Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 40: The man against the fate

“The money has arrived."

A man dressed in black with silk stockings over his head announced excitedly, holding a mobile phone
in his hand.

"Now what, boss?" The money has arrived. They were all full of joy and were eager to go back to enjoy.

"Mission was accomplished. We can certainly go back.”

Their boss looked at the girl that was not far away, suddenly narrowed his eyes.

"Although this little girl got a colorful face, she still has a nice body."

The other two guys looked at each other, then looked at the sand ¡in the dark around them. The little
beasts in their heart began to move restlessly.

lt was a dark and windy night. They could hardly be seen clearly by others. Although it was not their
purpose tonight, it was a pity to miss sụch a good opportunity.

"Boss, so..."

"Anyway, we are leaving Bentson City tonight, and in that case...'

The boss grinned and put his phone away. Suddenly he walked quickly to Sally, who was sitting on the

Sally shivered with fear. When she finally managed to break free from the ropes tied to her hands, she
saw several people suddenly walking towards her.

What did they want to do? Why did ít look so horrible now?

The boss went in front of them and soon came up to Sally and squatted down.

"Little girl, your friend still need a long time to find this place. lt is hard to endure such lonesome at
night, isn't it?"

"Why don't you play with us?”

He stretched out his hand to grasp Sally's body with a smile on his face.

"You bad guy!" Sally grabbed a handful of sand and threw it forcefully into his face.

'Ah.... The man had not expected that the rope was broken. With sand in the eyes, he immediately


"Are you okay, boss?"

The other two guys, who had been walking slowly, now hurried to their boss. Sally got up from the
ground and ran to the island as fast as she could.

"Damn it, get her back! In gonna kill her!"

The boss was still howling. The two guys left him and chased after Sally at once.

Sally was out of breath, having no idea about where she was going.

There were forests all around, and it was so dark. All she could do was to gnash her teeth and go to
the darkest place...

Emily suddenly put her hand over the position of her heart, where there was a little pain.

"What's the matter?" Hunter stared into her pale face.

"I don't know. l just feel a little pain here." She was taking deep breaths.

Emily did not know whether it was a bad presentiment, and why was the heart suddenly so painful?

Was it something terrible happened to Sally?

Hunter subconsciously put his hand on her heart position to rub it for her.

But as soon as his hand touched her dress, he realized something and stopped.

Emily looked up, right on catching his gaze.

The two grazes met. She blushed and recoiled immediately.

"Just in case you faint from the pain," He said deadpan as he took his hand back and sat beside the

Was the latter part of this sentence going like that he did not mean to take advantage of her?

Emily's face turned red. She nodded and believed that Hunter could not have any bad thoughts now.

After all, Liam was on the side.

The sea breeze whistled. Hunter sat against the wind which had blown his short hair messy. But Hunter
was more charming than usual at this moment.

lt was the charm that made him could compete with heaven and earth, and the arrogance that let him
completely ignore the world.

Emilys heart thumped up. And she hurriedly took back her sight in the next second.

She knew for a long time that this man was like a poison and should stay away from. Once she got
addicted, she could not give it up any more.

Looking at him for times would lead to obsession.

"Thank you." She suddenly spoke. For the sound of the wind was loud and her voice was so low. She
had no idea whether he could hear it.

But she still kept her head down, clasping her palm, and whispered, "I'm sorry."

She thought he could not hear, bụt Hunter s hearing was better than her expectation.

"So after going back, will there be a third escape?”

Emily suddenly looked up at him. This apology was overheard by him.

She shook her head."lm not running away this time...”

"I only asked if there would be a third time.”

The first and the second one could be seen as accidents. He wasn't sure what it would be like if the
third escape would happen.

But that didn't matter. What really mattered was whether she was still willing to run.

"As long as there is nothing happened unexpectedly, I will not escape."

Now that the deal was signed, she had no reason to run.

He was only doing what his grandma wanted... The condition of her health was getting worse every
day. She didn't have so many days left.

lt was also appropriate that Emily could stay and be kind to the old lady.

"I swear I won't."

Emily looked at the island in the distance, said firmly, "! will play well the role of a young madam in your
family, causing no trouble to you."

"In that case, there is no need to say sorry this time."

Hunter stood up and against the wind.

Emily wanted to remind him that the wind was so fast that the boat had been jolting. He could easily be
thrown into the sea when standing up.

But the words were swallowed back when she saw Hunter's indomitable figure.

He was not afraid of the storm at all. It seemed that there was no difficulty could make him fall as long
as he stood there.

This man really made you feel safe and reassuring.

Soleil Island was in sight. They were about to arrive, when Liam suddenly said, "Young master, there is
a speedboat over there.'

"Let the men land on that side, and we'll go round to the other side." Hunter orders.

"Yes, sir. Liam immediately directed the driving person and took out the phone at the same time to
convey Hunter s order to the others.

Their speedboat slowed down, skirting the cliff ahead, and came to a halt on the other side.

"You stay here, and he will protect you." Hunter jumped from the speedboat and looked back at Emily.

Emily shook her head violently, “No, I want to go. l can protect myself!"

After thinking for a second, he held out his hand to her.

Emily did not hesitate, putting her hand in his palm. When the two palms touched, there was an
inexplicably feeling that shocked herself.

Emily did not dare to be distracted. With the help of Hunter, she jumped off the speedboat and landed
on the rocks.

The four of them climbed the rock in the dark. Hunter did not expect that Emily, as a young girl, could
climb up on the rock wall so fast.

She looked weak, but she was agile.

He wanted to stretch out his hand to pull her, but the girl was stubborn and climbed up by herself.

Unexpectedly, when they just reached the top, they saw a petite figure jumped down from the rock wall
not far away.


Emily was scared out of her wits and rushed as she was crazy, "Sally!"

When the two men in black over there saw someone coming up, they ran away in terror.

Before Hunter could see who was jumping off, the girl beside him was flying past like the wind.

She jumped straight down the cliff without even hesitation...