Sally was furious and wanted to rush over for a fight.

Emily pulled her back, shook her head, and dragged her all the way to a corner to sit down.

The last time she and Terry went to the hotel, over 30 students from the university were taken into the
police station.

Some were from their class, so whenever they saw her, of course they would be itching to get some

However, the worst they could do was to say some nasty words.

After being cleaned up by Young Master Jackson's people, they would definitely not dare to do
anything excessive in the future.

“Emily"” Sally was really angry, should they just let those people casually badmouth others?

“Those mouths are on their body, can you sew up their mouths?" Emily said lightly.

‘At least I have to scold them back!" Should they just bear being swore for no reason?

“Your alone, how many mouths do you have?’ Scold? How many people could she scold?

What's more, Emily was now watched by all, any little mistake she made would be magnified and
blown out of proportions.

The more they said, the more chances they might make a mistake, so it was better to calm down and
focus on their studies.

“But..” Sally muttered, still aggrieved.

She wanted to stand up on behalf of Emily, but she didn't seem to care at all,

It’s like the saying about the emperor being in no a hurry, yet the eunuch being anxious to death... No,
wait, who's the eunuch?

“How many artists have you recruited so far?” Emily didn't want Sally to continue worrying about this
and changed the topic.

Sally's mind found it difficult to micromanage too much at once.

Once the topic went astray she would immediately forget what was said in the last second.

Sure enough, this topic made her instantly gather her focus.

“Someone applied a while ago, but I was busy looking for you these days, I haven't had time to give
them an assessment.”

“Let's step up the pace, time is running out"

“Why are you so anxious?” Sally blinked, wondering why Emily was in a hurry.

Emily didn't know how to explain to her. Starting tomorrow until the following year, within these two
years, Bentson City would suddenly see a surge of comic studios.

These two years were the primetime for the rise of comics, and major platforms would be vying for their

If they waited until then to recruit people, they wouldn't be able to take full advantage of the opportunity,
financing would not be easy, and recruitment would be even more difficult.

In short, whoever grabbed the first bite of the pie would have the largest opportunity.

Although Sally didn't understand, but if Emily was anxious, then it must be with good reason.

“It's okay. Next month, our university and Skyler University will have a joint comic exhibition. When that
happens, a let of artists will show up”

“United Comic Con?" Even though Emily had rarely participated in school events lately, she was still
savvy to such news.

“Yes, the Comic Con, besides the comic clubs from the two schools, there will be many other private
clubs, and even clubs from other schools can sign up"

“By the way, should we also sign up?”

“Right now, it's tao late’ The club had to report to the school and obtain the college's approval before it
could be established.

It would take time, and Emily was afraid it would take quite a while to get approval.

Emily frovened lightly, her eyes drooped down.

Sally knew that every time she had such a look, it meant she was thinking about a problem.

Who in Emily's family said that she was a troublesome girl? They just didn't get along with Emily.

In fact, Emily's mind was very powerful, especially recently, it seems to have taken a leap.

“Our class.....”

“Emily, are you really back?" A clear voice came over, with a hint of surprise.

It was the class representative, Lois.

She walked quickly over to Emily, looking very excited. seemed as if she wanted to shake Emily's hand,
but then stopped short and looked a little embarrassed.

Inthe end, she still placed a hand on Emily's shoulder.

Warm and live.

Lois breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest, "They said you fell into the sea, and that you haven't
been found for two days and two nights. I thought...”

She sighed again, “Thank god you're okay”

Although she looked average, the class representative had a warm heart and was very studious.

In her past life, Emity was indeed a problematic student, but the class representative had always been
patient with her, and among all the classmates, Emily had the best relationship with her.

'‘I'm fine? Emily smiled at her."

Suddenly, a thought came to mind, and Emily said, “Rep, is the comic club of our class also planning to
participate in Comic Con?”

If she remembered correctly, their comic club should have just been established recently.

For such a big event as the Comic Con, it was only held once or twice a year. tf they could not join this
time, they would have to wait at least half a year for the next event.

As long as they had the ability, comic clubs from all schools would definitely nat miss out on such an

Lois smiled, and pushed her glasses a little embarrassingly.

“That...we only have...only three people in our club, so..”

The clubs from other classes were all very outstanding, yet only their class‘s club was completely

Emily interrupted her and said with a smile, “Rep, can Sally and I join?”