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Anything For Her Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Teach You A Lesson

“So eager to make me suffer, aren’t you? We’ll see if you’re capable of such a feat!” Sophie could not
care less about Louisa. She had never been afraid, no matter what the bet was.

“Is that so?” Louisa remarked. How dare she utter such words even when she’s backed into a corner? I
won’t show her any mercy later. By then, several of Louisa’s friends had already asked everyone to
leave the dance floor.

Tristan and Felix also followed suit. Although Ysabelle felt that Louisa should be put in her place, she
was also worried about Sophie. After all, she had never seen Sophie dance before.

“What should we do, Uncle Tristan? It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t insisted on dragging Sophie over to
dance, she wouldn’t be in this situation.” After a short pause, she asked, “Aren’t you being a little too
calm now, Uncle Tristan?”

Is he not worried at all? “What’s there to worry about? Sophie isn’t a fool. The fact that she accepted
the challenge means that she’s confident in winning.”

Ysabelle felt a little more relieved upon hearing Tristan’s words. Back on the stage, the music started,
and the previously nonchalant person seemed to change into a completely different person after
hearing the tune.

It was a jazz piece, and the two of them danced to the rhythm of the music after hearing it. However,
Louisa was astonished by Sophie’s dance from the very beginning.

Even the onlookers forgot to breathe upon witnessing the latter’s dance moves. Does this girl really not
know how to dance? What’s going on now? Every single movement of hers is in tune with the music.
Look at her supple waist and nimble hands. Every movement goes perfectly with the music.

Tristan was yet amazed by Sophie once again. Sure enough, she doesn’t disappoint in everything she
does. Just then, the song changed to a very sensual tune.

Sophie’s movements slowed down, and within that change, she seemed to have transformed into the
sexiest vixen in the world with her enchanting movements and seductive gaze.

Although Louisa’s movements were indeed very professional, they did not fit so well with the music.
Sophie’s dance moves became bolder, and at the end, she turned and faced Louisa directly.

The two of them danced face-to-face, and gradually, Louisa became overwhelmed. Sophie’s gaze was
too wild and her movements so fiery that it was almost as if she wanted to set the other woman on fire.

In the end, Louisa made a mistake and fell to the ground on her bottom. “Boo…”

The crowd of onlookers began to boo. Louisa sat on the ground in a pathetic state and glared at
Sophie. “You’re so despicable, Sophie. I can’t believe you pretended not to know how to dance in front
of me just now. How can there be such a shameless person in this world?”

Hearing Louisa uttering those words to Sophie, Ysabelle immediately shot back, “D*mn it! You’re the
shameless one! Do you think everyone likes showing off like you? So what if you started dancing at the
age of five? There’s nothing fantastic about your moves just now.”

How unexpected! Truly unexpected indeed. Sure enough, Sophie has never disappointed me in
whatever she does. “How dare you say you’ve never learned to dance, Sophie!” Louisa was still
disgruntled and refused to admit defeat.

“It’s true that I’ve never learned dancing. I just learned by observation after a while. What’s the matter?
Don’t you find it embarrassing that I can beat you when I’ve never learned how to dance before?”
Sophie said bluntly.

“You—” Louisa fumed. The girls that were with Louisa noticed the humiliating state she was in and did
not come over. Louisa got up from the ground by herself. Having suffered such humiliation, all she
wanted to do was to quickly leave the place.

However, before she could do so, Felix blocked her path. Do you think you can leave after hurting
Ysabelle? Do you truly take us for accessories?

Louisa eyed the man standing before her. “What are you doing? How can a grown man like you bully a
woman?” she growled. “Bully you? Is this bullying you?” Felix shrugged before continuing, “You hurt
her. Do you think I’ll let you go easily today?” Is she stupid?

“So what if I hurt her? Do you know who I am? Listen here. Should you lay a finger on me today, my
dad will never let you off!” Even then, Louisa was still uttering threats in vain.

“Tell him who is my dad, Sophie.” “Hah! I’m not your mom. How would I know who your dad is?”


Louisa’s face was pale with anger, and the other onlookers were laughing mockingly. This girl took the
initiative to provoke the other in the first place, so she brought it upon herself.

“What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong? Have you forgotten the bet you just made?”

Weren’t you being so arrogant just now? So now that you’ve lost, you’re thinking of sneaking away?

After making a fool of herself in front of so many people, Louisa wore an ugly scowl. “Don’t cross the
line, Sophie.”

“I insist on doing so. What can you do about it? You were the one who took the initiative to provoke me
in the first place, so I won’t let you off so easily.”

“What the h*ll do you want?”

“It’s simple. Apologize.” She was making a reasonable request. “I’m sorry,” Louisa uttered unwillingly.
It’s fine. I’ll get payback for all the embarrassment I suffered today.

“Do you call this an apology? Fine! Now put your hand on the ground and let me step on it, and this
matter is over.”

If she didn’t do it on purpose, I wouldn’t be so angry, but I saw how she had bullied Ysabelle just now.

“Don’t go overboard, Sophie. I’ve already apologized, so why do you have to be so unreasonable?”

“How is this going overboard?” Sophie thought otherwise. Wasn’t she the one who set herself up for a
beating in the first place?

Sophie was sweating all over because of the dance battle earlier on.

Seeing that, Tristan came over with a tissue, pulled her to him, and wiped her sweat.

“All right. Leave it to Felix. He’ll deal with it for Ysabelle’s sake.” After wiping her sweat, he led her out.


She did feel quite uncomfortable being drenched in sweat.

“Don’t be too soft on her, Felix. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

Only after saying that did Sophie left with Tristan.

“How would you like to deal with this, Ysabelle?” Felix asked the girl beside him.

Ysabelle had never been a vengeful person, so since Louisa had already apologized, she felt that there
was no point in dragging the matter further.

“Forget it. I’m tired. Let’s go back.”

Felix scoffed after hearing her response.

“Do you think your family is very powerful, Louisa?”

His remark gave Louisa a sense of uneasiness.

Felix did not continue to give her a hard time.

The best way to upset her is to make her lose everything she’s always been proud of, and I can do

“Come! Let’s go back. I can’t believe you got bullied just by dancing. How useless.” Felix was truly
disappointed with Ysabelle.

She trailed behind him, a little aggrieved. Why is he acting like this? I’m already hurt, and he didn’t
even offer me some words of comfort. Must he talk like this?

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