Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 45 Just Wait for the Lawsuit

Amy committed suicide and was now unconscious at the hospital.

Apparently, before her suicide, she left a note on social media, accusing Sally of bullying her. She said
that Sally was backed by someone powerful.

She actually went directly to accuse Sally!

"Emily, what can I do?” Sally hid the entire morning at the dorm. She didn't dare to go out.

"Have you had your lunch?” Emily knew that in her state, she might not have drunk a mouthful of water.

True enough, Sally shook her head.

It was past lunchtime, and she could only order a take out for her.

She pulled over a chair and sat facing Sally, looking at her pale face.

"I had no time to ask you about what happened last night. Why did you walk to the pier on your own?”

"I saw you” Sally now knew that she had seen wrongly and misidentified.

"I dont know if it was arranged by those people. After the accident, I saw two men dragging you to the

"And you ran over on your own?”

Emily didn't know to pity her for being stupid, or scold her for being an idiot!

"Wasn't! talking to you over the phone? How could I be dragged by someone?”

This girl! doesn't she have the ability to think?

".... Sally thought for a while, and her face began to blush in red, "Yeah... yeah, come to think of it..."

At that moment, she was talking to Emily over the phone, how could she have seen Emily and ran

Sally felt so stupid! Perhaps she was dazed after the accident?

"But now, what should I do?”

She's just an ordinary student, and apart from reading news on the internet, she didn't have any other
means of getting news about Amy.

"How could Amy commiit suicide? She was so in love with herself.”

Emily pursed her lips and thought deeply.

Sally could only look and wait for her responses.

Emily suddenly said, 'I didn't suspect Amy over last night's incident. But from the looks of it, she could
well be the mastermind."

"What? Do you mean to say that Amy instructed those men to kidnap me?”

Sally was shocked and couldn't believe it!

"But how can there be so mụuch hatred between us? l only laughed at her several times at the Phoenix

4Just a few jokes, and she wanted to kidnap a person over that? Isn't she too petty?

"Even then, how much did she have to pay to kidnap me? How could that stingy Amy be willing to
spend so mụch money to do something that doesn't benefit herself?"

This sentence made Emily frown again. A few matters became clearer to her now.

Sally surely doesn't know that those mens actual objective was to interfere with her marriage.

But what Sally said was true, how could Amy spend so much to kidnap Sally?

Unless this incident had nothing to do with Amy?

"Sally!" a series of footsteps, and thereafter someone knocked on the door.

Emily and Sally exchanged looks. Sally wiped her tears and went to open the door.

Once the door was opened, a woman dashed inside.

The woman pointed at Sally and said angrily, "Sally, you’re too much! You actually forced someone to
kill herself, how can you be so evil?"

"Exactly, Amy is still at the hospital. You must go over and kneel down to seek her forgiveness!"
Another woman said.

Someone else pointed at her and yelled, "Sally, you’re inhumane."

"If Amy really died, will you be able to live with yourself?2"

"Sally, who is your mastermind? Are you with someone rich?”

"Its bound to be an old rich man"

"What are you talking about? don't wrongly accuse me!" Sally was furious, but she didn't know how to

The few women surrounded her. Some people outside looked on curiously, and no one helped.

Sally was frightened till she started to tremble, she didn't know how to defend herself.

Someone moved forward to push her.

Instead, Emily grabbed her hand and pushed her back.

"Emily, how dare you to touch me?” That woman looked clearly at her before replying in a deep voice,
ˆUgly creature, do you want to die?”

"Do you want to do this in school? I already informed the students, and the disciplinarian will soon
arrive. Fight, I dare you!”

Though the university is not ranked first among the universities, it's not far from second.

lf they started to fight, she would be suspended by the school. Their school ¡is very strict about this.

That woman was Fanny, and she was studying a different subject from Emily.

She pointed to Sally, 'Sally did suụch a thing, we..."

"Excuse me, what did Sally do?”

"She forced Amy to commiit suicide!"

"Then tell me, what did she do?” Emily stepped forward, staring at Fanny's face, "When, where, what
did she do, and what did she say? Tell me!"

Who could guess, the usual weak and ugly Emily could get so firm and fierce!

Being stared and asked by her, even Fanny stepped backward two steps.

"She... she... What Sally did wasnt written clearly by Amy in her suicide note.

Amy only said that she was bullied by someone who loved to put on thick makeup and liked to hang out
with the ugly Gale girl.

Those who knew Amy knew that she and Emily couldn't get along.

Then the person she described could be no one other than Sally.

At the university, no one else was willing to hang out with Emily.

"You all dodn't have any evidence to prove that Sally bullied Amy. And just because Amy wrote it down,
you blame Sally for the suicide!"

Emily moved forward another step. Fanny backed off two steps. She was almost out of the room.

The people looked at Emily's freckled face argued logically.

Fanny regained her balance.

She retorted, "She caused such a big issue, will the Winston family pardon her? Sally, just wait for the
lawsuit! Perhaps you may have to spend half of your life locked up!"

They were in school, and they cannot do anything physical. So the few of them continued to curse and
laughed coldly as they left.

Emily closed the door with a thud. She turned around and looked at Sally who sat trembling in a corner.

lf Amy really died, the Winston family will come for her!

Though the Winston family wasn't a first-rate family, they were still influential in Bentson City.

As an ordinary student, how can she handle it?

"Emily.' She hugged Emily's arm, her voice trembling, "Will I... will I end up in jail?”