Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Slander

At the same time, Mavis raised her hand. She had just completed her experiment. She couldn’t help
but gaze at Sophie dubiously. What is she doing? There is no way she could complete the experiment.
Did she raise her hand to give up?

The examiner came over to see Sophie’s experiment. He asked her a few related questions that she
answered readily. After hearing her answer and seeing the results of her experiment, the examiner
couldn’t help but be impressed. This time, I’ll be able to represent Chanaea and bring glory to the

The examiner wrapped up with Sophie and went to Mavis. The latter completed her experiment
simultaneously as Sophie, but hers was a bit lacking and ordinary compared to Sophie’s.

After observing her experiment, the examiner also asked Mavis a few questions. She was able to
answer the first few questions but failed to answer the last one.

Everyone was staring at her. Mavis had always assumed she was a genius. Her cheeks turned pink
when she realized she couldn’t answer the question.

The examiner didn’t make things difficult for her and gave them their scores.After that, a few other
students also completed the experiment. Alas, their results weren’t as perfect.

The examiner looked at their results and gave them their scores. The final results would be released in
half an hour. Everyone was allowed to return to their rooms for a short break.

Mavis’ hands were trembling when she stepped out of the exam hall. The examiner seems extremely
satisfied with Sophie’s experiment results. If that’s the case, the situation does not favor me. Perhaps I
should get someone I know to ask about the final scores.

After watching Mavis leave in a hurry, Ysabelle giggled and commented, “Mavis keeps thinking she’s a
genius! It turns out that she’s not as good as she thinks.”

Bailey cast Sophie a look which was full of admiration. He only finished the physics experiment at the
very end. Sophie completed her experiment earlier and answered all the questions perfectly.

He had to admit that Sophie was more talented than him. “Sophie, you’re really good,” Bailey praised
sincerely. “You’re not bad yourself,” Sophie responded. Oh, boy! The question this time was too hard.

Mavis found an examiner who was her father’s student. After asking about the results, she was
informed that Sophie’s score was higher than hers. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“How is that possible?” she blurted out.

“Yes, she scored full marks. This is the first time I’ve seen someone score full marks on such a difficult
exam! You did the tests yourself, so you know how challenging the questions were. Sophie is indeed a
genius!” the examiner enthused. I can’t believe a genius like Sophie exists! I’ve learned physics for
years, but I’m not as good as her.

“Can you help me?” Mavis pleaded. She refused to admit defeat.

The man furrowed his brows. “I’m afraid I can’t help you this time, Mavis. This competition is very
important, so the higher-ups are keeping a close eye on it.”

“You know my father has high hopes for me. If I can’t represent Chanaea this time, he’ll be
disappointed!” Mavis tugged at his sleeve and pleaded.

“Mavis, I can’t help you. Everyone knows how good Sophie was, so I can’t interfere and change the
results. Besides, Professor Sykes will be upset when he discovers you hatched such a plan,” the man

With that, he spun on his heels and strode away without looking back.

Mavis stood still. She still couldn’t wrap her head around how things had turned out this way.

I refuse to believe that someone is more talented than me. If I didn’t get to know the questions in
advance, I wouldn’t have solved them myself. Did Sophie get the questions in advance and waited
deliberately until the very end to complete the experiment?

Resentment brimmed in Mavis’ heart as she went to meet Sophie.

Sophie and Ysabelle were having milkshake when Mavis hurried over to them. Ysabelle immediately
said, “Sophie, that woman is here to cause trouble again.”

Ugh, what is wrong with Mavis? She can never outtalk Sophie but still comes over to get tortured

Without wasting time, Mavis demanded, “Sophie, do you know the questions in advance?”

Ysabelle gaped incredulously. What on earth is wrong with her?

“The questions were too hard. If you didn’t know the questions in advance, there was no way you’d
solve them yourself,” Mavis didn’t bother mincing her words.

“Mavis, do you have proof? What do you mean she can’t solve them herself? Didn’t you solve the
questions yourself? Why? Are you saying that you got to know the questions in advance?” Ysabelle
demanded. At once, comprehension dawned on her. “Oh, I know. Was that why you were so confident
from the start? It turns out you got the questions in advance!”

Why would she say that if it wasn’t the case?

“Shut up, Ysabelle! I’m asking Sophie, not you. This has nothing to do with you!” Mavis retorted. She
wanted nothing more than to rip Ysabelle to shreds. Why is she everywhere? Can she stop making
things difficult for me?

Mavis and Ysabelle didn’t lower their voices, so the commotion immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“What is going on?”

“The questions might be unbelievably grueling, but it is normal for Sophie to solve them all.”

“I think something’s wrong with Mavis’ words. She said that no one could solve the questions unless
they got to know the questions in advance. Some students managed to solve the questions. Is she
saying that they have cheated in the test?”

“I suspect the one who got to know the questions in advance is Mavis herself. After all, we know who
her father is.”

“That’s right. Someone must have insider scoop. Where is the organizer? We demand an explanation!”
The students promptly started suspecting that the competition wasn’t conducted fairly.

Never in Mavis’ wildest dreams did she expect things to go out of control.

This shouldn’t be happening. They should suspect Sophie, not me!

“No, I did nothing of the sort. I was capable enough to solve the questions. You’re just being jealous of
me!” Mavis replied hastily. She didn’t know the other students would target her. “I won first prize last
time, too.”

“Perhaps you cheated the last time!”

The organizer came over and was informed of the entire incident. They decided to investigate the
matter thoroughly.

Sophie glanced at Mavis.

That quick glance managed to give Mavis the creeps.

It should be the time to announce the results, but the mountain resort was in an uproar.

“Sophie, I suspect Mavis was given the questions in advance,” Ysabelle said solemnly. How dare she
slanders us when she was the one who got the questions beforehand? That’s too much!


“What should we do now?” Ysabelle asked. She refused to let the matter slip since Mavis dared to
slander Sophie.

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