Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 27: Because of him, was it worth it?

"Zack, my acquaintance came for the first time and I would like to see if she needs my help."

lt was a rare opportunity to see Emily make a fool of herself. How could Amy waste this opportunity?

She laughed and said: “They don't even know anything about wine, what Sendevision, Consaice, we
are friends after all, I can't stand by seeing them making a fool of themselves, right?'

She didn't expect Zacks expression to darken further and sounds unhappy: "l said, come back"


“Miss, our hotel does have Sendevision in 78 and Consaice in 82 but we only have two of each.'

The waiter looked at Amy and nodded, but due to his excellent training, he maintained a slight smile
and no other expression.

Then he looked at Emily, his attitude changed dramatically for the better.

He said, "I'm sorry, Miss, these four bottles are our hotels prize collection. They're... prepared for
Master Hunter Jackson. So...Master Jackson! In the whole Bentson City, the only person who dares to
use the title Master Jackson" was only Hunter, no one else

At Bentson City, even if a person has the last name of Jackson, and even if he was the eldest of the
family, he will not dare to address himself as Master Jackson!

Emily smiled: “Since it's prepared for Master .Jackson, [II not interfere with his love, Fll have four tins of

The waiter nodded and went to prepare the order.

Amy just felt that deflated. To think that there really are these two types of wine and they happened to
be Master Jackson's favorite

Who cares iIf those two wines are good or not, if its Master Jackson's favorite, then they must be the

She was just laughing publicly that Emily didn't know her wine and loudly declared that those wines
didn't exist, now...


Not far away, a woman couldn't resist and laughed.

Sounds of laughter started to come from other tables. Of course, all were laughing not only about her
not knowing but she even had the gall to laugh at others.

Amy was furious and embarrassed. Her fingers were trembling and wanted to say something but she
didn't know what to say.

When Zack was unhappy and asked her to go back, it was because he already saw through her

How embarrassing! Shameful till she wanted to cry!

Amy clenched her teeth and went back to her seat in shame.

Emily must have overheard Master .Jackson mentioning these wines and now she acted like a wine

Haven't they ordered? She waited to see how this pauper was going to pay for the meal. How she'll be
held back to wash the dishes

lfs so expensive and washing dishes will not be enough to pay. She doesn't mind helping the hotel call
the police! Tens of thousands of dollars. Enough to lock them up for a while.

Zacks expression wasn't very pleasant. Amy immediately held onto his hands and said: "Zack, do you
know, my upbringing was very strict. My father didn't allow me to drink wine. | dort even like to drink.
How can I[ be like those lowly girls, every day thinking about wine?”

She continues to sweet talk: "Zack, don't tell me, you like those who everyday hang out at the night
clubs, change a man every night, type of foul woman?”

Sally almost couldn't resist and wanted to go over to scold her. Who every night hangs out at night
clubs and changes men?

Amy this slut and her rotten mouth

Emily stopped her and laughed: "This is a high-end restaurant. Lets be quiet, don't learn from others
and speak loudly like a fool."

Her voice wasn’t loud but those around her could hear.

'Slut! Who are you referring to being loud and unruly!" Amy had always been spoilt by the Winston
family. How can she endure such disrespect

Emily naturally wasn't bothered by her but those around were clearly getting annoyed.

Amy couldn't control her anger and was about to rush over to Emily but Zack said: "!If you don't want to
eat, then leave." He really felt ashamed of her behavior. Originally he felt that this girl was sweet and
pretty and was Wendy's cousin. Although he liked Wendy, he slowly began to like Amy.

In the past, Zack found her charming because she was sweet and delicate and her frequent tantrums
can be considered her adorable quirks.

But today, in front of this Emily, he felt that Amy was like a clown! Though Emily was indeed ugly with a
face full of

freckles, at least she was elegant and composed. l† takes a special kind of woman to be able to handle
such a situation.

lf not for Wendy being prettier than her by a hundred folds, he felt that with Emily's current poise, even
Wendy cant be compared to her!

Now he felt nauseous looking at the girl seated opposite him! Amy knew that he was angry. No matter
how bad she felt, she didn't dare to continue her tantrums.

When the dishes were served, Amy pouted. Although she didn't say anything, she also didn't eat.

She was angry! Aggrieved! She was bullied! Zack didn't comfort her and lectured her!

She just won't eat! Although the deep lobster spaghetti, smoked king crab, abalone all were mouth-

But if Zack didnt talk to her, she would not eat!

On the other table, Sally and Joe were only uneasy for a couple of seconds. When they saw the
dishes, they couldn't resist and started to eat heartily.

At this point and the dishes were served, they II have to pay even if they can't afford it.

In that case, they might as well have a good meal and think of a solution after they finish.

At the most, they ÏÌ just pawn all of their possessions. Just eat firstI

“Delicious! The king crab meat is tender and smooth, ve never eaten such big crab!" Sally was so
happy she almost cried.

Joe tossed aside her image as she ate: 'Delicious, absolutely delicious!"

Even the cool and steady Terry ate heartily with a look of joy.

A top restaurant is expensive for a reason, although it ¡is ridiculously expensive. But eating here ¡is
definitely an enjoyment of a lifetime!

Not only is the food fresh the culinary skills are world-class

Very good! it was so delicious that they forgot their own names. It's been a long time since Emily ate
this happily.

After she was married to Hunter in her previous life, she had all kinds of gourmet food, but eating alone
and eating with her friends was definitely different.

In the previous life, even if Hunter was eating with her, the table was somber. She really didn't
understand what she was chasing after. She abandoned everything for the sake of a person who
doesn't love her.

She did everything just to please him and ended up with nothing, was it worth it? The answer was

"A group of reincarnated hungry ghosts!" Amy rolled her eyes at them.

Zack didn't speak to her and she was so hungry. What was this man doing?

it wasn't easy to wait until Emily s table had finished all the dishes. She stood up and walked to them.

"Finished eating? Time to get the check?"

That face of laughter looks rather sweet but in fact was wicked and chilly.

"You ate so much, the cost of this meal is astronomical. Emily, can you afford to pay? Do you need any