Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 28: Whatever it is, discuss at home

This woman was retarded, vulgar, vicious, and obnoxious.

Emily leaned back on the chair, squinted her eyes, and said, "Looks like Ms. Winston wants to pick up
the check for us. Okay then, we'll let you treat us once.”

The waiter heard about them paying for dinner and quickly prepared the check. In fact, he didn't like a
person like Amy but he was even more worried about the four young men and women not being able to
pay for the meal. After all, it was really expensive!

When the waiter heard Emily, he walked towards Amy with the check.

Amy blushed and said, 'm sorry, I don't have cash with me.

'It's okay, you can swipe the card. Who has cash on them these days anyway?" Emily laughed and

Sally also laughed heartily and added, 'I say Ms. Winston, could it be that you can't afford to treat us to
a meal?”

Joe also added, ˆSince you can't afford to buy us this meal, then don't show off around us and let us
think that you are so generous.ˆ

Though Terry didn't say a word, he was smiling with his eyes. This normally cool and indifferent person
actually looked rather handsome when he smiled.

But now Amy didn't have the mood to notice if he was handsome or not. She initially wanted to enjoy
the scene of them not being able to pay but did not expect to fall into their ploy.

She looked at Emily and her expression deepened, “Ms. Emily Gale, I don't know you that well, since
you don't have the money, then don't come to such an expensive place..

Emily didn't look at her but looked at her friends, 'Do you guys want to stay in this hotel tonight?"

The three of them shook their heads immediately. How much does it cost for a nights stay here? No!
They don't even dare to think! They don't even know how to settle this meal.

"l want to." Emily took a card from her bag and gave it to the waiter, 'Looks like my this so-called friend
doesn't have the money to pay for me. She talked so much and turns out to be poor after all."

"Help me check with the hotel if a suite is available. The type that four people can stay in."

Tonight she doesn't want to stay at the Jackson Residence. Of course, she also doesn't want to go
back to the Gale family. That's why it was a good reason to stay here. Additionally, Mansons men will
not make a scene at such a high-end hotel. This was Bentson City and a lawful and orderly place.

Amy looked and saw that the card placed onto the waiter s payment tray was a black diamond card

Black diamond card Its a limited edition and has a value of ten million with no upper limit

How does this poor Emily have such a card?

As soon as the waiter saw the black diamond card, his expression changed immediately. He bowed
and smiled, '! will make arrangements for a luxurious suite for Miss."

'Hang on! This is impossible!" Amy blocked the waiter and said urgently, Do you know who she is? She
is only the unwanted daughter of the Gale family!

"No one in the entire Gale family can qualify for this card not to mention this despised daughter! This is

Even though the black diamond cards value was ten million dollars, in reality, ten million dollars was
nothing to the ultra-rich. Even then, this didn't mean that you can apply for this card if you had ten
million dollars. Every bank has a limit to how many black cards it can issue. The diamond level was
even rarer.

Put it this way, regular banks will not issue a black diamond card to those with a personal valuation of
less than two billion.

The entire fortune of the Gale family was far lower than two billion dollars. A Gale having the black
diamond card?You must be joking

“This card must be fake! Go and check before doing anything else!"

The three friends also looked at Emily. Of course, they didn't doubt the authenticity of the card but how
did she get the card?

The people around them also looked at Emily from head to toe, sizing her up.

The black diamond card was even more valuable than the black card. Of those seated in the
restaurant, none of them was qualified to have one.

How was this freckled and ugly girl able to get a hold of such a card? lf it is not fake, then it is... stolen?

The waiter was about to say something but suddenly a deep and magnetic voice came across, 'Do you
mean that my card is fake?”

His card...

Everyone's attention turned to the man.

Emily s fingertips tensed up, she didn't expect to meet him over here! What a coincidence!

Master Jackson, behind him, was Liam and Peter came out of the lift, escorted by the hotel manager
and several Waiters.

The waiter with the payment tray recognized immediately, rushed over, and bowed, ˆMaster Jackson,
this, this is your card?"

Hunter did not say a word, the waiter carefully picked up the card and turned the back and the name
indeed was Hunt .Jacksonl!

Everyone was shocked. This freckled-faced girl was related to Master Jackson

''Emily... "Sally grabbed Emily's hand.

Does it mean that what Amy said about her, Masters Hunter and Manson, were real?

But she will not believe that Emily would do such a thing.

Emily stood up and looked at Hunter, Master Jackson, can we have a word?”

"' I have something on, we ll talk later at home.' Hunter looked at her calmly, turned, and walked to the
private room.

Later... talk at home! At home

This girl and Master .Jackson... were living together?

Who was she? Unless, she's the one who escaped from the engagement ceremony with Master
Jackson, Emily?

A lot of people in the business world know about this but Sally and her friends were not and didn't hear
about this. Emily also didn't like to talk about her family matters. They didn't even know about the
engagement between her and Master Jackson.

But now, with what Master Jackson said, it meant that Emily was his woman.

How dare anyone offend his woman!

Amy was stunned. Although they know that Emily and Hunter were related, weren their relationship on
the rocks?

Cousin Wendy also said that the person who Master Jackson hated the most was Emily.

But from what just happened, although Master .Jackson didn†t say much to Emily, the way he spoke to
Emily was just like between family members.

How could this be


When she saw Zack walking over, it was as if she saw her savior. She wanted to fall into his embrace.

Instead, Zack didn't even look at her. He rushed to Hunter, 'Brother, you are here, what a coincidence.'

"Hmm.' Hunter nodded, he didn't even slow down.

Liam rushed to Zack and laughed, "Master .Jackson is meeting a few friends, are you coming along?”

"I... can I2” Zack certainly hoped to join them, he looked at Hunter in admiration.

"Of coursel"

Zack immediately followed behind Liam and Amy was promptly abandoned by him. He didn't even look
at her once.

Everyone knew that anyone who was able to share a meal with Master Jackson was the elite of
Bentson City. A meal with Master Jackson will immensely broaden a person's network. Who wouldn't
die for this opportunity?

'Zack... Amy chased over to him. ˆWhat am l going to do with you gone?”

"We'll talk about it later.' Zack was beginning to despise her and pushed her arm away while trying to
keep up with the people in front.

"Zack.... Amy wanted to follow him but was held back by the hotel manager.

Amy looked helplessly as she saw them walking into the high-end VỊP room.

At the other end, Sally laughed and said, “Ms. Winston, your gold mine has left, but it looks like your
meal hasn't been paid yet.'