Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Confession

Sophie and Ysabelle had just gotten off the bus and were about to get their suitcases when Bailey
walked over to them. “Let me help!” he offered. Seeing that he wanted to help them, Sophie did not
stop him and just let him be. The duo stood aside as Bailey helped them to move their suitcases out of
the bus. Then, he walked over to them.

“Let’s go! I’ll bring you to check in to your room!” Bailey arrived earlier than them at the mountain resort,
so he had gotten very familiar with the place. The scenery at the mountain resort was beautiful.

On the way, Ysabelle could not help admiring the surroundings, whereas Bailey’s gaze was focused on
Sophie the whole time. It has only been a few days since I last saw her, yet she looks even more
beautiful! How is it possible that she looks so gorgeous?

Naturally, Ysabelle could also sense that Bailey was infatuated with Sophie. Holding Sophie’s arm, she
whispered, “Sophie, Bailey can’t take his eyes off you! I guess he hasn’t moved on from you yet.”

Humph! Although Bailey is handsome, he is still Uncle Tristan’s love rival, and I will never be nice to
him. Sophie shook her head and grunted in acknowledgment.

Hmm? What does that response mean? Can someone tell me what Sophia is thinking? I came here on
a mission! I mustn’t let Bailey get close to Sophie when Uncle Tristan has entrusted me with her!

After helping the two young women check in, Bailey escorted them to their room. Sophie and Ysabelle
shared the same room, so he helped them move their suitcases inside.

“I’m sure you haven’t eaten yet. Neither have I. Why don’t we have dinner together? It’s dinner time
anyway,” said Bailey earnestly.

At first, he wanted to give up his feelings for Sophie, but he mulled over it and changed his mind. Both
of them were around the same age, and he believed that no one could be too certain about the future.

Thus, if he put in enough effort and became someone qualified to be with her, he could then pursue her
without reservations.

“Bailey, I think I’ve made myself clear to you.” Sophie was never someone who would toy with others’
feelings, so she felt the need to clarify her stance in the current situation.

“I don’t harbor other intentions. I just felt that we should watch out for each other in this place since
we’re all from Jipsdale Premier High. Please don’t overthink,” Bailey replied. He was not that foolish to
confess to her at that juncture. It was fine for him if Sophie did not like him.

After all, love at first sight was not a common thing. Instead, he believed that love usually grew over

“You go ahead for dinner. I’ve traveled long to reach this place, so I feel like getting a shower first.”
Sophie did not continue that topic after hearing his response. It was inappropriate for her to insist that
he had feelings for her when he had already clarified that. Most importantly, Bailey did not do anything
which crossed the line.

“All right, then.” Bailey did not force her to have dinner with him either. He did not want to pester her too
much, as he figured being that persistent would only make her push him away. After sending Bailey
out, Sophie closed the door and took out a fresh set of clothes from her suitcase.

“Sophie, I think Bailey is still crushing on you,” Ysabelle commented as she unpacked her suitcase.

“Stop that. I can’t control his feelings and thoughts. It doesn’t matter now since I’ve told him everything
that has to be told.”

There was nothing Sophie could do about how Bailey thought of her, as no one in the world could
control another person’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of how powerful they were.

Holding her clothes, Sophie went to the bathroom to take a shower. Ysabelle sat on the bed and
continued to unpack her suitcase. Then, she waited for Sophie to come out of the bathroom.

After Sophie had taken her shower, Ysabelle went inside the bathroom for her turn. When the two
freshened up and stepped out of their room again, they realized that Bailey was still standing outside. It
had been half an hour since they last talked, so they wondered why he had yet to leave.

“Bailey, don’t tell me you have not eaten yet.” Ysabelle was in disbelief. Bailey was the campus hunk at
Jipsdale Premier High, having countless girls lining up to win over his heart, yet he was willing to put
his dignity aside for Sophie.

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten. Let’s go together,” he replied. Sophie was at a loss for words. In the end, the
three went to have dinner together.

“Sophie, this time, the summer camp is joined by youths from different regions. We need to be in teams
of three. Since we’re from the same school, let’s just form a team together.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Because you two arrived later, the others have formed their teams. Now, the three of us can
only be on the same team.”

In that case, Sophie and Ysabelle were left with no choice.

“I’m fine with that.” Hearing that, Ysabelle suddenly felt like a dead weight to Sophie and Bailey.

“Sophie, would I be a burden to our team?” Although she scored moderately in her physics class, she
was still far behind in qualifying to join a physics competition.

“Don’t worry,” said Sophie firmly. She was not too bothered about winning or losing the competition.

“Ysabelle, you have nothing to worry about. With Sophie and I on your team, we won’t have any
issues,” Bailey comforted Ysabelle. Truth be told, he was confident in winning the physics competition.

“Okay,” Ysabelle answered.

Although she refused to admit it, she must say Sophie and Bailey did look like a power couple at that
moment. But then, if Sophie falls for Bailey after this, what about Uncle Tristan?

No way. Bailey may be the campus hunk of Jipsdale Premier High, but he’s nothing compared to Uncle
Tristan! While they were eating, a beautiful young lady walked over to them and handed Bailey a card.

“Hi there, I am Mavis Sykes. This is my number. Can we be friends?” Mavis asked with a shy look, her
ears flushed. Upon witnessing that scene, Ysabelle grew delighted. It seems like I don’t have to do
anything after all! Bailey is attracting enough ladies on his own.

“You certainly surprised me, Bailey. You’ve done nothing, but girls are already lining up to get to know
you! Your popularity with girls is high!” she commented. However, Bailey did not even look at Mavis.

“I am sorry, but I have someone I like,” he answered directly. Mavis’ face turned pale instantly. She
could not accept the fact that he refused her so straightforwardly.

“Bailey, I’ve heard you want to win the first prize in this competition, so why don’t you join our team?
You’ll only get a chance at being the champion if you join us!”

Apparently, she had done enough research to know how to lure Bailey over.

“No, thanks. I will rely on nothing but myself to get what I want, and if I’m not good enough to get it, I
won’t force my way either.”

“That’s not what I meant. You know how important this training camp is. Since we are to compete in
teams of three, even if you’re smart, there’s no way for you to win the first prize if your teammates are
incompetent! But if you join my team, I am certain we’ll outshine the others.” Mavis was highly confident
in herself.

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