Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 72: You are Done

Just now everyone believed Emily would be extremely embarrassed, yet she was too calm. She even
seemed to show some of sympathy in her eyes.

Looking at Sarah, she said, “I apologize for it. Iam so rude. I don’t know both of them are deaf.”

Snowy was very angry with her words and stood up abruptly. Her face turned red, “What did you say?
Bitch, who is deaf?”

Emily dared to humiliate them to this extent. She was crazy?

She did not know how powerful the Jackson's family was in the Bentson City?

In fact, it would be possible for the daughters from the other women to be bullied; but Snowy’s mother
was the legal wife in the family of which Snowy was almost the princess. How could she suffer it?

The Gale's family was totally nothing to the Jackson's family. Even the master Charles Gale would be a
nobody to her.

Emily was the third daughter of the Gale’s family, merely an ugly and unimportant girl; she said Snowy
was deaf!

Tabby was not that emotional for this, but also badly annoyed.

This was her first time in life to feel shamed in front of many people.

Tabby and Snowy were the daughters of the first wife in Jackson's family. All the girls over the Bentson
City would respect them for sure.

Sarah was similarly astonished and tried to argue with them for Emily; unluckily, she could not think out
what to say.

Others persons were also stunned for a couple of seconds and soon became some of happy.

The coming daughter in law of the Jackson's family was challenging two important girls of it. Everyone
here was glad to see it.

Emily did not look at Snowy, because Snowy called a bitch. She was not the one, so would not like to
say anything.

She turned back to get the menu from the maid and talked with Sarah about the dishes tonight.

Emily pointed to the menu and said, “I think the two dishes are of the same flavor. If we can cancel one
of it, shall we get that replacement?”

Then she smiled to Sarah and still ignored Snowy.

Snowy was driven mad with the humiliation which she never experienced before.

She got the cup on the table and threw the water to Emily.

A moment ago, Emily guessed what Snowy would do to her. As soon as Snowy was getting the cup,
Emily was ready to stand


As soon as Snowy she was throwing water, Emily stood up soon to avoid it.

However, Sarah who sat still was in trouble.

Snowy tried to throw water to Emily, but water spread from such a distance.

Half water dropped down on Emily's chair, at the same time, the other half dropped down on Sarah.

Maid rushed to go to get the towel and help Sarah dry herself.

The other maid beside Emily was also surprised and busy with cleaning the table and chair.

Emily looked peacefully, just watched Snowy to ask, “Miss Snowy, what do you mean?”

The host appeared to notice what was happening here between these girls.

Anyway, men always paid no attention to girls’ fighting.

Sarah should be able to solve every problem here, but this time, she was also involved in some trouble.

Snowy said, “Bitch, you did not hear me? I am asking you. You said who is deaf?"

She was greatly arrogant because she believed those men would not interfere with them; as for Sarah,
Snowy did not think

she could be able to something.

As a result, she dared to throw water to them without any concern.

Emily shrugged and answered, “You called a bitch. I don’t know whom you are calling.”

Snowy sneered to Say, “If it were not you, anyone else?” It was too funny for Emily to ask such a silly

Emily did not see what she was like?

“Bitch? Me? I don't think so. Your Eldest brother appreciates me and always says I am fascinating. So,
you mean he is an


“You...” Snowy was so angry that she was getting another cup to throw her water again.

Hunter said Emily was fascinating? Impossible!

Whatever possibility or impossibility, she would not say her Hunter was an idiot.

The bitch Emily really overestimated herself! She did not understand how annoying she was?

Hunter was willing to engage with her due that he would not like to go against their grandmother. He
said she was

fascinating? It was shameful.

Emily sat back on the chair and looked at Sarah with kind of apology, “Are you ok?”

She never expected that Sarah, so privileged as she was, had been treated in this way in the family.

Both of the two girls could humiliate her so easily.

Sarah said, “Don't worry. I am ok.” She seemed to get used to this.

Emily turned to look at Snowy; now she was glowering and said, “You should apologize to Mr. Sarah.”

“Apologize?” Snowy heard the funniest word in the world. “You ask me to apologize? Emily, who are
you talking with me

about this?”

“Who am I? You can go to ask your Eldest brother.”

Snowy frowned and said, “Don’t say my brother. You are not him; you are nothing to me.”

Emily said, “Sure, I am nothing. However, you should apologize for staining Ms. Sarah's clothes.”

Sarah interrupted to say, “Emily, never mind. I am ok now.” She would not like to argue more.

Emily said, “I know. But she made it in a wrong way. A girl who does not show any respect to the
seniors might let people

think the children of Jackson's family are not well-behaved at all.”

It was obvious that today Emily would not stop if Snowy did not apologize to Sarah. Emily stared at
Snowy with no willing to compromise.

“If I don't, what you will do?” Snowy asked.

She sat still on the chair with legs crossing and was smiling to see how embarrassed Emily would be.

She went on, “Will you give me a slap? Don't just bark like a doggy.”

“Ah...” now Rosy could not help laughing slightly.

The other people also laughed. Sarah tried to break the ice, but out of her expectation, Emily stood up
to walk to Snowy.

Seeing this, Snowy became nervous to ask, “What are you doing? You dare to do it here in Jackson's

Emily said, “You asked me to do it. I have never seen a stupid girl like you to ask others to give you a

She stopped in front of Snowy’s seat. Instead of hitting her, Emily got a cup and threw all the water to

Snowy screamed, “What?”

There was not boiling tea in the cup, but still much warm.

Even Snowy was not be badly hurt by it, she would feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Emily, what are you doing? Will you kill me?”

She stood up with hands on her face, as a result, she hit on the chair without clear vision.

Then she stumbled to fall down on the ground by accident.

Sarah was startled to stand up hurriedly for it and yelled, “Snowy.”

The maid also rushed to help, “Miss. Snowy...”

“Go out! All of you go out!”

Snowy came across the incident for the first time in her life! Definitely!

“Bitch, you are done!”

She was mad to get the empty cup and would hit on Emily's head with it.