Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 310

Chapter 310 I Do Not Need To Depend On A Woman

“Sophie, if you lose, I shall leave the physics industry with you.” Bailey was the reason things had
turned out this way, so this was the only thing he could do now.

“Bailey Dixon!” Mavis gasped in horror. She had no idea Bailey would say that. Did he say that on
purpose? He knew I did everything for him but said that out loud.

“Let’s go!” Sophie didn’t even bother to give her another glance. She led Ysabelle to an empty seat and
sat down. As far as she was concerned, it would be a waste of time to talk to someone who wasn’t
important to her.

“Mavis, I don’t like you. My feelings won’t change no matter what you do. I will never fall in love with
you, so stop making things difficult for Sophie,” Bailey told her sternly. He didn’t bother sparing her

“Hey!” Mavis inhaled sharply.

It might seem that I have won, but how will the others look at me? Ugh, this is frustrating. Why does
Bailey like to make me angry? Can’t he see how much I love him?

“You insist on defending her, huh? Fine! I shall let you see how I defeat her entirely! She will suffer a
humiliating defeat!” Mavis vowed. With that said, she took a seat in the first row.

If he insists on acting this way, I shall show him what I’m capable of. This time, I must defeat Sophie.

“Soph, can you do it? I think Mavis is pretty good in physics,” Ysabelle asked worriedly.

She didn’t want to be the reason that made Sophie suffer defeat.

“It’s fine. The professor is here, so pay attention to his words,” Sophie responded calmly as though she
didn’t make a bet.

That very night, Ysabelle told her uncle about the matter discreetly.

“Uncle Tristan, what should I do? Mavis was really arrogant. Should we buy the questions for the
physics competition? That way, Sophie’s win will be guaranteed,” Ysabelle suggested. All she wanted
was for Sophie to win the bet.

“Stop creating trouble all the time!” came Tristan’s frosty reply.

Ysabelle was rendered speechless.

Fine. I was the one who caused this. However, I didn’t do it on purpose!

“Uncle Tristan, what should we do now? We can’t stand back and do nothing, can we?”

“Just have faith in Sophie,” Tristan told her.

Sophie was not the type to cheat. Besides, she was capable enough to defeat Mavis.

However, Tristan couldn’t help but grow irritated as Bailey was the reason behind the bet.

Thus, he couldn’t help but brood when he video-called Sophie.

Tristan tried his best to hide his emotions, but Sophie was sharp enough to sense his displeasure.

“What’s the matter? Are you upset?” she asked.

“No,” came his answer.

Sophie fell silent.

“Why didn’t you ask the reason I’m upset?”

“You denied being upset, right? Is there still a need for me to continue asking?” Sophie returned.

Tristan was rendered speechless.

D*mn it! How could she do this to me? I might be arrogant and indifferent, but I want her to have
concern for me. If we’re together right now, I shall pin her underneath me and kiss her passionately so
she’ll know if I’m upset or not.

“I’ll go and see you after the competition ends,” was all Tristan said in the end.

“Sure,” Sophie agreed readily.

“Do you miss me?” he inquired.

The same question again? How insecure is he?

“Yes,” she replied. My answer is straightforward enough, right?

Sure enough, Tristan’s mood lifted after he heard her answer.

“I miss you too,” he told her.

No matter how capable one was, one’s heart would soften when one was in love.

It didn’t matter how outstanding one was, for everyone wanted to receive praise from their loved ones
when they were in love.

“By the way, do you need my help to deal with Mavis?” Tristan asked. He wouldn’t allow anyone who
offended Sophie to get away no matter who they were.

“It’s alright. There’s no need to worry about her.”

Meanwhile, Mavis called her father to ensure her win.

“Dad, your student was the one who prepared the questions, right?” she questioned. Her father was a
physics teacher, and his student was in charge of setting the questions this time.

“Yes. What’s the matter? How are you doing in the training camp? You’re my daughter, so don’t
humiliate me. This competition is very important to you. You must win first place, understand?”

Mavis said nothing.

No matter what, she had to get the questions to ensure Sophie wouldn’t make a comeback ever.

After chatting briefly with her father, Mavis hung up.

What should I do to get the questions beforehand?

The two-week training camp came to an end in the blink of an eye, and the competition would be held
the next day.

“It has ended finally!” Ysabelle let out a sigh. She would go crazy if it were to go on any longer.

“Mm. Was it that hard for you?” Sophie asked.

“It is still okay. However, I’m clueless about advanced physics.” Finally, Ysabelle knew she should
forget about learning physics.

Mavis was right behind them. She let out a snort upon hearing Ysabelle’s words.

“You’ll regret joining the physics competition,” she announced arrogantly.

“You can’t be sure about that yet!” Ysabelle retorted. She wasn’t confident but refused to back down.

“Let’s just wait and see!” Mavis responded.

Without waiting for a reply, she spun on her heels and strode away.

Suspicions rose in Ysabelle’s heart when she saw how confident Mavis was.

“Sophie, look how confident she is. Is something fishy going on? Did she know something in advance?”
Ysabelle had the idea of getting the questions in advance but gave up in the end, so she couldn’t help
but suspect Mavis had the same intention.

After observing Mavis for a few days, she discovered that the former wasn’t as capable as she first

That seemed to be the case to her.

“All right. We shall find out tomorrow,” Sophie answered nonchalantly.

She wasn’t bothered by Mavis’ action at all.

That night, Mavis came to Bailey again. She refused to give up just yet.

“Bailey, are you sure you don’t want to date me?” she asked. She loved Bailey too much to give up on

Bailey came back from dinner to see Mavis at his door. He never liked Mavis, but now she pestered
him to no end.

“Mavis, I told you I never liked you,” he told her. Wasn’t I clear enough?

“Bailey, you love physics, right? I’m talented in physics! If you agree to date me, you can be my father’s
student. That’s an opportunity many are dying to get!” Mavis tried convincing him to change his mind.

Bailey was rendered speechless.

“I will do my best to get whatever I want. I don’t need to rely on a woman!” Bailey declared. Having said
that, he walked past her and opened the door to his room.

Mavis wanted to come in after him, but he shut the door in her face.

Mavis stood rooted to the spot. She was unwilling to accept the reality.

Resentment filled her heart as she wondered what was the difference between her and Sophie.

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