Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 110: She Is Dead

Amy was indeed crazy!

Perhaps, whoever that had gone through such a serious matter would become crazy.

But, Emily did not sympathize with her at all.

If others did not offend her, she would not offend others. Whereas, if others offend her and if she did
not fight back, she would end up like in her last life in which she died miserably on the street.

Looking at the knife in Amy's hand, Emily's face still looked calm although her heart had leapt to her

“Why did you make use of Vincent's name to lure me to the street?”

This was something that she still could not figure out until now.

She and Vincent did not have much interaction in this life, so why did not Amy pretend to be on behalf
of other people, but Vincent?”

“Well, it's because you like Vincent” Amy laughed wantonly.

She squatted down in front of Emily and held the knife, swinging the knife in front of Emily.

“You're so greedy. You already have Hunter as your fiancé who is already so outstanding and brilliant
but you're still craving for Vincent?”

The knife was patted on Emily's face.

“Ha, greedy people have always died a horrible death, you know?”

Although the knife was only lightly patted on her face and did not cause a cut, Emily was still overcome
with fright.

She was afraid that later the sharp blade would just cut her face.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to make her voice sound calm.

“Is it? How come I don’t know that I have any special feelings for Vincent? I think I haven't spoken to
him for more than three


She stared at Amy and did not miss a single expression on her face.

“Amy, your ability to inquire the matter of others is a bit too poor”

“Is it?” Amy sneered and the knife was heavily patted on Emily's face.

“Mmm...” Emily felt a sense of panic now even if she tried pretending not to be afraid.

“So, you will feel frightened too? I thought you aren't afraid of anything!”

Amy's eyes sparkled with excitement!

“You're very scared, right? Tell me, are you afraid of me? Emily, beg me now, quickly beg me! If not, I'll
slowly cut your face,

beg me now!"

Emily secretly clenched her fist. She felt that the person in front of her was insane!

“Yes, I'm scared, I'm panic-stricken, please don't hurt me.’

Facing such a situation, if she did not obey Amy, Amy might really cut her face slowly with the knife.

“Then can you tell me who told you that I like Vincent?”

“You were so flirtatious and always threw yourself at Vincent. You were caught red-handed by Hunter,
you think I don't know

this matter?”

Amy was very triumphant as if she had caught Emily's mistake and was bound to win.

“You're a wanton woman of loose moral who likes to flirt with men and since you're so cheap, you don't
deserve anything!”

Emily did not utter a word but was pondering in her mind.

The Jackson family had a spy. Wendy was perhaps the one who told this to Amy.

Amy was just an unimportant person. At first, to be frank, she also felt that Wendy was not that

Being alone, Wendy was not able to carry out many things, including Vincent's death.

But even until before she died in her last life, she still did not know what kind of person was behind
Wendy and had been

planning it all along.

Was that person now already cooperating with Wendy?

Was it Manson? No, Manson was not that thoughtful and tactful.

Who the hell was it?

Suddenly, a wave hit the speedboat. Amy lost her balance and slipped. The knife in her hand which
flashed under the moonlight had unintentionally cut Emily's face slightly.

If Emily hadn't reacted quickly enough and leaned back to dodge it, now, her face would have been cut
into a deep bloodstain.

The blade was sharp. The person holding the knife was crazy but Emily was on the ocean...

If she did not try to save herself, she would not have another chance.

Before Amy was able to stand still properly, Emily gritted teeth and slammed headlong into Amy.

Amy's stomach was hit and her hand trembled, causing the knife to fall into the sea and disappear in
the blink of an eye.

Amy who was knocked shrank back for a few steps. She lost her balance and her entire body fell
straight backward.

With a thud and not knowing that what did her head hit, she fainted.

Emily was about to go over to see how was the situation as she did not know what Amy's head had hit.
She did not want Amy

to die because of her otherwise she would become a murderer.

But when she took a step, out of the blue, a wave hit the speedboat again.

The speedboat rocked violently and Emily was unable to stand still. The third huge wave hit the boat

This time, her entire body was thrown up. This made her legs leaned against the edge of the
speedboat and due to the loss of balance, she accidentally plunged into the sea.

She immediately struggled hard but her hands and feet were still being tied!

Her situation now was even more dangerous than on the speedboat!

No, now, she was between life and death!

The seawater poured into her nose and badly choked her. She could even feel her eyes stung for a
moment when she tried to open her eyes.

Damn! How could she make herself into such a helpless and despairing state?

The ropes were still tightly restraining her limbs even after she had struggled so hard. Her body was
gradually sinking and drifting according to the wave movement...

Unable to breathe, her limbs became weak and her consciousness was gradually decreasing.

She had just come back to this world only for a short time but she could meet danger anywhere. Was it
really that hard to lead an ordinary life?

This time, there would not be any miracle, would there?

Her last bit of consciousness was completely gone due to a wave.

The moment she fainted, a question suddenly popped up in her mind.

If she died, would Hunter..shed a tear for her?

Emily was missing.

When Amy was found, she was still unconscious on the speedboat.

She was sent to the hospital to be examined. The back of her head was injured and now she seemed
blurred as if her head

was seriously injured.

She looked lunatic as she said Emily wanted to kill her but later said she had killed Emily. Soon, she
also said that the

immortal had brought Emily away.

She still did not give an exact and clear statement even after the doctors and nurses had been involved
in the interrogation.

According to the traffic surveillance video obtained by Joe, Emily was indeed hit by Amy from the back.
She was then dragged

into the car and the car sped off not long after.

But now, Amy seemed to have gone crazy and Emily was totally missing without any trace!

The speedboat was found at sea. How and where could they find a girl at the boundless sea?

It had been two days and two nights. If Emily was still alive, she would have gone back to find them.

In such a situation now, the only possibility was that Emily had lost her life at the sea.

Hunter's subordinates were still searching everywhere. Apparently, Hunter was unwilling to accept this

However, some people were secretly happy for a long time after hearing the news.

That bitch was dead. In the future, she did not have to worry again that Emily would suddenly revert to
her true face to let Hunter see her beauty.

What other news could make Wendy feel happier than this?

That was why she had a date with Manson tonight. She wanted to know more news about the matter.

“Are they really still looking for her? Even until now, they still can’t find Emily?”