Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 313

Chapter 313 The Results

The organizer of the physics competition had a powerful background. They immediately started the
investigation after learning about the commotion. However, the results were simply unacceptable to

“What should we do now? I had no idea Mavis Sykes was the one who received the questions in

“If we don’t deal with it properly, we might offend Professor Reginald Sykes. He’s an expert whom we
need to collaborate with in the future.” “How should we deal with the matter?”

“We can’t offend Professor Sykes, but someone must assume responsibility. Why don’t we blame
Sophie? According to my investigation, she doesn’t have any strong backers. She’s the perfect
scapegoat to take the blame.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. Sophie is really talented.”

“What should we do? Announce that Mavis Sykes cheated in the test?”

They discussed for over an hour in the conference room without reaching a conclusion. None of them
could convince the other.

Nevertheless, they came out with a decision in the end.

They filed out of the conference room to see the students waiting outside.

Not all students managed to complete the final experiment, so the competition didn’t concern them
anymore. However, they were eager for gossip and gathered outside the conference room.

The students clamored over when the organizing team exited the conference room.

“We’ve investigated the matter thoroughly. Due to a mistake by our staff, the questions were leaked in
advance. We’ve decided to cancel Sophie Tanner’s results. The winner of the physics competition is
Mavis Skyes.”

A mocking grin flitted across Sophie’s lips.

I was the one who received the questions in advance? What a joke.

Ysabelle grew flustered.

“What are you talking about? You’re obviously covering up for Mavis. She was the one who received
the questions in advance!” Ysabelle declared. That was the first time she had ever encountered
something this unfair, so she couldn’t calm down.

Bailey refused to believe the results too.

Did Sophie cheat? That’s impossible. She’s capable enough to solve the questions herself.

The happiest person to hear the results was none other than Mavis.

“The organizer has investigated the matter. Don’t you trust them?” Mavis shot Sophie a haughty look.
“Sophie, remember our bet? You need to keep your word. Pack up and scram right now. You’re not
allowed to show up anywhere near Bailey from today onward.”

“Oh, dear. I can’t believe that’s the truth.”

“Sophie is so corky, so I thought she’s good at physics.”

“No matter what, Mavis was still the winner of the previous physics competition. It means that she is the
one who is truly talented.”

“Sophie is really shameless. Do you know how privileged she is? She never eats in the resort as
someone will deliver her meals to her.”

“Yes. She must have a rich backer.”

“I don’t care if she has a sugar daddy, but why did she join the physics competition?”

“Some people just don’t know their place. They thought they could do anything as long as they have

Everyone started talking bad about Sophie.

As Sophie didn’t say a word, Mavis grew increasingly smug.

No matter what, the organizer will side with me as they need to save my dad’s dignity.

“Are you sure I’m the one who received the answers in advance?” Sophie suddenly asked in a cold

She knew people had to make choices sometimes, but it wasn’t right to put the blame on her.

Did they even check if I agree to be slandered?

The organizing team dared not meet her eyes.

She was just an eighteen-year-old girl, but her gaze sent chills down their spines.

“All right. Now that we have clarified the matter, we won’t be pursuing it. You may leave now!”

“How could you!” Utterly frustrated, Ysabelle was about to burst into tears.

Sophie should win the first prize!

“Are you sure?” Sophie asked.

“Enough. Stop wasting time with them and just kick her out.”

“Wait. You said I cheated, but you don’t have any evidence. However, I have evidence showing that
Mavis cheated,” Sophie announced.

Do they think I will let them step all over me without retaliating?

“Sophie, can you stop? You cheated, and that’s the truth. Slandering me won’t change the fact!” Mavis

She wouldn’t admit to cheating, for the organizer had already made their decision.

No matter what Sophie said, she was wrong.

“Kick them out!” The organizer had already summoned the security guards.

Bailey stood in front of Sophie and Ysabelle in a protective manner so the security guards couldn’t get
any closer to them.

“What are you doing? Something shady happened behind the competition, but you refused to uphold
justice. Do you think we are fools?” Bailey demanded. He still sided with Sophie as he trusted her

Ysabelle was really touched by his action.

“Bailey, we are friends from now on!” she announced. Anyone who supported Sophie would be a friend
of hers.

Mavis was disappointed to see that he was still siding with Sophie.

“Bailey, I shall give you one last chance. If you take my side, I can bring you along to the international
physics competition!” she told him.

She loved him so much that she was willing to let bygones be bygones.

Bailey merely snorted. “I don’t have anything to say to you. You don’t respect physics at all and use
despicable means to achieve your goals. I despise you.”

Mavis’ face turned ashen.

Is that what he thinks of me?

“Fine. I hope you won’t regret your decision.” She huffed and decided to ignore him.

“Let’s go, Sophie. There’s no point in joining such a competition!” Bailey grabbed Sophie’s wrist and
pulled her along.

Right then, Tristan and Felix showed up. Tears brimmed in Ysabelle’s eyes when she spotted her

“Uncle Tristan! These people went way too far. They bullied Sophie and accused her of cheating!” she
complained immediately.

Indeed, they had gone overboard.

Felix went to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. “All right, everything is okay
now. We’re here, so no one can bully you!”

That was the first time Ysabelle realized how comforting Felix’s presence could be.

“Whoever you are, please leave right now. You aren’t allowed to kick up a fuss here.” Someone from
the organizing team grew suspicious to see them both here.

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