Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 60 OMG! Young Master Hunter is so Terrible

"You... Emily couldn't believe her ears. Suddenly, Hunter was talking to her with a soft voice

Emily thought that Hunter would be still angry after what happened.

"Let's make up." Hunter said to Emily, then he put his hand on her waist and pulled her gently towards

Emily was unable to think or breathe.

In her eyes, Hunter's face was magnified. When Emily looked at him, she saw a perfect flawless face.

Emily touched Hunter's chest unconsciously, however she didn't want to push him away.

Hunter was feeling excited and so was she.

But, what did this mean?

“Hunter... Oh... In that moment, Hunter kissed her.

Emily felt like electric shock, she was dizzy.

In just half a second, Emily felt she lost herself completely.

She felt his breath, his coldness, his hotness, everything got her entangled.

In the end, all turned into uncontrollable desire ...

Emily didn't notice when she was hold by Hunter, when the buttons on her coat was released and she
was not sure when Hunter’s neck was embraced by her hands.

She forgot about everything. Now all Emily could see was Hunter, all she could hear, was Hunter's


Someone knocked on the door.

In an instant, everything was scattered.

Hunter pulled the quilt back and wrapped Emily under him tightly.

Hunter turned his head and saw Liam White. He stared at him and it was like that he would tear him
into pieces.

“Young M..Master....

Liam was totally screwed, He knew that disaster would come to him soon.

He just could not believe they could do such thing in the day time ...what was worse, the door was

Liam just realized what happened after he hit the door.

"Get out."

Hunter s emotion was just like that a storm was coming, he was extremely furious at Liam.

What Hunter shouted was so strong and power, and it was like that it even could kill Liam.

'I..! am...! am... leaving .'

Oh my god! So terrible! Who could believe that the ascetic young master could do such thing in the day

However, Liam was his most loyal subordinate. .

Therefore, before leaving, he reminded his young master, 'young master, pay attention to your... your

A pillow was thrown at the door with a heavy smack, and the door was hit severely.

Liam didn't dare to stay there any more, he must leave right away.

He turned around and disappeared.

"Damn it!" said Hunter looking down, meanwhile his face turned pale.

Hunter zipped his pants, but it seemed that something was still not hidden well.

This interruption of Liam made him really unpleasant.

Hunter looked back at Emily who was lying at the other side of the bed, she wrapped herself in the quilt
with just her head out, her eyes were full of the sense of defending.

Emily couldn’t believe that she was just about to make love with Hunter.

lt was day time, how come... shameful! And moreover, Liam just found their secret.

God, how can she face others in the future!

Hunter leaned forward while Emily backed a bit suddenly.

He frowned, staring at her red face.

Emily was still in the quilt. She grabbed her clothes and looked up. She wanted to say something to
him, but unexpectedly found Hunter's ...

Emily's breath was coming to a mess and she was frightened while staring at Hunter s...

"Like it so much?” Looking at him, did she want him to lose control again?

Initially, Hunter thought that he was a little bit out of shape. However, she looked so frightened, which
pleased him.

Simply, there was no reason to cover it up.

Emily wanted to cover herself completely with the quilt so that no one could see her embarrassing.

She didn't mean to stare at it. It’s just... lt was just because she was frightened.

"I... I’m sorry, I didn't mean to...

"You didn't mean to do what?'

"No, nothing.' After she gathered her clothes, she lifted the quilt and came down from the other side of
the bed.

Emily wanted to tell Hunter that she didn't mean to gaze at it, but her eyes looked down unconsciously.

Yet, it would be embarrassing if he asked where she was looking at.

Calm down, down, Emily was telling herself to calm down, it was just an impulse.

When two singles were together, especially for youngsters, this kind of thing always happens, not even
to mention a man like Hunter.

This probably meant nothing to others, but to her, this was important!

Still, she could not repeat the same mistakes twice!

"Well, if nothing else here, I am going back now. ˆ she said to Hunter and then walked towards the

"Not asking me?" Hunter sat on the bed. His breath was still a little bit messy, but he was calm.

Emily was coming to a daze and she looked back at him unconsciously.

Hunter looked calm and profound if not looking at some special part on his body, and nobody can see
his mess which was exposed just now.

Men and women had different point of views on this matter in the end.

Men were into this for pleasure, but women, could lose themself in the process if they were not

Emily restrained her thoughts, shook her head and said, “I can handle this myself.”

Hunter raised his eyebrow, as looked at her coldly.

Emily's face made him feel very strange. She had freckle but where?

Did Hunter have a bad memory or could the little freckle move?

Emily felt frustrated when he looked at her, she never liked his staring.

She drew the freckle on her face by herself, but how could she make it the same place as the last

Emily was afraid he would find out.

She turned around to avoid his gaze and opened the door.

"Thank you for saving me today, but I think I can handle the rest by myself. Hunter, I won’t bother you
any further.'

Emily said this calmly, without any trace of anger.

Hunter didn't speak. He just looked at her back.

Emily felt that she couldn’t stay in this room any longer. She also thought that if she stayed, Hunter
could figure it out.

"l am going back.' Emily wanted to leave after saying this, but suddenly she remembered something.

Initially, she hesitated, but then she went back quickly to take her roses. After that Emily quickly walked
to the door.

"lf you need help, please call me at any time.' Said Hunter behind her with a hypnotizing voice.

Emily faltered to the door with a limp leg and did not dare to turn her head. "OK. Noted."

She hurried back to her room, closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief.

A man could make her leg limp, she was frightened.

What she felt frightened was not the pressure, but his charm which could make others crazy. The
walking philter, Hunter deserved the name without any doubt.

dust listening to his hoarse voice, it could make her body weaken all over. No wonder with just one
kiss, he made her lose consciousness completely.

But a man like him, how dangerous could he be?

Emily still dared to approach him, she didn't keep him away... She was really not afraid of death!


Emily took a deep breath. It was hard to calm herself down.

She stood up straight, and realized that she was still holding the red roses in her arms.

Hunter gave her these roses...

No! Her breathing was once again disordered. All she could think was Hunter, she could even still smell

Emily hurried to find a place where to lay down the roses. She couldn't keep holding them.

Holding them is like holding Hunter. She felt a warmth all over her body...oh! Forget about it!

dust as she put the roses down, the phone rang. lt was .Joe Davis.

"Wheres Sally? I want to talk to her.' Emily said faintly.

On the other side, Sally Cox seemed to have plucked up a lot of courage to take this call, "Emi...

"What's the matter with you fool? How can I still work with you as a partner? Did you want to ruin us?”

Emily just blamed her in anger.

Sally knew she had made a mistake, so she didn't dare to say anything else.

After a while, Emily said calmly, "I'II handle it by myself."