Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Crushing Defeat

The physics competition consisted of a writing test in the morning and a physics experiment in the
afternoon. The writing test was fifty marks, and the experiment was also fifty marks. Thus, the total
would be one hundred marks.

After entering the exam hall, Mavis took one look at the questions. A grin flitted across her lips. This
time, I must make Sophie leave Bailey.

As she had gotten the questions in advance, she wasn’t in a hurry. Slowly, she wrote down the answers
she has solved earlier one by one. She didn’t forget to glance at Sophie in her free time.

So what if Sophie is capable? It’s useless. After getting the questions, I had to read a lot to find all the
formulas needed to solve them. The questions are way too hard.

Sophie knew Mavis was looking at her, but that didn’t stop her from answering the questions.

Indeed, the questions were extremely challenging. Sophie never had to use any scratch paper before
this exam, but she was forced to use scratch paper this time.

The questions were answered one by one. She wasn’t worried as she loved challenges.

The duration of the test was two hours. Some students gave up halfway. They couldn’t even solve the
first multiple-choice question. There was no need for them to waste time sitting there.

It was the same for Ysabelle, for she couldn’t even solve any of the multiple-choice questions.

Why am I even here? To take a blow? Wait, isn’t it humiliating if I end up getting zero marks?

Sophie worked hard to solve the questions until the test ended. Mavis, on the other hand, had already
completed the test long ago.

After walking out of the exam hall, Mavis stayed and waited for Bailey.

When Bailey came out, she called his name. “Bailey, what do you think of the test? Did you manage to
solve all the questions?” she asked in concern.

“That is none of your business.” Ignoring her, Bailey waited for Sophie outside the hall patiently.

When Sophie and Ysabelle came out, Bailey joined them, and went out together.

Bailey asked, “Sophie, how was the test?”

“It was all right,” Sophie answered.

“The questions were pretty hard. I don’t want you to suffer because of me—”

“Bailey, it had nothing to do with you. Don’t get nervous,” Sophie interrupted. Why does he think I’m
doing this because of him? Tristan will fly into a rage if he were to hear Bailey’s words!

“Mm. Got it.” Bailey seemed disappointed as Sophie kept distancing herself from him.

One student called out, “Mavis, what is the answer to the last question? I couldn’t figure it out no matter
how hard I tried.”

The last question was a complicated formula. Mavis spent a long time memorizing it.

“You won’t understand. Anyway, I’ll get first place this time. Don’t harbor any expectations,” Mavis
announced haughtily.

After Mavis left, the student came to a stop.

“D*mn, is there a need to act that arrogantly? By the way, Sophie, didn’t you make a bet with Mavis?
Did you solve the last question?” the student asked eagerly.

Sophie pulled out a piece of paper and wrote the solution down before handing it to him.

The student broke down when he realized that it was a complicated answer.

It would take him a long time to memorize the formula, let alone solve the question.

“Sophie, what happened to him?” Ysabelle got curious seeing how dejected the student got.

“Perhaps he had gotten a taste of utter despair,” came Sophie’s answer.

She never meant to deal him a blow, but some things just couldn’t be achieved no matter how hard one

That afternoon, Mavis and Sophie were right next to each other for the physics experiment.

Mavis was brimming with confidence as she got to know the question in advance.

She couldn’t wait to see Sophie suffering a defeat later.

As expected, Sophie frowned the moment she took out the question paper from the envelope.

Delight coursed through Mavis’ entire being upon seeing Sophie’s reaction.

Back when she got to know the question, she found it extremely hard. Fortunately, she was able to get
the question in advance and did a lot of searching to get the answers.

I believe Sophie cannot solve the question as she didn’t get to prepare in advance.

It was the second time Bailey joined the physics competition, but he was still stunned to discover what
the question was.

He knew that the physics competition was held to select one candidate to represent Chanaea in the
international physics competition, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect the question to be this

He didn’t have any clue where to begin.

Bailey’s reaction merely convinced Mavis that Sophie could never solve the problem. Sophie can’t
solve a question that Bailey can’t solve.

“Sophie, if you give up now and agree to leave Bailey, I won’t pursue the matter,” Mavis declared.

Sophie isn’t a threat to me. All I want is for her to leave Bailey.

“Can you shut up, Mavis? Don’t you know your breath stinks?” Sophie responded blandly.

Mavis fumed. “You’re stubborn, huh? Let’s see what you have!”

She’s just pushing herself, that’s all.

“Sophie, it’s fine. Just do what you can. If you lose, I shall leave with you,” Bailey told her. He had made
up his mind to stick with Sophie no matter what the result would be.

“Really? I hope you keep your promise, then.” Having said that, Mavis started the experiment.

Everyone had to do the same experiment, so it all depended on who could succeed in completing the
experiment first and do a great job.

Mavis was already halfway through the experiment, but Sophie hadn’t even started yet. Bailey tried a
few times but failed. Beside them, Ysabelle panicked as she watched their actions.

She couldn’t even understand what the experiment wanted, so it was impossible for her to offer any
help to Sophie. Time was ticking, and there wasn’t much time left. Nevertheless, Sophie still hadn’t
started her experiment.

That only prompted Mavis’ smug grin to grow wider. She acts high and mighty all the time, right? How
does she feel now, huh?

In the morning, most of the students managed to persist through the writing test. When it was time to
do the experiment that afternoon, some students chose to quit and left after reading the question.

“Mavis is a psychopath. I can’t believe she knows the answer to such a challenging question!”

“Don’t you know who her father is?”

“You’re right. At first, I thought Sophie is quite capable, but she’s obviously no match for Mavis.”

Ysabelle wanted nothing more than to refute their words, but she had nothing to retort. Finally, Sophie
took action. Despite that, Mavis wasn’t worried at all.

Doing the experiment was time-consuming. Even though Sophie managed to figure out the steps now,
there was only less than one hour left till the end of the test. Thus, there was no way Sophie could
complete the experiment in less than one hour.

When there were five minutes left, Sophie raised her hand. Everyone immediately shifted their attention
to her.

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