Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 97: What Has He Done to You?

When she received a message on her phone, she knew that Cici had transferred ten thousand Yuan to
her bank account.

Emily was finally back in her good mood. She exited the school and headed in the direction of the

She never thought that this phone that Liam had given her was so expensive! The screen itself already
cost tens of thousands of Yuan, so she couldn't even begin to imagine to price of the phone.

She never knew that there's such an expensive phone in this world.

Her poverty-stricken life had limited her own imagination. Based on her understanding, a phone that
cost ten thousand Yuan was already very luxurious.

Based on what had happened in the school just now, now everybody would believe that she was being
provided for by a super-rich guy.

After taking away some dishes from a restaurant, she held the food while striding towards the hotel's

But just when she had almost arrived at the entrance, she saw a familiar Maybach parked in front of the
hotel. She abruptly stopped in her tracks.

This was Hunter's car! The number plate was a conspicuous 8888, which everybody knew this car
belonged to Hunter.

Was Hunter coming all the way here to look for Terry?

Hunter had argued with her fiercely because he had heard Emily moaning and calling out Terry's name
while still asleep. Did he come here to look for Terry because of that...

Emily suddenly felt uneasy as she immediately quickened her pace. At the same time, she saw Terry
emerging from the car.

"Terry!" She was terrified as she quickly ran up to Terry and hid him behind her.

She looked at Liam who was getting off too and said, “Please don't hurt him!”

Liam's expression froze as he replied, “Miss, we are..”

“If I really want to hurt him, what can you do about that?"

The car window rolled down as a man who was exuding nobility like an emperor came into her view. He
was seated in the backseat solemnly.

It was really Hunter! What was he planning this time?

“I've told you time and again, Terry and I are just friends, why do you have to come after him like this?”

She couldn't believe that he had specially come here!

Terry was still recuperating from his injury; he wouldn't be able to take any more blows than he already

“Miss, it is not what you think..”

“What if that’s my intention?” Hunter said while exuding a cold aura and his icy gaze which pierced
through her face was emotionless.

Emily looked into his glare as she clenched her fists.

“Right, you're Hunter, who has power and influence, and you're always on your high throne and do
things according to your

own feelings!”

This part of his personality remained the same no matter it was in her previous life or in her current life!

He never cared about her words at all, and he never put his trust in her too!

She sometimes wondered what she should expect from this man.

She held her fists tight and said in a determined and icy tone, “If you really want to hurt him, I won't just
stand here and do


Hunter's lips were pressed into a fine line as he replied, “What are you planning to do then”

Emily was petrified after meeting his icy glare as she clenched her fists even tighter. She wanted to
refute him but Terry who

was standing behind her all the while gently pull her away.

"Hunter has just treated me to a meal just now to express his gratitude towards me because I have
saved you”


“It's true.’ Terry nodded at her, There was a tenderness in his eyes which could even be felt by Hunter
who was sitting in the car.

“Let's go" Hunter snorted.

Liam looked at him before stealing a glance at Emily.

In the end, he climbed into the driver's seat with a powerless look on his face.

In the blink of an eye, this Maybach which cost a fortune although it didn't stand out disappeared into
the distance.

Emily stared off in the direction of where the car had gone out of her view. She was still in a trance right

When Terry took over the bag of food in her hand, she only came back to reality.

“Let's get in first” The sun was scorching hot outside the hotel. Besides, it was not a good sight for a girl
like her to stand here

near the entrance.

If it was other girls, he wouldn't mind one bit, but Emily was Hunter's fiancée.

Terry carried the food and led the way into the hotel.

Emily averted her gaze and followed him.

“Why did he come to look for you?” After closing the door, Emily looked at him and asked directly.

She didn't believe that Hunter was here just to treat Terry a meal.

Her memories were still intact. She knew fully well that Hunter was in a furious state in the morning
when he left the room.

Part of the reason for his anger was because of Terry too.

“Did he threaten you?”

Terry sat down on a chair and looked at her briefly. Suddenly, he laughed, “Do you think I will be
threatened by anybody?”

In the whole world, the only one who could threaten him was Emily, but she was unaware of this fact.


*You should eat first. Aren't you hungry?” He opened the plastic bags and arranged the food on the
table, "Do we need to leave some for Sally and Joe”

“There's no need for that, the two of them must have settled their meals outside’ Since they were still
not back to the hotel at this time, it must mean that they had eaten in some restaurants out there.

"Terry..” Emily bit her lips as she hesitated.

“If you're going to ask about Hunter again, I don't have anything to disclose to you. You just need to
remember that nothing bad has happened to me” Afraid that she was still worried, he lifted his palm
outwards and swore, “I guarantee that.”

“As long as you're fine.” Emily still looked disturbed.

When she recalled what Hunter had done to her this morning, she couldn't shake off that heavy feeling
in her heart. She still felt that something was weighing down on her.

At that time, he pinned her underneath him, and his burning skin was stuck to hers intimately. If he had
continued further that time, she would be done in by him!

At that moment, he was fully ready to go into her...

Emily couldn't help but shudder at the thought of this! Whenever she recalled that moment, she would
blush as well as feel anxious!

She was just inches away from actually doing it with him...

“What's wrong? What's on your mind?” Terry looked up at her and asked, “Aren't you going to eat?”

“Of course I will!” How could she not? After that tiring ordeal in the school, she was famished right now.
It was already past one o'clock.

“So you're really not planning to tell me what happened between you and Hunter?”

“I'll tell you when the time is right”

“Why do you need to act so mysterious?" Emily rolled her eyes at him.

When she gave it some thought, she realized that Terry had always listened to her words in almost
every situation except for those that involved his principles. For example, if he was dead set on
something, even she wouldn't be able to change his mind.

After both of them had filled their stomachs, Terry suddenly asked, “What are you going to do two years
later? Are you really going to marry Hunter?”

Emily was eighteen now, and according to a law in Bentson City, the legal age for marriage is twenty
years old.

She would be twenty exactly two years later.

“How is that possible? Emily was still fumbling around with the peas as she replied nonchalantly, “I
can't even be sure that I will survive these two years”

Their deal would be cancelled at any time as long as it was Hunter's will.

“Survive? Terry squeezed his eyebrows as he found it strange to use this word in her sentence, “Are
you unhappy being with Hunter?”

“Do you think you will be happy if you're facing a cold and scary person every day?”

Terry didn't answer her, but it seemed like what Emily had said was real.

Could it be that this girl was not planning to marry Hunter in the first place?

"He's not suitable for me. No, it's more accurate to say that I'm not suitable for him”

Otherwise, she wouldn't have so much regret in her previous life to the point that she couldn't even get
out of her regrets even when she was at death's door.

Hunter and she were just two lines which were intertwining with each other for some unknown reason.
When the knot was untied, they would have nothing to do with each other anymore. "Well, two years
will fly by in the blink of an eye.” Some things wouldn't be certain until the day it happened.

Terry wanted to say something, but a knocking sound on the door interrupted him.

Emily got up to open the door. Sally stormed into the room and started to complain, “Amy is really too
shameless! Emily, look at this, how can there be someone as wicked as her in this world?"