Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 48 What did it Matter to Him if Ì was in Pain or not?

“And then what? Call the police? Continue to check? What can you get in the end?”

Hunter looked at her in a calm and relaxed mood.

Emily bit her lips. She was so angry that she even wanted to tear up his expressionless face!

"You mean you want to protect them to the end?”

"No, I agree with you. Let them get what they deserve." He tapped on the window of the car.

Liam opened the door, looking at Emily respectfully, "Young madam, we have handed the three people
to the police."

"And the man behind it? Why doesn't he need to be punished?” That's not enough!

"Young madam, the car accident was arranged by nobody. lt was just an accident.”

"And those who wanted to hurt Sally came up with a temporary idea at that time, which was different
from what they agreed on before."

"The person behind did not mean to hurt Miss Cox, so the three people will pay for their actions."

Liam looked like a peacemaker, but what he said was not what Emily wanted.

"I will find out the mastermind!"

dust after saying this, Joe s call came.

Emily looked away and put it through, 'Joe, how is it?”

"Emily, the opposite is too powerful. They have damaged the banking system, deleting those
information. Temporarily I can not find the information of the virtual account."

While Terry was driving back, .Joe traced up the information on the Internet with his old notebook in the

But unexpectedly those people could even destroy the banking system ¡in only more than an hour!

Emily slightly tightened the hand that took the phone, without any word. She knew that it was over.

In order to stop her from pursuing further, Hunter blocked off the road.

doe continued, "Emily, it is not completely out of reach, but I have to fix their system first, it will take
some time."

"No, give it up." Emily closed her eyes and said in a hushed voice, "Try to comfort Terry. Go back and
take good care of Sally.'


"Listen to me!" Emily sharpened her tone.

So what would happen if we make it? She believed that in this respect Joe absolutely could do
something that other people can not.

lf he had enough time, he could do it, fixing a system that no one else can fix, even if the system itself
had countless blocking procedures.

But what could they do after fixing ¡t2

As long as they were not allowed to, they would never find a clue!

What She was most afraid of was that Joe might anger Hunter, which would lead to no good end.

After hanging up, she said coolly, “Let me off.”

"You forgot about our agreement?" The voice of the Hunter was also cold, with no warmth at all.

"You said we'd go our separate ways after our engagement!”

"But I didn't say you could stay out all night!”


"Back to the villa. He leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, and clasped her wrists, apparently with
no willingness to let up.

"You are just my fiance, and you have no right to restrict my movements!" She just didt want to go back
and face this manI

"It's not up to you to choose." When Hunter started to overbear up, there was no one who could sway

Liam sat in the driver's seat and peeked behind them in the interior mirror.

Then he stepped on the gas. The car pulled away from the dock and went onto the highway near the

The doors were locked automatically when the car was driven. Meanwhile, Hunter loosened his grip on
Emily's wrist.

Emily glared at him and rubbed her wrist.

As he looked down, he noticed that her wrist was red because of his scratch.

Did girls have such delicate skin? He didn't feel that he had applied much force. But, did it seem a little
red and swollen?

"Does it hurt?' Hunter asked.

Emily turned her face away and ignored him.

What did it matter to him whether I was in pain or not? What's more, he hurt me. Now, he asked about
it. How could I believe

the tears of cayman?

The condition of Sally was not known. And she really wanted to see her now. But she couldn't change
anything that Hunter decided to do.

He said he'd take her back to the villa, and he wouldn't let her leave tonight.

This man was not only indifference, but also overbearing, unreasonable, and even sinister!

All touched feeling she got last night became hatred at this moment.

What was she to him? He wanted to protect the guys who injured Sally, who she vowed to sacrifice her
own life to protect

Emily did not speak, and Hunter did not speak, either.

But he couldrt help looking at her wrist.

lt was just a scratch. How did it get so swollen?

Was it necessary to call the family doctor?

The car stopped outside the main house.

Liam opened the doors of the car for them and handed the key to the servant.

The three walked towards the hall, did not expect to see the figure sitting on the sofa.

With her elegant attire and proper care, she looked only in her early thirties, while she was actually in
her forties.

Emily recognized the woman. Bụt in the previous life, Emily didn't have mụch contact with her.

She was the current wife of Hunter's father, and the own mother of the second young master in the
family, Manson. Her name was Sarah.

Noticing they were here, Sarah stood up, looked at them and said, 'Hunter, you come back."

Hunter relieved the gloom from his face and said, “Aunt Sarah."

Emily called out weakly, “Aunt Sarah."

Sarah nodded and looked at the sand on Emily's body. She was surprised.

And she smiled again, "Why did go to the beach so late at night. Young people are indeed full of

Emily just bowed his head and said nothing.

There was no need to behave as she was in a bad mood in front of the elders, so she said, "! got
myself dirty, Aunt Sarah. I go up to change a suit of clothes first."

"Fine.' Sarah nodded.

Emily turned and went upstairs without even looking at Hunter.

"Why does the little girl seem to be in a temper?" Sarah sat down on the sofa with Hunter, smiling

"This young girl just got married. You should spoil her a little. She left her home and married into our
Jackson family. She would inevitably be a little uncomfortable."

Hunter also just nodded, without saying a word.

Sarah gave a shallow sigh, adjusted the expression on the face and said, "Hunter, l came to apologize
to you today.'

"What is iI?” He took the tea from the servant, holding it in his hand without drinking it.

Sarah said, "I just heard that Manson hit Emily in her house. l really... I really have no idea about how to
educate him.”

There was an apologetic, helpless look in her eyes.

"I did not educate him well. He got no strict discipline since he was a child, so he is so arrogant and
insolent now. Hunter, I apologize in his place. I hope you can give him a chance and forgive him.”

Hunter did not speak, which made Sarah a little uneasy.

"Hunter, he is your own brother after all. It's all because me, as his mother, didn't educate him well..."

"He has been punished, and there is no need to bring it up again."

Hunter put down his glass, “Aunt Sarah, it's getting late. [II let someone send you back to rest."

"All right.' Sarah knew that he did not want to talk about it. What she could do was keeping silent and
no longer mentioning it as well.

She got up, thought for a moment and said, 'By the way, the lordship has decided to have a family
dinner at home tomorrow. You must take Emily home early, and let her get acquainted with our family.'

But Hunter was anxious to go upstairs. He just nodded and did not pay much attention anymore.

Emily s hand might still hurt. If I brought the doctor in, would she be still mad and not let the doctor
examine her?