Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 78: He Was Willing to Be Intimate with Her Only

"However, the Young Master did not forbid you from approaching him just now.’ Liam really dared not
let Emily leave.

The Eldest Young Master rarely got drunk. And once he did a few times, he would make an astonishing

To put it bluntly, whoever came close to him would die!

The last time Peter Yan tried to take the Eldest Young Master's temperature when he was delirious, he
ended up with a direct fracture and a half month's plaster cast.

The Eldest Young Master had been overwhelmingly alert.

Liam just wondered why the Eldest Young Master was able to not resist at all when Young Lady
approached him. Instead, he looked as if he were obedient.

Emily looked back at the man lying on the bed, in the meantime, who tightened his eyebrows tightly
and seemed to be restless in his sleep.

When holding him just now, she found that his body temperature was frighteningly high...

She sat back down on the edge of the bed and reached out to his forehead.

Liam paused breathing and couldn't help but warn her, "Young Lady, beware!"

Before Emily could come to her senses, she had placed her hand on Hunter's forehead.

"It's really hot!” Emily wondered whether he was like so because of the fact that he had got drunk and
had been standing in the wind for so long. But now it was obvious that Hunter was more than just being

"Quickly call Peter Yan over. He seems to have a fever.

Peter Yan was Hunter's personal doctor. And since the Young Master Hunter was going back to the
Jackson family’s house for a two-day stay, Peter had moved back early.

Liam was just surprised that starting from the fact that the Young Lady had called him by his first name
and now she had asked him to invite Peter over, it seemed that she didn't find them strange at all.

It was as if she was familiar with the people around the Eldest Young Master.

However, hearing that the Young Master was sick, Liam surely didn’t have time to think about so much.
He immediately called Peter.

By the time Peter came over, Emily had just measured the temperature for Hunter.

“Forty point three degrees!" Seeing the degrees displayed on the thermometer, Emily was terrified and
became nervous.

"Peter, give him an antipyretic injection!”

What if Hunter's brain was impaired by this high temperature?

The most powerful thing about Young Master Hunter was his brain, which surely was the reason
Century Group had developed to this point in just a few years.

Hunter Jackson's brain surely was worth a lot. If his brain was thus impaired, everything would be

Of course, the most important thing was that if the brain of Young Master Hunter was impaired, Emily...
would be heartbroken.

Hearing her words, Peter felt that his backbone stiffened instantly and his neck was chilled. Then he
shook his head vigorously.

"Peter, why don't you do it yet?" Seeing his delayed response, Emily looked back at him.

Unexpectedly, after Emily just looked at Peter, not only did he refuse to come over, but also he even
took two steps back.

"Well, young Lady, I... I think that fever of more than forty degrees is no big deal. Maybe, physical
cooling will be enough."

“What are you talking about!” For body temperature below thirty-eight point five degrees, it could be
treated with a physical cooling method. However, once it was above thirty-nine degrees, it would be a
high fever.

Now, Hunter had a fever of forty point three degrees. How come Peter said that it was not a big deal?

"I, I didn't mean that. I just... that..."

Peter was a bit fidgeting. And finally, he helplessly said, "Young Master never takes injections... ”

Peter could imagine what would happen to him if he approached the Young Master with a needle.

To others, it was just an imagination. However, for Peter, he had experienced it by himself and the
needle had fallen directly on his arm.

The stinging pain was still fresh in his mind.

Emily probably figured out why he had such a reaction.

Looking down at the slumbering man, Emily was faintly frightened.

Giving an injection to Young Master Hunter was no different from committing suicide, right?

But, Hunter was burning up like this, making Emily wonder if the usual antipyretics would work.

Besides, why did she feel that his temperature was still rising?

Suddenly, she squeezed her palm and said in a deep voice, “Peter, you prescribe some injections so
that I'll give him the injections.”

Peter and Liam opened their mouths wide and spoke in unison, "Do you want to give the Young Master
an injection?”

A fever-reducing injection was indeed the best solution at a time like this. But, the Young Lady wasn't a
doctor. So how could she inject him?

"I've studied nursing.” Emily had learned everything in her last life to please Young Master Hunter.

It was just that none of her skills would be useful in front of Young Master Hunter.

Young Master Hunter's body temperature made Emily anxious. At this time, she couldn't care about so

She said, "Have the medical office over there prescribe some fever-reducing injections and I'll have a

"But, Young Lady, Peter tried to give the Eldest Young Master an injection years ago. But he ended up
lying in the hospital for days."

Liam had to remind Emily. Although he appreciated the Young Lady's courage, the consequences were
most likely to be unthinkable.

"Since he is like this now, can we just stand by and watch him burn out his brain?"

Emily was furious and gave a direct order, “Peter, have someone send an injection over, immediately!”

"Yes!" Peter immediately pulled out his phone and called the people over at the medical room.

A needle was something that he didn't have on him. That was because he knew that he wouldn't be
able to use it on the Young Master.

However, when the Young Lady gave the order just now, why did he feel that she was so similar to the
Young master?

So, without deliberation, he immediately executed it.

Emily looked at Hunter and made her voice sound as softly as she could.

“You have a fever right now. Your forehead is feverish. I have to give you an injection. You have to be
good and don't resist."

Everyone knew that the consequences of Young Master Hunter's resistance were very serious.

She said again softly, “It won't hurt very much. Trust me. It's like being bitten by a mosquito.”

Hunter didn't react at all. There was no telling if he had taken her words to heart.

"Gotta get him changed. Liam, you'll help.”

Liam was quite obedient and immediately brought a set of sleeping robes to Hunter.

But, other than that, for all things that required any physical contact with the Young Master, he wouldn't
do them at all.

Emily really wanted to rip his head off and wondered whether he needed to be so frightened like this?

However, she didn't have time to dawdle.

Young Master Hunter's body temperature was getting higher and higher. And if she didn't cool him
down, she might not be able to afford the consequences.

“Get me a basin of cold water over here. And a clean towel.”

"Yes!" Liam immediately ran to the bathroom.

Emily was careful and unbuttoned Hunter's shirt.

One, two, three... There was a clear muscle texture on the sturdy chest. With a glance at it, she knew
how powerful the owner's physique and strength were!

Carelessly, she remembered on the night of their engagement party for the first time, how awful the
force of his was when he banged himself on her in the car.

At the thought, she blushed.

She scrambled to gather her thoughts and had a hard time getting his shirt off for him.

As she looked down, her face became redder.

She thought, “I have to take off Young Master Hunter's pants as well... right? Later on, he needs to get
a shot...”

She bit her lips and endured the feeling of shyness. And she finally placed her long fingers on Young
Master Hunter's diamond-studded belt and popped the buckle off.

The atmosphere on the scene was a bit awkward. And Liam coughed light as he turned his face away.

Peter just happened to pick up the needle from the outside. And he walked to the side to adjust the
needle. Although he liked to see the scene very much, he was a little embarrassed.

Emily took Young Master Hunter's belt out. After that, she stared at his pants for a while.

Finally, she took a deep breath and pulled down the zipper of his pants.

But no one expected that just as Emily pulled Hunter's zipper down, Hunter, who was still asleep,
suddenly opened his starry eyes and took her small hand in his big palm.

"Woman! You are trying to seduce me again!"