Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 52 Must make him like you

“He bullies me every day, granny, you must help me.” Emily pushed grandma and looked at Hunter,
“He even ganged up with others to bully me”

“Scoundrel!" Of course, grandma knew that they were joking but she had to play along and scold the

“You better not bully Emily, otherwise, I'll come for you!”

Hunter has always been indifferent but in front of grandma, he had to warm up some.

“She is the apple of your eye, how do I dare to bully her?”

No one knew how much Master Jackson said was true or otherwise but what was certain was
grandma's affection towards Emily.

How did this girl get grandma to like her to sụch an extent?

The scene was an eyesore to the rest of the woman folk of the family.

“Brother, you re back.ˆ A twenty-plus-year-old lady walked over excitedly but remained polite.

“Brother, are you very busy recently? You don't even come back to see us. Are you busy with the
launch of the new product?”

Though Emily knew the fourth daughter of the .Jacksons, Tabby, she hadrit knows them well.

The sixth sister, Snowy also walked quickly over, staring at Hunter.

“Big brother, will you be spending the night? We’re having a party tonight, a lot of my classmates want
to meet you.”

She came with a task. She had to keep him stay tonight.

Her friends love her brother and gave her all sorts of expensive gifts, just for the chance to meet him

Tonight is the best opportunity.

Hunter didn't say anything and was calm, no one was able to guess his thoughts. Did he agree or not?

“Brother, my friends are here too, I'll introduce them to you.”

Tabby dragged two of her friends over.

They were truly beautiful and one would be hard to find anyone prettier than them in the entire Bentson

“This is the daughter of the director of Golden Summit Group, Lizzy Hans. This is the daughter of the
director of Flying Dragon Group, Suzanna Pienta.”

“How do you do, Master Jackson, just call me Lizzy. My father mentioned to us about you and said that
you are Bentson City's most capable young man.”

“Master Jackson, my father talks about you every day and said that he could be honored to be able to
have a meal with you.”

Another girl hurried over and though she didn't dare to approach, she kept her eyes fixated on Hunter.

“Master Jackson, just call me Suzamna, if Master Jackson doesn't mind, I'll call you Hunter."

Emily raised her eyebrows slightly but was quick to compose herself.

lt was the same in her previous life as it was now.

No matter where this man went, girls would throw themselves at him.

Even when they knew that his fiancee was present, they were unfazed by her presence.

The more unapproachable Master .Jackson was, the more they liked it. They simply loved his high and
mighty attitude.

Oh please, it's just a man, was that necessary?

“Today's weather is so good, Emily, can you push me out for a walk?” Grandma asked.

Emily stood up and pushed grandma out the door.

Though grandpa didn't like them going out alone, it appeared that grandma wanted to be alone with
Emily. He could only have the servant follow at a distance and not get too close.

“Emily.” Grandma patted Emily's hand at the courtyard.

Emily leaned forward and asked gently, “Yes, granny?”

“What do you think of Hunter?”

“He...' Emily was stunned for a moment before saying, “pretty good.”

“Of course I know that he is good, I meant to ask, do you like him?”

How was she to answer this?

Emily could only nod, “Master .Jackson is so talented, l'm sure there isn't a woman on earth who
doesn't like him.”

“Yes, Hunter is outstanding. lf granny was a few decades younger, maybe I'll be smitten as well.”

Emily laughed, in her last life she was used to granny speaking her mind and in this life it was mụch
easier to interact with her.

“Emily.” She didnt know what granny was thinking.

“Granny, do you have something to tell me?” Emily walked to her and squatted down.

Granny asked her to push her out for some sun and Emily knew that granny wanted to be alone with

As granny looked at her, she had the expression of pity that Emily couldn't understand.

Grandma sighed again and said, “Actually I know that Hunter agreed to be engaged to you was
because he listened to me.”

Emily kept quiet. What granny said was very hurtful but it was the truth.

Granny continued, “Emily you should know that there are countless women who long to be married to

“Yes.' Emily nodded.

Grandma started to speak out, “Emily, I know that this is a tough path to walk. l† is not an easy task to
make Hunter love you.”

“That boy is naturally introverted and does not show his feelings easily. That's why you need to be
strong and persevere.

“Granny has said before, only Hunter has the ability to protect you. lf you can make him love you, he
will definitely protect you.”

Emily kept quiet and listened carefully to Granny's instructions.

But how was it that granny's words kept giving her a strange feeling?

Is she going to face a lot of dangers in the future? Why did she need someone powerful to protect her?

Additionally, she was not related to granny in any way. How come she felt that between her and Master
Jackson, granny was more concerned over her?

She felt as if she had snatched someone else's grandmother.

“Emily, the Jackson family is far more complex than you can imagine. Not only are there your father-in-
law's people, but there are also second and third uncles'.”

“Second and third uncles' families there are numerous children and all of them are looking at you and
Hunter with evil intentions.”

“You must be extra careful and learn to protect yourself. Granny's health is failing and I can't continue
to protect you.”

“Granny, you're still young, why say these?”

Grandmother was the first wife of grandfather and she was only sixty plus years old.

She isrft the biological grandmother of Hunter and his brothers. But to Hunter, she was closer than the
biological grandmother.

Granny held onto her hand, “! know you don't like granny to say such words, I won't repeat them.”

“Granny... Emily was uneasy but she couldn't determine what was wrong.

“Emily, there are a lot of things that I can explain to you now.”

Grandmother stopped as if she was holding onto a lot of secrets.

In the end, she said sternly, You must let Hunter like you, this is grannys only request of you.”