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Anything For Her Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Are You Trying To Make Me Fat

To Sophie, life in the training camp was quite fun. All the students were doing physics experiments after
the training session ended in the morning. Sophie and Bailey’s cooperation was perfect.

When Ysabelle saw the duo working together so well, she felt out of place. The other groups also
consisted of three members, and everyone seemed exceptional, but our team still finished the
experiment first, even though I was of no help. Ysabelle looked at Sophie in admiration.

“Sophie, how could you be so amazing! Some people are even jealous of you and think that you’re not

Beside them was Mavis’ group. In order to get closer to Bailey, Mavis had been sticking around them
for the past few days, which caused Ysabelle to get sick of her.

Meanwhile, it never occurred to Mavis that Bailey’s group could still finish the experiment excellently. In
fact, they were the first group to complete it, although their group was equivalent to lacking one
member. Ysabelle uttered, “Mavis, focus. Do you want to be the last?”

Subsequently, the other teams had also done working on the experiment. However, Mavis could not
concentrate as it made her feel upset to see Bailey and Sophie working together.

“What right do you have to speak as a loser?” Annoyed, Mavis could only bicker with Ysabelle.

“I’m a loser. So what? Since my two teammates are so incredible, I can defeat you with much effort.”

I want to piss her off because she has always been so insolent. Ysabelle and Mavis were about to start
arguing, and Sophie got tired of that scene. Therefore, she said, “All right. Let’s go! We should have
our meal now.”

Although Mavis is really annoying, I think it’s a waste of time to fight with someone like her.

“Okay, Sophie. You’re my queen, so I’ll do everything you say,” Ysabelle smugly replied. When Bailey
saw the duo walk out, he also packed up his things to leave with them.

In the meantime, there was no way for Mavis to concentrate after seeing Bailey leave. Eventually, her
team indeed became the last to complete the experiment. Both of her teammates were rendered

“Mavis, what are you doing? We’re here for the physics competition and not to accompany you to
pursue the guy. If you’re not interested in this physics competition, it’s better for you to quit. Don’t drag
us down!”

As they were the top students in school, they naturally felt unhappy to rank last in the competition
because of Mavis. Mavis threw the things in her hands on the table and had an icy expression on her
face. Initially, she had already felt displeased to be the last in the competition, but her team members
still gave her such comments, which made her even more annoyed.

“Did I ask you guys to form a group with me? Didn’t you guys want to team with me just because I won
the first prize last year? Who do you think you should blame when you’re the incompetent ones? Take
Bailey as an example. Even if he has one less teammate, he can still turn the tables on you guys,
hasn’t he?”

Hearing that, her teammates were at a loss for words.

“You’re incorrigible!” The duo no longer wanted to bother themselves with Mavis and turned to leave.
Indeed, we encountered a useless teammate this time.

Frustrated, Mavis stayed back alone in the lab. D*mn it! This is all Sophie’s fault! Otherwise, things
won’t turn out like that. I’ll surely defeat her during the competition. I want to show her who is the real

winner of the physics competition.

“Sophie, let’s go to the cafeteria to have a meal together!”

Bailey invited Sophie and Ysabelle. Sophie stopped in her tracks, but she shook her head.

“I’m sorry. Someone has delivered food especially for Ysabelle and me. We are not going to the

Even though she didn’t mean to make a big deal out of it, she couldn’t disappoint Tristan’s kind
intentions as he had already made the arrangement.

“Oh, I see. Well, the food in the cafeteria is so-so. It might not suit your taste.” Bailey didn’t say
anything else. It was because he knew about Sophie’s boyfriend. I guess he’s an outstanding man. The
huge age gap between him and Sophie might be the only flaw!

Therefore, there’s still a chance for me to be with her. Sophie is young now. Who knows what will
happen in the future? Hence, it’s not a big deal that I failed to woo her now. Mavis saw someone deliver
meals for Sophie and Ysabelle as she exited the lab.

The moment Mavis noticed the Michelin restaurant’s logo, she inexorably sneered. What’s so special
about it? She’s just a sugar baby. After receiving the lunchbox, Ysabelle saw Mavis when she turned
around. Judging from Mavis’ expression, she could tell that the former despised herself and Sophie
very much

I have no idea what gave this woman the courage to look down on us. Does she seriously think that
she’s that great?

“Aren’t you the one who ranked last? What are you trying to do following behind us?” Ysabelle uttered
mercilessly. Mavis snorted in response. She gave Ysabelle the cold shoulder. Sophie ignored Mavis


Then, she pulled Ysabelle and walked away. Ysabelle was over the moon when she saw Mavis’
reaction. Whenever there was a chance, Mavis would come and look for Bailey over the last few days.
She’s now an infatuated bozo.

“Sophie, to be honest, I pity Bailey for having a woman like her as his admirer. What awful luck.”

As the training camp is halfway through the end, Mavis is getting even more panic. She wants to get
closer to him by any means necessary.

“That’s enough. Why do you have to argue with her?” We are not on the same wavelength after all.
Ysabelle pursed her lips.

“I have nothing else to do. As you know, when you and Bailey were doing the experiment I couldn’t be
of any help, so I got slightly bored.”

“Well, who ask you to come here!”

“I’m here to keep you company. Although these physics experiments are undeniably boring, I like to
stay by your side no matter what!”

A little boredom means nothing because Sophie is here. After going back to the room, Ysabelle took
out all the dishes. The service of the Michelin restaurant was very good as they prepared different
varieties of meals for the duo daily.

Despite that, they were sick of the food when they consumed too much of it. In the afternoon, Tristan
gave Sophie a call as usual.

“Have you finished eating?”

“Mr. Tristan, to be frank, I’ve gotten bored of the food. Please tell them to stop sending the dishes over.
I can take my lunch at the cafeteria!” Tristan furrowed his brows at her words.

“What’s wrong? Is the food and service from the Michelin restaurant not good enough? Or is there
something you want to eat? Tell me. I’ll get someone to make the necessary arrangements!” Sophie
remained silent.

“What’s the matter?” When Tristan noticed she didn’t utter a word for quite some time, he couldn’t help
feeling anxious. Moreover, there was no way for him to read her expression.

“Mr. Tristan, are you trying to feed me and make me a fatty?” Isn’t he being a little too obvious?

“Why? You caught me! If I could do that, you will be mine alone!”

“Hah! If I really turn into a fatty, would you still like me?”


Initially, Sophie only brought it up casually but never had she expected Tristan to answer her in all

“No matter what happens to you, I’ll still like you! This is a fact that will never change!” Tristan said
those words as if he was swearing an oath.

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