Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 16: I've been wronged it wasn't me

"What does Master Jackson want to tell me?” Charles asked as he walked into the room. Wendy felt
very awkward, she felt as if she had been set up. Emily this bitch, don't tell me she did this on purpose?

“Nothing, father, l sent up some mushroom soup for Emily. | haven't had the chance to chat with her."

It's critical that she clarify her presence: 'I'll take my leave since both of you have something to

"Sister, aren't you the one who wanted me to inform Dad something related to Master Jackson? Why
are you leaving?"

Emily laughed mischievously. She looked like her old self, loöoking as innocent as she is stupid.

Charles was only concerned about what Master .Jackson said. What ever Master Jackson says is an
edict to him.

Wendy panicked and quickly replied: "No, I have totally no say in whatever happens between you and
Master .Jackson. Dad,I'III...'

"Actually he didn't say muụch. Master Jackson said that we will be engaged in three days' time. During
this period, to let father take care of my face."

Take care of her face? Wendy was shocked. What kind of statement is that?

Her uneasy heart sank as she looked at Emily. She absolutely can figure out the Emily that is before
her. Is she still the Emily who she knew? Was she replaced by someone else?

Emily didn't bother with her and laughed cheeklly, 'Master Jackson said that he really likes my face."

"As long as you don put on any of those nonsense makeup, Master Jackson will definitely like your
face." Charles yawned a few times. Is this daughter so stupid to call him up at this hour just to tell him
these? She's hopeless! He stood up and was about to leave and Wendy rushed to walk him out.

Still sitting on the bed, Emily said: 'Father, sister made some mushroom soup, they were delicious,
would father like to try some?”

Wendy said immediately: 'Father hasn't washed up. He lÌ eat afterwards. I'lÌ send him back to rest.'
When Emily mentioned that she had personally prepared the soup, she felt that something untoward
was about to happen.

But, she is already halfway out the door with her father, surely nothing will happen now...

'Ah!" Emily screamed and clank, the bowl of soup fell onto the floor and splattered everywhere.

"What’s the matter?" Charles looked back and was scared out of his senses: "Emily, what happened to
you? Dont scare dad!" Wendy too was perplexed, what happened?

They saw Emily laying on the floor holding her face screaming in agony!

Her face... her face is ruined!

Emily's face was ruined and was the engagement ceremony in three days still possible2

"You deserve to die, you useless thing!"

Smack, Wendy was slapped onto the ground and half her face was swollen.

"Father, this had nothing to do with me, you ve got to believe me!” Wendy wailed uncontrollably. Her
face was painful and swollen and she felt wrongly accused.

"Father, | really didnt! Father, lm innocent!"

"The doctor said that your sister is allergic to fungi. And you intentionally poison her with mushrooms"

"I didn't... ah!"

Another smack and Wendy struggling to stand up fell again onto the floor. She cried in pain.

Hearing the commotion, Kate rushed over and was full of grief. She supported Wendy up and glared at
Charles! "She is your daughter, how can you be so heavy handed"

"Why don't you see what your daughter has done! She ruined Emily's face! How are we going to
explain to Master .Jackson"

"Emily has always been ugly, so what if it's been ruined. If they let us replace this ugly Emily with our
Wendy for the engagement, he definitely be pleased, you...

Smack! This time the slap was even harder and louder!

Charles couldn't believe it: "Was this your sinister plan all along? You poisoned Emily because of this?"