Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Provocation

Although he wasn’t beside her, and the only other person around her was Ysabelle, Sophie’s heart still
palpitated after she listened to his shocking response, prompting her to clutch her chest.

Oh, no! D*mn it! Is this how it feels like to fall for someone? He’s not by my side at the moment, yet
he’s still capable of having such a significant influence on me!

Taking in Sophie’s demeanor while talking on the phone, Ysabelle couldn’t contain her urge to laugh. It
looks like I got worried for nothing. Sophie is still very much in love with my uncle.

She knew that was the truth by looking at Sophie’s cheerful and contented facial expression. At the
same time, she was genuinely happy for her uncle. After all, he didn’t spend so much time keeping her
company for naught.

All of a sudden, Ysabelle felt a little dejected.

She was rather thrilled to see others in love, but she wondered when she could finally get involved in a
romantic relationship with someone.

Oh God, where is my prince charming? Have you forgotten to assign me one when you created me?

She was a little depressed after giving that matter some thought.

Meanwhile, after Sophie talked to Tristan for a while longer, the outcome was for him to order food
delivery from another five-star hotel.

On the other hand, when the manager of the Michelin restaurant was informed of the canceled delivery,
he felt worried and fearful because he didn’t know in which aspect they did poorly to displease Tristan.

The manager even instructed his men to find out the reason.

Sophie walked up to Ysabelle and sat beside the latter to have their lunch together. Ysabelle looked at
Sophie and chirped, “Sophie, how does it feel to be in a relationship with my uncle? I’ve always thought
of him as a cold and unapproachable person. In addition, you’re not that talkative either. Won’t you two
feel awkward hanging around each other?”

That was something Ysabelle had always wanted to know.

“Is your uncle that unapproachable? I think he’s fine.” At the very least, Sophie thought Tristan was not
what Ysabelle described whenever he was with her.

Ysabelle was stumped.

Even Felix, who works for my uncle, mentioned he was distant and unfriendly, yet Sophie doesn’t seem
to share this sentiment. Indeed, the relationship paradigm differs from one person to another.

After finishing their lunch, the two took a nap.

Sophie couldn’t help but send Tristan a message: Are you unapproachable and cold?

Tristan swiftly replied with a question mark a second after her text was delivered.

“I am cool but not cold!” Staring at his message, a grin spread across her face uncontrollably. That’s
right. He may look aloof but he was never cold. In fact, he’s even a little warm sometimes.

“Bailey, you must trust me. That Sophie is just pretty. In fact, she’s someone’s sugar baby, so she
doesn’t deserve you!” Mavis was relentless.

Seeing how the training camp was about to end and Bailey had yet to see Sophie’s true colors, Mavis
grew more anxious than ever.

“Mavis, don’t blame me for what I’ll do if you continue to spout nonsense. How can you talk smack of
others behind their back?” She’s being so harsh with her words by saying that Sophie is a sugar baby.

“I’m telling the truth! Sophie is too adept at putting up a facade. You need to stop defending her while
she’s deceiving you, all right?”

“Well, I’m happy that she does that.” Regrettably, Sophie couldn’t even be bothered to do that to me.
I’m not worth the effort for others to even lie to me.

When Sophie and Ysabelle entered, they coincidentally heard their conversation. Ysabelle couldn’t
help but wonder. This Bailey is quite a loyal person. Does he like Sophie that much?

“Sophie, do you feel troubled at times for being born with such good looks?”

Naturally, Ysabelle heard Mavis’ words as well.

What’s wrong with this Mavis? Does she have to show up in front of us and disgust us with her
revolting personality and behavior? A sugar baby? Who’s so capable of being Sophie’s sugar daddy?
I’d like to meet this person.

“Hmph! Am I not speaking facts? Everyone participating in this competition has our meals at the resort
except for you two. Are you two getting special treatment because you think you’re the only rich people

Since Sophie and Ysabelle had heard her, Mavis couldn’t care to hold her opinion anymore.

“Oh, my. It seems like you intend to challenge my patience. That’s right. I’m wealthy, and I want to be
special. What can you do about that? Did the organizer of the training camp mention any rules on
forbidding the participants from eating outside food? Who do you think you are to make these
comments about us? If you have what it takes why don’t you get yourself the special treatment too? All

you do is stare at Sophie all the time. What’s the matter with you? Are you afraid that Sophie will defeat
you? If you’re so scared, you should just withdraw from this competition!”

Mavis was rendered speechless and beside herself with rage.

“Is that so? Did you say I’m afraid of losing? Well, let’s see who will be the loser in the end,” she
glowered at Sophie.

On the contrary, Sophie didn’t even spare her a glance.

“Sophie, let’s make a bet. If you lose in this physics competition, you’re prohibited from taking part in
any other physics contest, and you cannot show yourself in front of Bailey in the future.”

Mavis was adamant in blaming everything on Sophie.

“Why should I make this bet with you?” She’s not even qualified.

“What’s going on? Are you chickening out? Weren’t you always acting high and mighty like you’re the
smartest person in this world?”

“Are you done, Mavis?” Bailey piped up in resignation.

Mavis clenched her fists.

“Sophie, if you don’t dare to accept this bet, then you should just leave the training camp at once,” she
uttered haughtily.

“Sophie will never have the courage to accept the challenge.”

“That’s right. Mavis won the first prize in the last physics competition, so Sophie will undoubtedly lose if
she takes on the bet. Therefore, no one will agree to a challenge like this.”

“So what if she won the first prize previously? She accomplished that because Sophie didn’t take part
back then.” Ysabelle had had enough of listening to those remarks.

“Sophie, you don’t have to keep up with the tough pretense. It isn’t embarrassing even if you lose to

“You—” Ysabelle was beyond furious. How is that possible?

“Fine. I accept your challenge,” Sophie finally spoke.

“Sophie—” Bailey eyed her worryingly. Despite Mavis’ rotten character, she’s without a doubt gifted in
the field of physics.

“You don’t have to meddle in this matter. Since she’s so eager to be humiliated, I shall fulfill her wish
and do her this favor,” Sophie said nonchalantly.

“Sophie, you don’t stand a chance against Mavis.” Most of the participants in the current session also
took part in last year’s program, so they had a good understanding of Mavis’ prowess.

“Sophie, remember what you said. If you lose, you’re not allowed to join any other physics contests,
and you must stay away from Bailey in the future.”

Mavis wanted to ensure Sophie didn’t go back on her words after the latter agreed to her suggestion.

“Don’t worry. I’ll remember my promises, but you need to do the same. You must steer clear of me if
you lose and never show your face before me.”

Sophie didn’t feel the need to hold back when dealing with someone as arrogant as Mavis.

“Sophie.” Although Ysabelle had a lot of faith in Sophie, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Sophie wouldn’t have accepted Mavis’ challenge if it weren’t for me. She couldn’t care less about the
latter from the beginning.

“It’s going to be all right. Don’t worry because I am confident in winning the competition.”

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