Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 73: What Made She So Emboldened

No one expected that Snowy would be so cruel as to actually take such a hard crystal cup and smash it
down on Emily's head.

If this cup did hit Emily on her head, it would definitely smash her head to pieces!

"Beware!" Sarah, who had already stood up and wanted to come over as a peacemaker, was shocked.
She came over in a

panic and pushed Emily away.

The crystal cup then mercilessly landed on Sarah's shoulder. “Crack!” A dull sound rang, indicating that
Sarah must be in pain!

Sarah twitched her eyebrows in pain instantly. But she gritted her teeth and didn't grunt.

“What's going on?" Finally, someone from the man's side came over.

It was the Grand Master as well as the father of several young masters of the Jackson family, Rupert

"Nothing. I carelessly spilled the cup,” Sarah immediately explained. And she also personally picked up
the crystal cup from the ground.

As for how Sarah had stooped to compromise, Emily saw it all.

In her last life, she hadn't had much interaction with this grand lady.

Although she had been framed all the time, she, who was stupid, didn't even know who on earth the
one that had trapped her was.

But she never expected that this apparently glamorous Grand Lady would be so aggrieved at home!

Now she had got a smashed shoulder and suffered an injury. And she had to pick up the cup on her

The maid crouched down in panic and helped her stand up.

Sarah still smiled, "It's just a misunderstanding... "

"It's not a misunderstanding!" Instead, Snowy, who had made a mistake, looked arrogant, "Daddy, it
was Emily Gale who

splashed me with tea!"

Never did Emily ever think of trying to get any good impression in front of the Jackson family members.

Therefore, she wasn't afraid and said with a blank expression, “It was this Miss Jackson who started
the trouble. And the

Grand Lady's clothes were also wet from the tea she had splashed all over me.”

"Dad, I didn't intend to splash Aunt Sarah with tea. It is Emily Gale who sarcastically accused me of
being deaf. And I was so angry that I... "

"Well, the Old Lady and the Old Master are both here. Besides, there is a house of guests. Do you
want me to be disgraced?"

Rupert looked unhappy. Anyway, with people from the Second Master and the Third Master's side
being here, he couldn't afford to be disgraced like this. Otherwise, how could he maintain his authority
and majesty?

"Dad, it's not my fault. Could it be that I should endure being bullied instead of fighting back? Dad, you
said that the Jackson

family must never be bullied by others!”

Snowy lifted her chin, who was with no intention of admitting her mistake at all.

Sarah immediately said, "It’s no big deal. They're both just... "

"It’s just that the juniors were making a bit of a scene. Why didn't you, an elder, stop them?" Rupert
straightened up his face.

Sarah immediately said in a sincere manner, “Yes, it's all my fault. I'll keep an eye on them. It's fine.
You can go over there first. Don't keep Dad waiting.”

Rupert snorted coldly and turned around.

Snowy sat back in her seat, Leered at Sarah, and didn't say anything.

She didn't care at all about the fact that she had hurt someone.

Even if Emily wanted to say something at this point, she couldn't speak at all.

She sort of figured out a fact that in Rupert's eyes, her legitimate wife, whom he had married into his
house in an open and

correct manner, had no significance at all.

If she spoke at this time, she could only end up putting Sarah in a difficult situation.

For a lady from a rich family like Snowy, if she pampered herself in front of her father, she could get
away with it.

While Sarah, on the other hand, would most likely be implicated by her.

She helped Sarah back to her seat. But Snowy smiled contemptuously at her, looking smug.

Snowy thought, “In the Jackson family, speaking of the women who married into this family, on the
surface, they seem to have a high status, which is like where they are sitting now.

But in fact, these women who are not surnamed Jackson, surely can't be compared to those surnamed

Didn't Emily just now think that she could do whatever she wanted simply because of the fact that she
could sit next to Sarah?

She should see clearly now that even Sarah was nothing more than that and didn't hold any status in
Dad's eyes.

She, Emily Gale, is one level lower than Sarah. Women like her surely can’t do anything in my family.”

Rosy couldn't be prouder. She suddenly smiled and said, "Oh my, Miss Gale, did you really buy off the
signature bag of HARMADS today?”

Other than Emily, no one else knew what Rosy was trying to do by suddenly bringing up such a petty

Emily pursed her lips. She had anticipated that this woman would definitely embarrass her in person.

But she just looked at her indifferently and didn't say anything.

Even the maids called her Young Madam. Instead of calling her Young Madam or Sister-in-law, Rosy
was calling her Miss Gale, which was to remind everyone on the scene that her last name was not
Jackson and she wasn't even a member of the Jackson family yet.

Rosy bit her lower lip, looking a bit aggrieved, "I originally wanted to have a look at that bag as well. Of
course, I dare not dream about the bag you take a fancy to. I just wanted to look at it.”

“But you let them kick me out. I didn't even get a chance to take a look at it. If you buy it off, will you let
me take a look at it?"

"I don't have any other interests or hobbies. I just like all kinds of bags. Miss Gale, can I take a look?"

"What did you say? Had she let someone kick you out of the store?” Snowy immediately went into a

Tabby straightened up her face and looked unhappy, "How could a lady from the Jackson family be
thrown out of the store?

Which store is it? I will have it leveled immediately!”

Usually, she wasn't this nice to Rosy. But now that Rosy had been bullied by Emily, which was a slap in
the Jackson family's ladies’ faces!

"It's not a big deal really. It's probably because of the fact that Vanessa and I were talking at the time
and Miss Gale disliked us for being too noisy that she kicked us out."

Rosy acted like she was calming down the situation as she whispered, "It is a family gathering tonight.
Tabby, just forget what I said. Grandpa and Grandma are here.”

She gently pulled Tabby's arm and put on a smile, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have brought this matter
up for a glance at that signature bag.”

"It’s fine. It's just a misunderstanding.”

How come it was a misunderstanding after she had been driven out of the store?

A girl from an ordinary family wouldn't be so low as to be treated like this, let alone a lady from the
Jackson family.

This Emily Gale was just too abominable!