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Anything For Her Chapter 316

Chapter 316 No Birthday Celebration For Me

“Do I have to report to you about what I’m going to do?” Tristan gave the others a look. Do they think
I’m a pervert or what?

“Well, you don’t need to report to us.” Sophie is such a beauty. There’s no way Mr. Tristan can hold
back anymore!

Even though they did not persist with the questioning, they were sure that Tristan would undoubtedly
do something at Sophie’s coming-of-age party.

Sophie’s eighteenth birthday also meant a lot to Josiah. During dinner, he said, “Soph, it’s your birthday
soon. I want to hold a birthday party for you.”

For Josiah, Sophie’s eighteenth birthday was an important occasion. It had been a long time since she
came back from Horington. He wanted to let everyone know that his granddaughter had returned

Upon hearing that Josiah was planning to hold a birthday party for Sophie, Willow felt even more

When Willow had her eighteenth birthday, Josiah was far from being so enthusiastic. They merely had
a simple family dinner together.

“Grandpa, there’s no need for that. I don’t like this kind of occasion,” Sophie replied. Instead of a
celebration, it would feel more like an annoyance for her.

Josiah fell silent. He also knew Sophie did not enjoy such an occasion.

“What do you want, then? This birthday marks your coming of age. It should be something special!” he
probed. How long has it been since I last celebrated Sophie’s birthday? I’m looking forward to it.

“Grandpa, I have everything I need. All I want is for you to be good. That will make me happy,” Sophie

Josiah was rendered speechless momentarily.

Turning to Morgan, Josiah asked, “Morgan, am I not been behaving?” Goodness, I’ve never been this
docile before!

Hearing that, Morgan broke into a grin. “Ms. Sophie, Old Mr. Tanner has been very obedient lately.”

“Well, that’s good to know,” Sophie replied. Things were already back on track at Tanner Group.
Furthermore, Victor had proven to be a trustworthy person. She only went to Tanner Group
occasionally after leaving the company in his hands.

After all, Sophie was still a student. Handing over Tanner Group to Victor was the only way to put all the
employees at ease.

Yale, who had kept silent all this while, eventually spoke up.

“Soph, it’s pointless for me to stay idle at home. Why don’t you let me return to the company? I can do
anything you ask.” Of course, Yale wanted to go back to the company. Otherwise, the meager dividend
he received was not enough for a spendthrift like him.

Sophie lifted her gaze to him.

“What do you want to do when you return? Or you can just tell me which position you want.”

Upon hearing Sophie’s question, Yale immediately uttered, “How about the position of general
manager? I think I can still do a good job as the general manager!”

Sophie glanced at Josiah.

How could Grandpa have a son like him? Still, he’s my father. It’s just that his intelligence is something

“You can’t be the general manager! By the way, I think you should stay at home. There’s no place for
you at Tanner Group,” Sophie admonished Yale. Tanner Group is on the up. I won’t let him ruin it.

“You! Sophie, I’m your father. How could you talk to me like that?” Yale was offended by her remarks.
He continued, “See, Dad? This is the result of you pampering her unconditionally. She has become so
arrogant and insolent now!”

“Come on, Yale! Please have some self-awareness. In fact, you have no place in Tanner Group,”
Josiah rebuked him. I won’t feel at ease even if he’s just an ordinary staff, let alone the general

Yale was at a loss for words.

Not one trusted him.

“You all think I can’t do it, don’t you?” Yale asked as he looked at everyone in the dining room.

Josiah and Morgan were in a conversation, whereas Charmaine pretended not to hear the question.

At that moment, Willow naturally did not dare to say anything. She just bowed her head and continued

Seeing their lack of reactions, Yale threw his fork in a rage and stormed off.

I can’t stay in this house anymore.

“Oh, right! Grandpa, it’s almost time for the university entrance exam. I won’t come back for the time
being. Call me if you need anything. Or you can ask Morgan to take you to Wisteria Apartments,”
Sophie said.

She had been staying there for a while because of Christmas. It was time for her to go back.

“Are you going back now?”

Upon hearing that Sophie was returning to Wisteria Apartments, Josiah lost his appetite suddenly.

Nevertheless, when Josiah thought of the other family members’ attitudes in this house, he felt that it
would be better for Sophie to go back.

He had no objections to whatever Sophie did as long as she was happy.

“Anyway, Sophie, the day after tomorrow is your birthday. Let’s celebrate it before you go back,”
Charmaine suggested. Even though she knew she had no right to say anything, Sophie was still her
own flesh and blood.

“No need for that. I never celebrate birthdays anyway,” Sophie replied.


They treated Sophie badly in the past. Nevertheless, Charmaine wanted to make up for her mistakes.
Why doesn’t she give me a chance to make amends for it?

“Grandpa, I’m leaving now!” After bidding Josiah goodbye, Sophie went to her room to pack her things.

Since she did not bring back many things, it was easy for her to pack up.

After she finished packing, Sophie walked out with her suitcase.

Josiah wanted to see her off downstairs.

“Grandpa, you don’t have to see me off. Tristan is waiting for me outside.”

“All right. Senior year is tough. The last semester is even worse. You must take good care of yourself,
okay?” Josiah wished he could go to Wisteria Apartments and look after Sophie personally.
Unfortunately, he would only be a burden to her with his current condition.

“Okay. I got it.”

When Sophie came out of the Tanner residence, she saw Tristan’s car parked outside.

Tristan immediately got out of the car and opened the trunk when he saw Sophie carrying a suitcase.
After putting it into the trunk, he opened the passenger seat’s door for her to get in.

Sophie stayed quiet on the way back.

Seeing Sophie like that, Tristan felt a bit sorry for her.

“What’s wrong? Did they give you a hard time at home?”

Sophie shook her head and replied, “How could I let myself go through that again?”

If it were my former self, I would just stay quiet and put up with their nonsense. Nevertheless, no one
dares to mess with me now.

“Well, that’s true. However, you mustn’t put up with their mistreatment. Otherwise, I’ll be heartbroken.”

Tristan meant every word he said. He did not want to see her suffer anymore.


“Thank you.”

With Tristan on her side, Sophie could finally relax.

She did not dislike this feeling at all.

When the duo returned to Wisteria Apartments, Sophie received a call from Mark.

The two of them discussed The Wheelers’ new album for a while.

In the end, Mark finally asked, “Sophie, it’s your birthday the day after tomorrow. Let’s have a meal
together! The band members miss you dearly.”

“I don’t celebrate birthdays,” Sophie replied. Don’t they know that?

“It’s just a meal. Who said anything about celebrating your birthday?” Mark retorted.

Tristan could not help but feel heartbroken upon hearing that Sophie did not celebrate birthdays.

What was the reason that made her refuse to celebrate her birthday?

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