Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 38: Emily, are you going to run away again?

Hunter accepted the toast from Wendy!

The man who seldom got close to the female and kept a respectful distance with them didn't refuse a
toast from Wendy!

lt was so clear that her toast to Hunter was a sign of affection.

So did that mean that Hunter accepts Wendy?

The rumor that Hunter liked Wendy, but was engaged to Emily because of the arrangement of the
elders seemed to be true.

Looked at the wine glass in Hunter s hand, Liam wanted to say something, but he dared not.

He had no right to question the young master s manner.

Wendy watched Hunter finishing the red wine, being filled with excited feelings in her heart.

Taking the empty glass from Hunter, she unconsciously looked back at Emily in the distance.

Wendy expected to see Emily s envious look. However, Emily's attention was it on them at all.

She instantly concentrated on the man in front of herself, looking at Hunter's face that could drive
women crazy, and showed him the best smile she could have.


But suddenly the light dimmed in Hunter s eyes. And he walked directly toward the corner.

Before that, Emily had taken the phone and walked to the hotel door.

"What? Are you on your way here? Sally! didn't I tell you you are not allowed to go out? Why do you
disobey me!"

Emily received a phone call from Sally, knowing that she was coming to the hotel from the school.
Emily broke out in a cold sweat at once.

"Sally, I order you to go back to school now, right now! Do you hear me!”

"Emily, don't worry. lt is Liam, the man who always stood besides Hunter, send an invitation letter to
me. I was officially invited ”

ln contrast to Emily's anxiety, Sally seemed extremely excited.

"I was really invited, and I dressed up tonight. I won't embarrass you, you can trust me.”

"Who cares whether you would embarrass me?" Emily was worried about something else.

Did Liam send her an invitation letter? Liam would never do these things like that.

Did Hunter let Liam do so to prove that he is not a bad guy, for I said something bad about Hunter in
the car that day?

Was Hunter really a man who had time to care about such a little thing?

"Sally, listen to me, I was not angry for you coming here, I just...'

There were things she couldn't say. Because no one would believe her words!

But she was really worried now!l

"Sally, where are you now? Are you alone? Where is Terry?"

"m on my way here, at Cloud Port Road...'

Sallys words stopped with a bang! There seemed to be a crash.

The mobile phone of Sally might have dropped on the ground. From the phone came Sallys screaming!

"Sally! What happened? Sally? Please don't frighten mel"

lt seemed that Sallys mobile phone suddenly turned no signal. After beep two sound, it completely
hung up.

Emily called again, it could not be connected.

There was a spasm of convulsions in her heart. The memory of her previous life emerged. She
remembered that Sallys body was found at the seaside. There were bruises caused by suffering abuse
on it...

“No! Nol"

Cloud Port Road... The hotel was by the sea, so Cloud Port Road was not far from here.

Emily had no time to think more about it. She immediately rushed out from the door and into the plaza
in front of the hotel, trying to cross the square to find a taxi.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist.

Emily was startled and struggled at once, Let me go!"

"Do you wanna run away from wedding again?” Hunter's face was slightly darkened, and his tone was
clearly unhappy.

lf he did not glance at her, would the girl take the opportunity to escape?

"Emily, you have signed the agreement. You can afford it if you dare to escapel”

"Let me go!” Emily struggled violently.

"You... He narrowed his eyes and saw that her eyes were full of fear and panic.

She didn't look like she was going to run away from the wedding.

Hunter frowned, asking in a softer tone, 'What's the matter?”

"Something has happened to Sally! She was in a car accident. she was kidnapped...'

Emily herself was so messy that she could not tell whether it happened in the previous life or not.

Now Emily was not kidnapped, and clearly, Sally had not to be tied up by gangsters for saving her. But
Sally really had an accident, but Emily did not know what happened to Sally...

She finally tore herself away from Hunter and headed for the main street.

Fortunately, he did not continue to block the way.

However, the hotel was built by the sea. And the people who could come here were rich, almost all of
whom drove their own cars.

lt was really hard to catch a taxi now!

Emily was so anxious that she started to think about hijacking a car. At that moment, a dark-colored car
stopped in front of her.

Seeing the man in the driver's seat, Emily froze for half a second.

"Don't you want to get on?” Hunter said faintly.

Then Emily went to the other side, opened the door, and stepped in.

"She said she was on the section of Cloud Port Road, but I couldn't make sure her exact location,

Without saying anything, Hunter stepped on the gas pedal and the car sped away.

He dialed the telephone button on the car, and soon, here came Liam's voice, "Young master, where
are you now? The feast is about to begin...'

”Tell me the phone number.' The voice of Hunter ¡is as light as frost.

"What phone number?” Liam was a little overwhelmed.

Hunter glanced at Emily and said, "Your friends phone number.'

"She...' Emily understood, and immediately said to the car s internal telephone, 'Liam, please help me
check the location of this number, be quickly"

She read Sallys phone number to Liam. He hung up the phone and let someone check it, although he
still had no idea about what happened.

After a while, Liam called back, "Young master and madam, the place where this number finally sent
out signal was in the section near Cloud Port.'

Hunter instantly stepped harder on the gas.

That section was not far from here.

Liam seemed still extremely anxious, Young master and the future madam, where are you now? What
¡is going on? The lord is looking for you!"

This new couple, they were not going to play the missing game again, were they?

They had already done it once.

"Let the old quy accompany grandma home to rest. Other people wait in the hall! We’II be back to
complete the engagement before dawn."

Then he hung up the phone.

Emily looked at the side of his face. Suddenly, the panic in her heart calmed a lot.

This man was like a big tree, instantly blocking all the wind and rain for her.

He said he would be back before dawn to complete the engagement, and it made her believed that he
would be able to solve all the problems before that.

This is the feeling that someone could let her rely on. Living for two lifetimes, it is the first time that she
had gotten the feeling like that.

Looking again at his serious face when driving, she suddenly felt sour in her heart.

She loved him miserably in the previous life. But why did he never give her a trace of warmth during
that time?

In this lifetime, she didt want to repeat the same mistake. She decided not to love him. But he confused
her with his warmth again and again.

She withdrew her gaze and looked out into the night.

lt was not the time to think about it. The most important thing now was to ensure the safety of Sally.

She couldn't let anything bad happen to Sally!