Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 87: Emily Was Too Partial

“I'm fine, you go back with him first.” Terry pulled her up, but immediately let go.

For a girl, what happened was really scary.

What's more, there would be a lot of trouble waiting for them in the future.

Going back with Young Master Hunter could at least avoid some things.

"Take Sally back, too.” He looked Hunter, “I will handle the matter with Joe.”

This incident was directed at them.

Although anyone with a discerning eye could know that these people came for Emily, he didn't want the
two girls to face it.

But Hunter snorted coldly, and said indifferently, "What can you do, two little boys?"

Joe was not happy, "I'm nineteen years old and Terry is twenty!”

However, after being glanced by Young Master Hunter, his full momentum disappeared instantly.

Joe only dared to lower his head, and whispered, "We, we are not little boys..."

Hunter didn't care about him, and glanced over the wound on Terry's arm, "Go to the hospital!"

Of course, Terry was unconvinced, and a little injury was nothing to him.

What's more, Hunter's attitude was too strong! Too rude!

However, if he did not leave, Emily would not be willing to go back with Hunter.

"Joe, accompany me to the hospital.” Terry turned to leave.

Joe glanced at Emily, but didn't dare to look directly at Hunter, so he could only walk behind Terry.

Sally looked at Emily, and then glanced at Hunter secretly.

Finally, she whispered, "Emily, I... I'll go with Terry.’

She also turned and ran, following Terry and Joe.

Although going back with Hunter was more likely to avoid all the problems, she worried about Terry.

Hunter said nothing, pulling Emily to the direction of the parking lot.

Emily slammed his hand hard. This time, taking advantage of Hunter's carelessness, she shook his
palm away.

"He was hurt to save me. If I leave him now, what kind of friend am 1?”

She knew that her words would make Hunter unhappy.

He was used to being aloof and accustomed to everyone doing things according to his will.

But she was not his subordinate, let alone, she was now full of guilt and gratitude for Terry.

If she couldn't see Terry was fine, she would still worry him.

"Young Master Hunter, thank you for coming to rescue me tonight, but I can't leave my friend behind.”

After speaking, Emily turned around, and chased Terry quickly.

She didn't know exactly what happened to Terry's arm, but there was blood on his sleeves and even on
his clothes.

It's frightening to see the blood flowing.

How could she rest assured if she didn’t watch him go to the hospital for treatment?

She left and left with that boy.

She said, she couldn't leave her friends. But she could leave him!

Hunter squinted, staring at her left back, his finger joints taut tightly.

"Master, are injured!” When Liam turned his head, he saw the blood on Hunter's sleeve at a

From the inside to the outside, obviously, the blood shed from his own body!


Suddenly, Hunter walked towards the street expressionlessly, and Liam followed him closely, "Young
Master, your wound needs to be treated.”

It could be seen that the injury was not serious, otherwise it was impossible to have such a little blood.

However, a wound was a wound. As long as there was a stab wound, it should be treated by a doctor.

Hunter still didn't speak, but walled faster suddenly...

Emily caught up with Terry, but Terry frowned, "You should go back with him."

“I'll accompany you to the hospital first, and when the doctor says it's okay, I'll leave."

She looked at the deepening blood stains on Terry's clothes, and was anxious, "There is a hospital
nearby. Go and treat the wound first.”

Those knives were so sharp, Emily didn’t know if they hurt his bones.

If the wound was too deep, it may leave some sequelae.

They walked to the street. Although there were several taxis passing by, as soon as the drivers saw the
blood on Terry's body, they drove away one by one, unwilling to stop at all.

Terry and Joe owned an old car, but they did not drive over today.

It was too late to drive the car here. Terry's blood was going to run out.

Suddenly, with a squeak, a luxury car stopped in front of them.

The window was pushed down, and the man sitting in the driving seat looked gloomy, “Get in the car!"

The man was unhappy, very angry, everyone could know it!

Although the man was always handsome, he was so indifferent that people dared not look directly at

However, Emily knew that at this time, if they didn't get in Hunter’s car, they wouldn't get a car.

"Get in the car!" She and Sally helped Terry to open the door of the back seat.

Joe looked at it and found that the back seat was full. He had no choice but to go around to the other
side of the car and open the door of the front seat.

But before he got in the car, he was frightened by a stare that was as cold as ice. He retracted his legs

“Emily, you... come and sit in front!”

Joe walked back hurriedly, opened the car door, and stared at Emily imploringly.

Emily glanced forward. Young Master Hunter's face was frosty.

She was a little helpless. In order not to delay Terry's treatment, she got out of the car hurriedly and
gave up her position to Joe.

She walked to the front, took a seat in the co-pilot, and buckled the seat belt immediately.

"There is a hospital nearby, Young Master Hunter, I will tell you how to get there.”

The injury on Terry's arm was not serious, but it was not minor either.

The doctor stitched him, and by the time the wound was treated, it was already past midnight.

"During this time, try not to touch cigarettes and alcohol, do not eat things that can cause inflammation,
such as fried greasy things, chickens, ducks and geese, and seafood...”

Emily and Sally listened carefully. Emily explained something to Sally, and Sally also took out her
phone and recorded quickly.

On the corridor outside, Hunter looked at Emily standing beside Terry coldly, his thin lips tightening.

Liam, who arrived later, reminded cautiously, "Young Master, anyway, you have come to the hospital.
It's better... it's better to ask the doctor to bandage your wound.”

Although it was only a small injury, a small injury was also an injury!

Also, Emily was too much. Her fiancé was still hurt, but all she cared about was Terry.

For the Young Master Hunter, Emily even didn't notice that he was injured.

Liam was wronged, of course he was wronged for his Young Master Hunter.

However, Hunter didn't allow him to say it, and he didn't dare to mention it at all.

Liam just really felt that Emily was too partial and it was not fair to Hunter at all.

Why could she care about others so much, but not care about Hunter?

"Master, I will ask the doctor...”

"Shut up!”

When Emily and Terry were about to come out, Hunter looked even gloomier.

He looked away coldly. Liam closed his mouth, not daring to say anything.

But his gaze was always full of resentment.

Seeing a few people coming out with medicine, Hunter said coldly, "Now, can you go back?"