Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 68 He Is The Best In All Of Bentson City

Emily hurried to the plaza outside the building.

Young Master Hunter's patience had been very limited.

If she didn't go, he would either leave her behind, or Liam would come and take her down.

To Emily's surprise, as soon as she stepped outside, she looked up and saw two girls standing in front
of Hunter's understated but lavishly decorated Maybach.

"Eldest brother, they're bullying us!" Eldest brother was a respectful address for Hunter by all the
younger members of the Jackson family.

Vanessa was a bit distantly related to Hunter, but at least her last name was Jackson.

Hunter was sitting by the car door and smoking. He looked indifferent, and Vanessa wondered if he had
taken her words to heart.

Liam was guarding by his side and leaning on the car door. From a distance, he also looked pretty

But he seemed a little impatient now.

Vanessa was still complaining, "Eldest brother, as members of the the Jackson family, we have been
kicked out of the store. Don't you think that's infuriating?"

Hunter remained silent, and his eyes were cold. Af if he was warning them not to come any closer to

Rosy looked at Vanessa and gestured for her to shut up.

She looked at Hunter and said in a soft voice, "Eldest brother, are you going back to the Jackson's later
as well?"

Tonight was a family feast for the Jackson family. All the younger members of the Jackson family, who
were still in Bentson City, had to go back.

The Jackson family was large. Even though it was just a family feast, there would be almost hundreds
of people in attendance.

"Yes," Hunter responded casually.

Rosy knew that this eldest grandson of the Jackson family had always been aloof. Everyone was used
to his attitude.

So even though Hunter was cold to them now, she wasn't surprised.

“Eldest brother, we're also going back to the Jackson's. It's about time, and we should go."

Rosy's hint was clear. If ... she meant if Hunter didn't mind, could he pick them up and go back with

It was an absolute honor to be going home with Hunter.

When the ladies of the Jackson family knew about it, her status in the Jackson family was bound to be
elevated like never before.

But why didn't Hunter say anything? They were going back anyway. Couldn't he take her with him?

"My driver had something urgent to do, so he left first. I don't know if grandparents would have been
upset if I'd returned late."

Rosy thought Hunter didn't get it and hinted at him again.

She couldn't be too reserved in front of Young Master Hunter. If she was reserved, she would even
miss her opportunity.

If she missed out on such a great opportunity, how would she ever get one again?

But it was almost time. Why was Hunter still here? It seemed like he was waiting for someone.

This was a mall. Who was he waiting for?

Hunter never liked going shopping at the mall.

As soon as Rosy mentioned the time, Vanessa seized the opportunity to chime in. Once again, she
complained, "It's all because of that ugly woman!"

It was rare for her to get a chance to speak to Young Master Hunter.

Now, it was them, members of the Jackson family, that had been bullied, and how could Young Master
Hunter just stand by?

At least, her last name was Jackson. Wouldn't it also be disrespectful to Young Master Hunter for Emily
to disrespect her?

Emily had made her suffer today. She wouldn't give up if she didn't get punished today!

"Eldest brother, you don't know. Rosy and I were trying on shoes, but as soon as that ugly woman
walked in, she had us thrown out."

"Vanessa... "Rosy took a look at her.

Actually, she also felt aggrieved and wished that Hunter could avenge her, though that was very

For a girl, if she had such a powerful man to back her up, she could wake up laughing in her sleep.

It was always something to dream about.

Vanessa mumbled, and she looked aggrieved, "Rosy, you're just so kind and never like to fight with
others. You'll suffer losses like that.”

She looked at Hunter again, pitiful but indignant.

"I don't know what rich and dirty old man that ugly bitch is with. She's got some money now and she
starts bullying people.”

"How can the members of the Jackson family be bullied? Eldest brother, isn't this a slap in your face?”

"Eldest brother, you must teach those people a lesson. Otherwise ...”

Hunter lifted his hand to look at the time, and his eyes became even colder.

It was almost seven oclock, and Emily wasn't even out yet.

He suddenly closed his laptop, put out his cigarette, and got out of the car.

Vanessa's eyes lit up, and she immediately chased after him, "Eldest brother, there is a shop called
HARMADS inside. She ... Eldest brother, that's her!"

She didn't expect that they met again within such a short time!

Emily, that ugly woman, had come to her!

Rosy followed Hunter, though she didn't say anything.

She also wanted to see what she could do to Young Master Hunter even if she was with a rich and dirty
old man.

In all of Bentson City, was there a man as good as Young Master Hunter?

No matter who Emily was with, when she met Young Master Hunter, she was destined to be crushed!

"Eldest brother, that's her." Seeing Hunter staring at Emily, Vanessa's heartbeat was racing with

"Eldest brother, this ugly woman bullies the weak just because she's with a rich old man. And she says
the Jackson family is nothing in her eyes."

Emily's eyebrows raised. She took the initiative to walk up to Hunter and pursed her thin lips.

Vanessa was really talking nonsense and lying without even needing a draft.

"Eldest brother, she said that her man is the most powerful in all of Bentson City, and no one can
compete with him!"

Huh. Who was her Eldest brother? Young Master Hunter! Who dared to say such insolent things in
front of him? Wasn't she trying to get herself killed?

Emily, the ugly bitch! Just wait to be killed by Hunter!

He'd better find out who was behind her and make him go bankrupt too. She would like to see whose
money this ugly woman would spend later!

Hunter, however, raised an eyebrow and stared at Emily. And the look in his eyes was unreadable.

"You say your man is the most powerful in all of Bentson City?"

He asked. His voice was so cold that one couldn't even tell if he was upset.

"I didn't say that." Emily didn't lie like Vanessa did.

She said again, “But I guess so."

"Listen, Eldest brother! Listen to what this ugly woman has said! How dare she treat you so

Who dared to say in front of Young Master Hunter that her man was better than him? That was

Vanessa said in her heart, “Emily, you're going to die!”

Rosy, however, felt something was wrong. When did Hunter become so bored that he actually bothered
with such trivial matters between women?

Didn't he always hate being around women?

However, Emily was now standing in front of him and had trespassed into his danger zone.

She was so close to him that even the girls of the Jackson family wouldn't dare try it!

Hunter hated women near him! But they were now ... they were really close, just two steps away.

She suddenly had a very bad feeling. She wanted to stop Vanessa, but Vanessa's mind wasn't on her
at all.

"Eldest brother, not only is this ugly bitch bullying me, she even had the nerve to attack Rosy!"

She pointed at Rosy's foot and said furiously, "Not only did she kick us out, but she hurt Rosy's foot.
Until now Rosy has a clear red mark on her foot!"