Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 44 Be Alone with Him Again

What kind of person was Master Manson?

Though he can't be compared to Master .Jacksons magnetism, he was still someone that women of
Bentson City will try to attract.

When Master Manson said that he wanted to send them home, who will turn him down?

And so, Wendy saw them leaving with Manson, who didn't even bother to look at her.

The car left the area and disappeared from her sight. And so, she has been abandoned!

Charles thought that she was with Manson and left before her.

At the hotel, the guests had almost all gone home. She was the only one left pitifully behind.

Why, why, did Manson, who was always fond of her, abandon her for a few ugly women?

What was worse was how did Emily come back? And how did she come back with Hunter?2

What was that dumb woman doing to let them have a chance to get engagedl!

Her cell phone rang and Wendy looked at the screen. lt was Amy, and she didnt know whether to
answer. In the end, she silenced the phone, and placed the phone into her bag.

Since Emily and Hunter came back together, it meant that Hunter was involved.

Therefore, she can be linked to Amy. Otherwise, there will be trouble.

One engagement banquet, and she not only saw Emily and Master .Jackson get engaged, but she was
also abandoned by Manson. She was furious!

She wandered along the streets. She was angry. She didn't even bother about maintaining her
reputation as a goddess. She stomped her feet.

Unexpectedly, a low-key luxury car appeared out of nowhere and horned from behind her.

"The first socialite of Bentson City is throwing tantrums?” The window rolled down, and someone
asked, "Ms. Gale, shall we have a chat?”

Wendy looked at him in surprise, "... It's you?”

Emily was staying at Hunter s Villa.

lt was already daybreak by the time the banquet was over. To let the grandmother rest, they had
decided to postpone the family formalities.

After a few days when grandmother felt better, they'lI have another gathering at home. It'll be good for
everyone to get to know Emily.

Emily didn't speak a word from the hotel to the villa. Hunter also leaned back with her eyes closed to
rest without any intention to say anything.

Though Emily was seated behind with Master .Jackson and Liam was in front driving, she felt as if she
was alone.

She felt awkward about what happened tonight.

She forcibly kissed him, and Master Jackson didn't even mention anything about it as if there was no
necessity to.

But she felt so touched by the way he protected and saved her. Her heart was still racing erratically.

She stole a peek at him occasionally. His side face was immeasurably beautiful and flawless. The more
she looked, the faster her heart pounded.

How can she not feel for him when he protected her to this extent?2

Why was Master Jackson so affectionate towards her in this life?

Could it be that by reliving a life, the love life has also changed?

Emily's face was heating up, and she gently felt her cheeks with her hand. The temperature was

She looked at Hunter again, and he maintained his position as if he had fallen asleep.

In his state right now, any young woman's heart will explode...

Finally, the car stopped at the entrance of the Villa.

Emily followed Hunter to the second floor.

Today was their engagement day. What if he insisted on sleeping with her?2

"I heard that you've skipped your classes for a week." He asked softly as they reached the second

Emily was surprised and stopped at the entrance to his room. She lifted her head to look at him.

Hunter was the same, cool expression, "Rest for half a day and at noon, someone will take you to

He walked past her into the room and said coldly, “Though we have an agreement, outwardly, you are
still my fiance. I don't wish that there are rumors outside saying that my fiance has to retake her
university exams."

Thereafter, the door closed in her face.

He didn't want his fiancee to retake exams during university...

Emily spent the whole of three seconds to digest what he said!

What warmth, what sweetness, what he must sleep with her...

Emily was confused. Why did ¡t feel like someone reached out and pa pa pa slapped her several times
across her face?

He only treated her as the partner in an agreement.

Agreement! Has she forgotten about it? She signed the agreement last night with Hunter.

The engagement was for show, and he won't marry her after two years, they are together as an act to
show grandma.

After the engagement, each will live their life with no attachments!

Emily felt so foolish for the expectations she had of him after he had stated so clearly.

"Who says that I have to retake my exams! My results are excellent! Don't look down on me!”

She shouted at the closed door, "If I have to retake my exams, I'll slave for you without complaints!"

What a condescending fellow! Is she the type who has to retake her exams?

"Agreed!" Master Jackson actually replied from inside.

Emily got a scare, and she almost lost her footing.

Can this sễoundrel not have such good hearing?

The room door opened, and Hunter threw out a school bag.

"Liam prepared the things for you. lf this semester you need to retake a test, [II let you know how a
pitiful a slave lived."

The school bag was thrown on her body. lts so heavy it knocked her down to the ground.

The door closed again. His cold and expressionless face suddenly vanished.

The warning continued to ring in her ears.


Emily shuddered, hugged her bag, and walked to her room.

Damned Hunter, how dare he threatened her, it's too much!

To think that she was touched by him several times last night and today.

Is she a fool? He saved her to avoid canceling the engagement banquet and to fulfill grandma's
wishes. Even if it wasn't her, he will do the same and save that person.

Touched? For what!

Back in her room, she threw the bag onto the chair. She quickly washed up and divided onto her bed.

Slave... can he disregard what she said and treat it as a joke and not mention it again?

Her higher mathematics, Physics, foreign language...ah ah ah! She hates homework...

In her daze, she didn't know when she had fallen asleep.

She was awoken by the cell phone's ring tone.

"Hello,' Emily answered the call, and her voice was still muffled.

Over the phone, Sally's fear was transmitted over, 'Emily, lm so scared!"

"What are you scared of?"

"Amy... Amy committed suicide!”