Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 92: Then Never See Them


Emily opened her eyes sharply, trying to sit up.

Something seemed to be pressing on her body, and she was pressed back by the force as soon as she
got up.

It was... a man's arm.

With his arm pressed against her, his hand rested where her heart was.

She moved, that big palm ... his five fingers tightened subconsciously.

Emily screamed and gave him a violent push in fright.

The man frowned and stared at her blushing face.

Looking at the place where he just grabbed, not only did Hunter not stop, but pressed it down again.

"Young Master Hunter! Your hand..."

"Whose name you called just now?" Hunter squinted his eyes and grasped her completely with a big

Emily's breathing was rapid, and her body was trembling constantly.

Hold his wrists with both hands, trying to take his hands away from her.

However, he was so strong that she couldn't move his hand at all.



"I dreamt that Terry had... all blood in order to save me."

She bit her lip, blushed, and tried to push him away again, but she was still powerless.

The man pressed down, and she was completely enveloped in his breath, with nowhere to escape.

That cold breath, like his eyes quenched by ice, showed her his anger repeatedly.

His fiancée, sleeping in his arms, called another man's name!

Emily couldn't tell Hunter that in her previous life, Terry was not only injured seriously for her, but also
was stigmatized that he

wanted to rape Wendy.

He blocked the knife for her again last night.

In fact, Emily was still a little flustered. The trajectory of her previous life had been deviated in this life.
She was very afraid

that some worse things would happen.

But Hunter couldn't understand, the only information he captured was that she was thinking about
another man!

"In order to save you, he got injured. Therefore, are you going to repay him by marrying him?”

"Young Master Hunter, please be calm, he and I have nothing at all...”

"That hasn't happened yet, it doesn’t mean nothing will happen!”

Hunter was so brooding. Could any man accept his own woman lying next to him, but call other men?

“No!” But Emily did feel a little guilty.

With such a high-ranking man like Hunter, her words "Terry" really hurt his self-esteem.

Although she didn't mean anything else, Hunter never trusted her.

She knew that he would not believe her.

"Let me get up." Her face became gloomy, her eyes became cold gradually.

She even dared to give him attitude in his arms! Was she also like this in front of other men?


Suddenly, Hunter waved his palm.

Before Emily could see what was going on, she felt cold on her body, and her clothes was torn off by

"Young Master Hunter, what are you going to do?” She was so scared that she grabbed her clothes

But just as she raised her hands, Hunter grabbed her hands and pressed them above her head.

She struggled, and her soft body got closer to his tough body!


Looking up, Emily found that the man's face was not even an inch away from her.

His breath spilled on her face, cold for a while, but hot again!

The contradictory breath made her tremble.

"I said, during the agreement, I can give you freedom.”

"In that case, why do you keep restricting me again and again?"

"Did I say that I would give you 100% freedom?" Hunter narrowed his eyes.

His big palm was closed slightly and his fingers tightened. Then, Emily felt a slight tingling in her wrist.

He had great strength! Just scratching it at random left a bright red mark on her wrist!

"Have I said that you can hook up other men at will? Huh?"

Emily bit her lip and stared at him, "I didn't hook up any men..."

"So, who was the woman who leaned on the shoulder of the boy named Terry last night?”

Emily was a little confused, how did he know?

Was it true that the sound of the car engine that she heard last night?

At that time, Hunter was just around her, staring at her?

Hunter thought Emily's stunned was because of guilt.

"Nothing to say?” He lowered his head and clasped her hands under his palms.

“What do you want me to say? I said, we are just friends!"

"Then never see those people again!”

“No!” Everything else she could agree, but in this matter, absolutely not!

In this world, there were few people who treated her sincerely. They, for her in their previous life, could
even abandon their

lives and prospects.

She couldn't leave them, never!

Hunter stared at her stubborn eyes, his eyes getting colder.

No one could say "no" so decisively to him!

"Since you don't have self-knowledge, I don't mind using actions to remind you of whose woman you
are now!"

No matter in name or in fact, she could only belong to him!

Unless, he took the initiative to terminate the agreement and didn’t want her anymore!

"Young Master Hunter...!" He suddenly turned over her body, she wanted to get up, but was held by his
big palm.

The clothes on her body were completely pulled to the waist. She was panicked and anxious, trying to
struggle, but she could

not escape his restraint.

"Young Master Hunter, I don't have... Terry and I are just friends!"

The man behind Emily ignored her, and his long fingers moved in her waist.

Emily was frightened, her nightdress...

His hot body leaned down, and the biting heat terrified the girl under him.

"Young Master Hunter, Terry and I, we are not dating. Really... don't do this! Don't!”

Hunter ignored her pleading, his eyes burning with anger showed a scarlet color.

The anger that swallowed all was like fire and ice.

He was such a cold person, cold enough to make blood freeze.

But at this moment, he was so angry that he was so hot that the girl under him shivered.

Emily finally realized that even if Hunter seemed gentle, but that was because she didn't provoke him.

Once she stepped on his line and violated his rules of the game, he could instantly become a terrible

Just like last night, he beat so many people with a knife alone.

In his game, he was the master of everything, and she was just a pitiful doll.

When she was well-behaved, Hunter could also give her a little care and a little sweetness.

If she was not obedient, what waited for her was the violent storm he gave, which was enough to
destroy everything.

She bit her lip, grabbed the sheets under her tightly, and let the only fig leaf on her body be stripped off.

In his eyes, she was as fragile as an ant.

He didn't believe her explanation. Well, he never trusted her.

Resistance was not worth mentioning to him!

As long as he wanted to, no matter what he did to her, she could not resist even if he killed her.

The man pressed down. His breath was heavy.

Emily closed her eyes and waited for the storm to come.

Her body was trembling slightly and was tight. She was afraid, even horrified.

However, knowing that she has no ability to resist, she would rather bear it than compromise!

Was it so difficult for her to leave the boy named Terry?