Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 318

Chapter 318 What Is Wrong

Ysabelle rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. “Felix, I finally understand why you don’t have a girlfriend.
How can you get a girlfriend with such an attitude?”

He doesn’t understand anything about women. Felix had pushed off a bunch of important things to go
shopping with her. He was speechless that he could still get disliked after doing that.

He fumed. “There’s a birthday every year. If you can’t get a good present this year, there’s always next
year.” Ysabelle glanced at him. He’s really useless.

She had gone to all the stores but still did not know what to buy. Soon, it was Wednesday and Sophie’s
birthday. Early in the morning, Josiah instructed Morgan to pass his gift to Sophie. Sophie took the bag
Morgan handed over skeptically.

“Ms. Sophie, Old Mr. Tanner said that this is the only thing he can give you, so you must take it.” Josiah
wanted to go big on Sophie’s eighteenth birthday. However, she did not like such events, so he did not
force her to do it.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll give Grandpa a call.” Sophie did not look at what was inside as she shoved it
into her backpack. “Morgan, please go home now! Grandpa can’t have no one by his side.”

“Okay, Ms. Sophie. Happy birthday.” Morgan looked at Sophie dotingly. His heart ached for her.

“Thank you.” After Morgan left, Ysabelle asked, “What did your grandfather give you?”

It seemed like a document! Sophie shook her head. “It’s fine. Let’s go! Class is starting soon!”

Upon seeing her like this, Ysabelle could not help but stick out her tongue. It’s her birthday! Why does
she still go to school? They walked toward the school building.

“Sophie, it’s your eighteenth birthday today. What are you doing?” Ysabelle asked curiously. Ysabelle
had celebrated her eighteenth birthday on the cruise, so she was curious how Sophie would celebrate

“I’m planning to have dinner with Mark and the others! Do you want to join us?” Although she did not
celebrate her birthdays, she did not mind if others wanted to celebrate them with her.

“Of course,” Ysabelle replied excitedly.

Ysabelle was distracted during class the whole day.

Finally, school ended. Sophie told her class teacher that she would not attend the tutorial at night.

Then, Ysabelle and she walked out of the school. Once they reached the entrance, they noticed Mark
and the others were already waiting outside in the car.

Tristan’s car also arrived when they came out.

“Sophie, whose car do we get on?” How do they choose between Mark and Uncle Tristan?

“You can sit in your uncle’s car, and I’ll sit in Mark’s. You guys can just follow behind us.”

Ysabelle was not close to Mark and the others, so it would be strange for Sophie to let the former sit in
their car.

Ysabelle immediately grabbed Sophie’s hand.

“I am not going.” Is she kidding me? If I let her sit in Mark’s and the others’ car instead of Uncle
Tristan’s, I’ll have to look at his cold face! I don’t want that!

“What’s wrong?”

Ysabelle noticed Sophie looking at her and said, “Sophie, do you not know how much Uncle Tristan
likes you? Do you think he wants to see you with Mark and the others? You should get in his car!”

“Mr. Tristan is not such a petty person!”

With that, Sophie opened Tristan’s car and stuffed Ysabelle into it before getting in Mark’s and the
others’ car.

Willow was behind them the whole time and saw the two luxury cars coming to fetch Sophie.

This made her feel extremely uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do.

“Willow, it’s your sister’s birthday, right?”

“That’s right! Aren’t you going to celebrate with her?”

“I didn’t know your relationship with her was that bad! Who’s the person fetching Sophie?”

Willow felt irritated hearing her classmates’ questions. Sophie had become the center of attention now.
What about her? She had nothing.

“I don’t know!”

With that, she left to take a taxi.

This is too much! The driver from home used to fetch me previously! What about now? I can only find
my way home. Did they all give up on me? I’m the hope of the Tanner family! How can they do this to

At that moment, it was raining heavily. However, Willow did not have the habit of bringing an umbrella
and was drenched.

“Ah!” Willow could no longer control her annoyance and let out a scream.

Everyone near her was studying at Jipsdale Premier High and witnessed the scene.

They were all whispering.

“Do you think Willow has gone crazy?”

“That’s right! Since Sophie came back, she was no longer the center of attention.”

“I heard she was the one who framed Sophie five years ago! That’s why Sophie had no choice but to
leave Jipsdale and go to Horington!”

“Really? I can’t tell! She always pretends to be a nice person!”

“Such people are the most disgusting ones!”

There were people talking bad about her in the rain.

Willow flagged down a taxi and left as fast as she could.

Meanwhile, after getting in Mark’s car, Sophie realized he was the only one in the car.

“Where are the others?”

She thought everyone would come and fetch her!

“They all left to prepare!” Mark would definitely not tell her that Sunny and the others wanted them to
spend time alone.

As there was a downpour, Mark drove slowly.

“Mr. Tristan and a few other friends are coming. You guys won’t mind, right?” As they were all her
friends, she could not split herself into two to spend time with them.

“Not at all!”

No matter what Sophie did, he was fine with it.

They chatted for a bit. When Sophie was with Mark, she felt extremely relaxed.

Meanwhile, Ysabelle regretted getting in her uncle’s car. The atmosphere was rather cold.

“Uncle Tristan, are you okay? Don’t worry. Sophie likes you! She only treats The Wheelers’ members
as friends!” Ysabelle immediately voiced her opinion.

“That’s enough! Stop talking! You talk too much!”

He obviously knew the relationship between Sophie and The Wheelers.

However, he still wished that she would choose him at any time!

That must be a man’s possessiveness!

Mark and the others had been in the entertainment industry for many years, so they naturally had many
high-end places to choose from.

However, they decided to go to Star Club, as they did not want anyone to bother them!

They stopped right outside Star Club. As it was raining heavily, Star Club had arranged for their staff to
help their customers by shielding them with umbrellas.

Just as Mark stopped the car, Tristan’s car arrived too.

He opened the car door and took the staff’s umbrella. Then, he walked toward Mark’s car and opened
the door.

Sophie shot a confused look at Tristan, who was standing outside.

“What’s wrong?”

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