Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 107: Everything Is because of This Bitch

Amy could not believe her eyes.

How could this be, why these photos...This was impossible, impossible!

“These photos are fake!” she suddenly shrieked and looked at the people around, frantic and panicked.

“These are fake; all are photoshopped! You guys don't believe it, I'm not that kind of person, I’m
definitely not!”

“The girl mentioned is really not me, l...I have been a good student since I was a kid, I..have done so
well in every exam, how can I be that kind of person?”

“Your score in national college entrance examination didn’t even reach the minimum score required for
pursuing the undergraduate course, I really wonder how you can enroll into Skyler University!”
Someone replied in a low voice.

“What, how is that possible? I'm a top student, I'm a top student!”

Amy was panic-stricken and anxious. She dared to look at her phone again only after telling herself to
be courageous.

The Weibo post mentioning about her had brought up the scoring system of the national college
entrance examination.

Her score was more than three hundred lower than the specific score announced by Skyler University!

With such a low score, how did she enroll in Skyler University?

“However, she is a top student... of Skyler University” a boy said softly.

“She can enter with such a low score; it is definitely not hard for her to claim the title of being a top
student after entering the university”

“Guys, look at her grades of every test in high school!”

“My God, that’s an awful report card, isn’t it? This kind of person..with this kind of grade can
surprisingly be in the same school as us!”

Skyler University was the best in Bentson City, how could it have such a problematic student?

“No, these are all photoshopped, all these are photoshopped!”

Amy finally managed to get up and she saw that everyone was discussing and pointing at her.

The girls snickered while the boys had complicated feelings about her.

Some were incredulous, some felt sorry for her.

However, the majority of the others were like watching a show, disdaining, sneering, and even some of
them looked distinctly evil.

They stared at her face and their gazes gradually shifted to her body.

In those pictures, she did not wear anything in front of several men.

With eighteen styles, with almost every new postures!

This was when she was a young and reckless girl. She was punished severely after being found out by
her father. After this

case, she returned to being the daughter of a wealthy family and she rarely involved that kind of
absurdity anymore.

Why had it been exposed? Why were there photos as well as videos? Why?

She was scared, extremely scared! Her future was going to be ruined!

Out of the blue, the phone rang.

With hands trembling uncontrollably, Amy picked up the phone, "Dad..”

"The Winston family can’t afford to lose face; I'll publish a piece of news in the newspaper to inform
everyone that you're not my daughter anymore. From now on, you don't need to come back anymore!”

“Dad! The matter is not like that! Not like that..”

But the phone beeped. Her dad had hung up!

“Don't do that, don't!”

Amy slumped down and became hysterical.

Suddenly, Emily's indifferent face appeared in her view. Amy’s heart throbbed and she pointed at Emily

“It's you! It must be you, bitch!” You're the one who exposes those pictures. You!”

“It's you, isn't it? You publish the pictures and videos, it must be you!”

Once again, Amy got herself up from the ground and frantically rushed towards Emily.

“It's all because of you, it's all because of you, bitch. It's all because of you!”

Nobody expected that Amy was so fast. Emily could not dodge Amy and her lapel was grabbed by

“Let go! What are you doing? What's it got to do with me?” Emily frowned and pulled Amy's hand away.

“If you did not involve in those things, the pictures would never exist”

“Emily, it's you! You and your backer planned all this together!”

“I don't have any backer behind me. Even if I have, could he have done all this since you were young?”

Emily sneered, “Don't you see how old you are in the videos?”

No matter how old she was, it was certain that she was younger than now. Amy was currently almost

And the one in the video, although the face was clear enough to show that it was Amy.

However, it was easy to determine that the video was taken when she was only sixteen or seventeen
years old.

“No! It must be you! You asked someone to Photoshop and publish the video!”

Amy wanted to rush towards her again, but this time, she was pushed away by a boy.

“Forced to do a live broadcast, framed, being a top student? Amy, you're so fake!”

The boy stood in front of Emily and stared at Amy with righteous indignation.

“You're totally fake. Just now you were even pretending to be pitiful and trying to frame Emily”

“Emily is indeed not as good looking as you, but you can't simply frame someone! In fact, you've been
doing bad things all along!”

“Sally almost jumped off the building because of you. Everyone saw the live broadcast clearly that day
and Emily also almost fell off”

“You're saying that Emily planned all this? She planned to make herself almost fall off from a building
with more than a dozen stories?”

“She planned such a thrilling and risky live broadcast just to frame you? You said she risked her life to
frame you? Don't you feel that you have overvalued yourself?”

In fact, everyone was actually somehow thinking and suspecting all the matters that happened. It was
just that no one dared to

speak it out rationally, except for the boy.

Now, there was one guy who was brave to speak out. Everyone was now clear about all the things that

It seemed like this was really the fact. It was simply Amy's problem from the very beginning.

Why did everyone feel that it was Emily's problem later? Was it just because of a fake Weibo account
implying that Amy was forced by someone to do the live broadcast?

It was since when that their judgments could be easily swayed by a single Weibo post?

The post about Amy's live broadcast had shown that Amy was behaving so naturally. She did not look
like being forced at all.

In the live broadcast, she had absolutely displayed her evil side and greed!

She had discussed with her friend about how to secretly obtain the big gift by Emily in the live
broadcast. The scene was really obnoxious.

She went crazy when she found out that there was nothing inside the gift.

Also, didn't she say that she committed suicide? However, she looked normal during the live broadcast
and was able to move around freely!

Were they stupid or were their eyes blinded by lard, how could they not realize it before this?

There were too many proofs showing that Amy was simply impossible to be forced to do a live

But they became foolish after seeing Amy dress up so nicely and she looked so pitiful.

They were so foolish!

And when they thought of Emily, although her skin was not in a good condition, her facial features were
still quite decent.

The most important thing was that Emily currently did not have massive makeup and also did not have
any extraordinary actions.

She was quiet but there was an indescribable and tranquil beauty all over her body.

Under the sun, this girl, suddenly...seemed to look beautiful.

“Emily, it's time for the class, let's go-" Sally held and pulled Emily's hand.

Emily nodded and two of them headed to the teaching building together.

“Emily, you bitch, don't leave!”

Amy wanted to chase after her but was blocked by a few boys of Bentson University.

“Students of Bentson University can't be simply smeared and humiliated by you! Go back to Skyler

“Right! Go back to Skyler University!"

“Skyler University always produces beauty? Bah, you're simply a bitch! It’s really disgusting as you had
fancy sex with a few

men when you were so young!”

“That's right, quickly get out of here! Don’t tarnish the campus of Bentson University!”

“Bitch, get out!”