Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 98: Standing Out for Hunter

A socialite from the Winston family had been rumored to force herself to ruin her own reputation.

This was a piece of information posted by an unknown account on Weibo, but it was spread far and
wide by other huge media outlets. As for the content of the past, nothing concrete had been revealed.
Instead, things were implied in parts and pieces.

The hint was that a socialite from the Winston family was live streaming on the surface but in truth she
was being manipulated from the dark to do this and she couldn't fail compliance.

There were no names being thrown around and the whole thing was described in generalizations. It
didn't escape the fact that this might all be a farce.

The only credibility of this post was that it was highly related to Amy's latest post on Weibo. People
wouldn't find it hard to connect the dots.

It turned out that Amy had posted something on Weibo last night. It was very late into the night.

The contents sounded like she was complaining about something. She was very likely to have
described her own bitterness and frustrations.

When people put these two posts on Weibo side by side, could there be anyone who wouldn't see the

That damned Amy it turned out that this was her move!

“A lot of rumors are going around right now. They said that you are being backed up by a formidable
and rich person. That is why Amy was forced to do that live stream and ridiculed herself”

Sally was very vehement. Although it was true that Emily had an amazing backer, Amy was by no
means ridiculing herself. What was wrong with opinions flying around on the internet nowadays? The
outcome should have been dead set, yet Amy could still turn things around in her favor somehow. It
was unbelievable!

There were a lot of comments below that applaud this sudden turn of events as they praised Amy for
being a reasonable person since she was a socialite after all.

There were even people who had dug up Amy's positive side from the past and it was tremendously
very advantageous for her.

She had been an excellent student since she was young. She had studied in Skyler University

Skyler University was the best university in all of Bentson City. The students studying there wouldn't
frame others in the first place.

Of course, such comments were all made by internet ghostwriters, and they were able to confuse all
the neutral onlookers on the internet.

These people would just follow the majority when it came to believing things on the internet.

One of them was a very excellent daughter cum socialite from a wealthy family with a pretty face and
gentle disposition. On the other hand, another girl was a failure in her studies with a mediocre
appearance. She even involved herself in smoking, drinking and covering herself with heavy make-up.

It was easy to decide who the opinions would benefit based on their circumstances.

Nobody could foresee that Amy would be able to restore her reputations after it was seemingly
destroyed beyond hope. This was a great chess move by her.

And in the blink of an eye, someone had posted a photo of the fiasco Emily had encountered at school
during noon. The photos were showing Emily looming over a pitiful looking girl who was on the ground.

The photos had made Emily looked like she was bullying her. The anonymous poster was also using
an unknown account to post these photos in the comment section. They were not posted as a
standalone post.

Despite that, this particular reply in the comment section was liked by many and it became the most
popular reply in no time. As expected, most of the internet warriors were cursing at Emily for bullying
others with her position. They could even recognize the model of the phone that she was using.

“Are you bullied in school at noon?” Terry clenched his fists after viewing the photos on Sally's phone.
She looked like she was being halted in school grounds by a large ground of people and being
surrounded. it was obvious she was the one getting bullied here!

But when she came back to the hotel, she never brought this up at all. So he was in the dark all the

“I didn't get bullied at all. I even earned ten thousand Yuan in the process. How does that mean that I'm
getting bullied?”

"Yes, they are saying that you have forced her to transfer you ten thousand Yuan.’ Sally showed the
display of her phone while fuming, “Look at this!” Unsurprisingly, Cici's proof of transfer of payment for
that ten thousand Yuan had been uploaded to the website too.

The whole thing was a pot of mess.

"They are saying that the students from Skyler University are more reserved and noble that the
students from Bentson University. What the hell is this!”

Sally scrolled through the comments while complaining vehemently!

“This is too much! All the male students from Bentson University are also commenting that the girls
from Skyler University are prettier than those from Bentson University. Are they still on our side now?”

They wouldn't even stand by the students from their own university! They were too despicable!

"They are just saying that the girls from Bentson University are not that pretty, they aren't saying that
the guys from Bentson University are ugly. What does this have to do with them?” Everybody would
just feel sorry for those handsome guys from Bentson University. They had no choice but to face those
ugly girls every day. There was nothing to lose for them in this case.

Emily sat together with them while rubbing her own eyes.

She never wanted this issue to escalate but it seemed that her opponent was not planning to stop
anytime soon to her reluctance.

Terry's expression was getting rigid by the minute so Emily immediately quipped, “Terry, this issue can't
be resolved by using violence. Please don't do something rash.

Whether they should be targeting Amy or Cici, there wouldn't be able to achieve anything by doing that.

And to top it off, if someone huge and muscular like him were to meddle in this affair, he wouldn't be
able to clear his own name anymore when things got out of control. He would be branded as the villain
mercilessly by then.

“So what should we do now? Emily, are you going to watch Amy restoring her name and then
destroying our reputation?”

She was certain that everything was going according to their plan.

Sally continued to vent her frustrations while reading the posts on Weibo.

After a moment, she suddenly widened her eyes, “Oh my, Emily! You're in trouble! Your backer has
been... exposed!” Her backer was none other than Hunter himself!

“No, that's not right, they are not going after Hunter, they are going after your backer in the dark..”

“What the hell are you trying to say?” Joe stared at Sally as he couldn't understand anything that she
had been blabbering about. Wasn't Emily's backer obviously Hunter?

But to he specific, Hunter was not really her financial backer.

Hunter was filthy rich but Emily was still very poor in comparison. She didn't have much money to even
start a business too.

If Hunter was really Emily's financial backer, Emily wouldn't need to go through so much trouble right

She only had tens of thousands of Yuan to start her business! If she was really Hunter's woman, she
wouldn't need to get by so frugally.

Her friends knew very well that the nature of the relationship between Emily and Hunter was that of an
arranged marriage, and nothing more than that.

Emily had stated that she would cease to have any connection to Hunter in two years. By then,
Hunter's wealth would have no meaning to her anymore.

This was the reason she was working very hard to earn money on her own to run a business. It was an
insult to her character to brand her as someone who was relying on a back for money. There wasn't
anyone close to that who was backing Emily up.

“No, I mean, you can scroll Weibo yourself. They hold the opinion that Hunter was never concerned
about Emily at all. They know they were tied together by a forced marriage”

“They are saying that Emily has another financial backer at the moment. And they are saying that it is
an old geezer who's giving her all these money to spend lavishly”

Emily rubbed the end of her brows while remaining speechless. The internet was a rather amazing
invention. The truth could turn out to be something completely different on the internet. As it stood, the
truth of anything would never come to light as long as the internet continued to exist. The people would
just believe anything that most people were talking about at any point of time. They were just following
rumors blindly.

Emily was always seen by them as an ugly person. Not only was she ugly, she was also a troublesome

As for Hunter, everybody knew his power and influence in Bentson City. Who could believe the notion
that Hunter was genuinely marrying a screwed-up girl like Emily?

The development of things were getting out of hand as time dragged on. Someone had started a rumor
that Emily was seen helping Matriarch to cross the road. They were theorizing that Emily had made this
happen because she knew of Matriarch's identity. She was trying to convince Matriarch that she was a
kind girl so that Matriarch would give her grandson and Emily her blessing. This speculation of the turn
of events was even more eye-catching than the storyline in a novel!

Sally widened her eyes as she suddenly caught on to something, “Oh my, they even posted photos of
you and Terry entering the hotel together”

Joe had seen something even more terrible!

“They're... they're flooding the entrance of the hotel, vowing to catch the cheater for Hunter! They are
going to make sure Hunter's reputation is preserved!”