Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 18: Catch and cut the hand off

Wendy was slapped twice and although the swell had receded, there was still a slight red mark. But a
beauty is still a beauty and even if there is a red mark on her face, she still lòoks beautiful as ever.

The title Bentson City's most popular socialite didn't come without reason. Wendy was truly beautiful.

"Manson, Mom... mom was being driven away by father.' Wendy cries and tears flowed. Manson's
heart hurt deeply.

His goddess vanished and instantly Wendy became his hearts most precious girl. How can he endure it
when his woman is hurt?

"What happened? Why did Mr. Gale send your mother away?”

"It's all because of her!" Wendy pointed to Emily who was a distance away. She continues: "Don't know
what the hell she ate and now the blame is on me.

"Mom wanted to protect me and took all the blame. In fact, Mom was innocent."

Wendy fell into Mansons embrace and cried: 'Mom did ít for me and we are all suffering because of

Manson looks at Emily again, he finally recognizes her. Isn't she the ugliest third daughter of the Gale
family? Who would think that she would be both ugly and ruthless?

"Let's go, Fll seek justice for you!" Manson drags Wendy towards Emily.

Wendy's gaze betrayed her viciousness and shuffled in small steps behind him.

"Manson, forget it, very soon she will be engaged to your brother. Lets not cause an incident otherwise,
you may not be able to explain to your brother."

"What situation are you in now and yet you are considering for others?"

Manson felt a moment of guilt. His Wendy is pretty and kind, how could he be mesmerized by that girl
in the rain last night?

How can he do this to Wendy?

“Emily, you bitch!" He rushed towards Emily and grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"l want you to explain to Mr. Gale right now that it was your own fault that you ate something you
shouldn't have and now the blame is on Wendy and her mother"

"Why should I?' Emily pulled back her hand, "Why do you believe anything that Wendy says?”

"Wendy never lies!" Manson stares at her and demanded: “Are you going?"

"No." The Jackson family men are all barbaric, it's just the manner that differs.

This second son of Jackson Family belongs to the brash and violent, she has experienced it during the
previous life. She turned and was about to leave but she felt a dull pain from the back of her head. A

bunch of her hair was grabbed by Manson.

"Let me go!" Emily didn't expect him to get physical in the broad daylight.

"l want you to explain to Mr. Gale." Manson dragged her by her hair. He is the second son of the
Jackson Family and this is the Gale Residence. He doesn't even respect Charles in his own home.
Hence Emily was not even an ant in his eyes. He doesn't care if she dies in his hands.

''Let me go! Manson, you crazy asshole, let me go!" Emily struggles but she didn't expect Manson to
slap down hard on her face"

"You caused Wendy to be slapped. This is the consequence"

Being dragged by her hair by Manson who was well build at six-foot, her petite body was unable to
resist. She looked helplessly when his hand rose for a second time and bracing for the second slap,
Emily bit her lips and suddenly she flung her fist and struck with a bashing sound, Manson was hit into
a daze. As his grip eased, Emily pulled her hair away and escaped.

In this house, no one dared to touch Manson, not even her father. lf she doesn't run, she ]l be dead!
Manson regained his senses and gathers his strength to viciously strike back

From the time he was born, he was the precious and untouchable second son of the Jackson family.
Nobody ever dared to harm a hair on him. Not to mention strike his face! That's why he never expected
Emily dared to hit him! Emily, you’re dead!

The two bodyguards standing at a distant car park started to run over. He ordered: "Bring her over, i'm
going to chop her hand off