Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Turn The Tables

Tristan walked over to Sophie’s side. It was fortunate that he had arrived in time, or Sophie would have
had to deal with the situation alone.

Even though he knew she could handle it perfectly without him, he did not want to see her face the
battle alone.

He wanted to be by her side and face it with her, no matter what the situation was.

“Leave? None of you are leaving today until this matter is resolved.” The coldness in his voice was
sufficient to make others shudder.

The organizing team was at a loss for what to do upon hearing his words.

“What do we do? That person doesn’t look like someone we could offend.”

“Still, Professor Sykes is the one we need. We might have a hard time in the future if we offend
Professor Sykes.”

At that moment, the organizing team had no idea how to deal with that matter.

“What do you want?” one of the members of the organizing team asked helplessly. He did not dare to
offend either party.

“I want nothing. I just don’t like to be insulted.” With that, Sophie took out her laptop, logged into her
account, and quickly hacked into Mavis’ social account before showing everyone the evidence.

“Mavis is the one who knew the question beforehand, and the person who gave it to her is the one who
set the questions.”

The evidence was clearly laid before the crowd, and they even witnessed Sophie hacking into Mavis’

“All right. Since you guys claimed I knew the question beforehand, then please show me proof,”
demanded Sophie.

“Oh, my goodness. This is better than any drama I watch on television. I can’t believe Mavis knew the
questions beforehand.”

“What an unexpected turn of events!”

Mavis gradually stepped backward.

She never expected Sophie could dig out the evidence and show it to everyone.

“No. It’s not mine! You’re framing me!” she yelled.

Meanwhile, Tristan praised Sophie in his mind, unable to keep his eyes off her. As expected of my girl,
she’s always so efficient in everything she does.

“Frame you? Do I even need to do that?” Sophie was utterly disgusted.

Meanwhile, the organizing team was dumbfounded by the situation. Of course, they knew Sophie did
not cheat. However, they took Mavis’ side because of her background.

Now that things had progressed to that point, they had no idea how to deal with the mess.

Just then, Reginald Sykes finally arrived.

Seeing that, Mavis rushed over and said in a pitiful tone, “Dad, I didn’t cheat. They’re slandering me.
You’ve got to seek justice for me!” She still refused to admit defeat.

“Hello, Professor Sykes,” greeted the organizing team as soon as they saw Reginald arriving. They
were curious to find out how he was going to deal with the situation.

After studying the evidence on the laptop, Reginald gave Mavis a slap.

She cradled her face as she gaped at her father incredulously.

“Dad, what are you doing? Do you not believe me?” she questioned. It was the first time Reginald hit
her in her entire life.

Reginald gave her a look of disappointment, uttering coldly, “Mavis, you’ve disappointed me. It’s fine if
you’re not a genius in physics, but your behavior today is extremely humiliating.”

He was utterly disappointed in his daughter.

No one else dared to speak now that Reginald had scolded Mavis.

“What are you doing? Apologize to your classmate now!” Reginald raged.

However, Mavis shook her head. “No! I’m not apologizing to her. I wouldn’t have done this if not for her.
I like Bailey, that’s all. I just didn’t want to lose him.”

“Did she admit that she cheated?”

“This is unbelievable!”

“Mavis has always been an arrogant person, but I never expected she’d be a cheat.”

The students whispered among themselves, and it made Mavis cover her ears.

All her life, she was someone who always went up on the stage to receive awards. That, however, was
the first time she received so much criticism.

“Apologize and come home with me. Stop embarrassing yourself here.” All Reginald cared about was
his reputation.

To his dismay, Mavis shook her head indignantly. “I don’t want to. I’d rather die than to apologize to

How could I apologize to Sophie? That’s ridiculous!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Northley. It’s my fault for not educating my daughter properly. I’d also like to apologize to
Sophie on Mavis’ behalf,” Reginald said humbly, knowing no one could afford to mess with the four
prominent families of Jipsdale. After all, it was indeed Mavis’ fault this time.

The organizing team shuddered as they watched Reginald apologize.

Professor Sykes is actually apologizing! Who on earth is the other person? Mr. Northley? Is he from
one of four prominent families in Jipsdale?

They thought they had made the wisest decision earlier, never once expecting that would lead to them
offending a more powerful person.

“We’re so sorry, Mr. Northley. This is our fault for not handling it properly. Please forgive us,” someone
from the team apologized hurriedly.

However, Felix ignored them.

They’re going to pay for their actions today.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Northley. I’ll take her home and teach her a lesson.” With that, Reginald pulled Mavis out
the door.

He had never been so embarrassed his entire life.

Suddenly, Tristan, who had been silent the entire time, spoke. “Hold on. This matter isn’t over. How
could you leave just like that?”

His words made Reginald’s heart sink.

“Uh…” Naturally, Reginald did not dare to rebut. He could only turn to Mavis and demand, “Mavis,
apologize now.”

Mavis was reluctant to do as asked, but when she saw the way Reginald was behaving, she knew the
other party was not someone who could be offended.

Given no choice, she approached Sophie and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Professor Sykes, is this how you educate your daughter?” Tristan asked.

Reginald had never felt so humiliated in his life, but he did not dare to talk back. He only spat, “Mavis!”

His tone was extremely strict.

Hearing that, Mavis had no choice but to bow and apologize out of fear for her father.

“Mmm.” Sophie thought Mavis’ apology was only just acceptable.

“Don’t forget what you said. Whoever loses must not work in the physics industry ever,” Ysabelle piped
up without holding back.

Hmph! Serves her right for being so arrogant earlier. She’s finally getting a taste of her medicine.

In the end, Mavis left with Reginald without a word.

As for her results, they were removed.

Meanwhile, the other students who spoke ill of Sophie earlier dared not utter another word when they
witnessed how much authority the two men had.

The organizer hurriedly brought the trophy over and presented it to Sophie with both hands, saying,
“Sophie, your performance today is extremely outstanding. There’s no doubt this trophy belongs to

However, Sophie merely glanced at the trophy and smiled without accepting it. “Please give it to
someone else. It’s pointless for me to accept a trophy from such an unfair competition.”

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