Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Affection

“I don’t know.” Actually, Sophie was being honest. Since she had always been aloof, it was almost
impossible for her to act cute Tristan could only let out a sigh at that. I’m in love with an aloof young
lady. Sure enough, it’s not easy to see her acting coy.

“Then, go ahead and have the food. Have an early night after that,” said Tristan. He knew that joining
the training camp could be very tiring because he was once a participant in such a training camp.

“Okay,” Sophie responded and hung up the call.

After that, she walked up to Ysabelle and sat next to her. As they began eating, Ysabelle handed
Sophie a piece of tiramisu. Nosily, the former asked, “Is that Uncle Tristan?”

“Yes.” Who else could it be?

“Actually, Uncle Tristan is just a little bit older than you, Sophie. He’s perfect in other aspects. You do
know that, don’t you?” Sophie remained silent at that. In reality, Tristan was not old. He was currently
living in his prime. It was just that there was an age gap between Sophie and him.

“Are you all right? Could it be that you are interested in guys like Bailey? Of course, I’m not saying that
Bailey is terrible. It’s just that nobody in Chanaea is comparable to Uncle Tristan.”

In truth, Ysabelle was still single because she had an uncle like Tristan, causing her to set an overly
high bar for her future partner.

“Mmm,” Sophie agreed. However, she seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

“Ysabelle… Could it be that you admire Tristan so much that you have feelings for him?” This time,
Ysabelle was at a loss for words.

“I…” Ysabelle parted her lips, but she did not know what to reply.

“I no longer have affection for Uncle Tristan, Sophie. Please stop overthinking things, okay?”

“All right.”

“Hey, I’m serious! That’s Uncle Tristan. My biological uncle.” Ysabelle did her best to elucidate that she
did not have feelings for Tristan. Everything she did was for the sake of Tristan and Sophie.

“Haha! I’m just joking.” Seeing her reaction, Sophie could not help giggling.


Ysabelle put down her food and pulled out a paper towel. After wiping her hands, she came near to
Sophie and tickled her.

“I was talking to you about something serious, but you scared me! That’s outrageous!”

Nevertheless, she was no match for Sophie. Within three seconds, the latter had already taken
Ysabelle down, pressing her against the couch while tickling her. Hah! Does Ysabelle think that she is a
match for me?

“Hahaha…” Ysabelle laughed her head off that she was gasping for air. There were even tears in her
eyes from laughing too hard.

“I-I’m sorry, S-Sophie! Please, have mercy on me!” Ysabelle pleaded right away.

“Greet your queen,” Sophie ordered as she looked at Ysabelle condescendingly.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.” Ysabelle never thought that Sophie harbored ambitions of becoming the

Nonetheless, as long as Sophie stopped tickling her, she would do anything Sophie asked her to do.
After having some fun playing, Ysabelle felt hungry again. Thus, they continued their meal.

“As expected from a Michelin-starred restaurant. Their food tastes great! You’re skinny, Sophie. Eat

However, Sophie had already had her fill. She wiped her hands and uttered, “Eat more if you like it. I’m

Even though the food served by the Michelin-starred restaurant was delicious, Sophie was too full to
have another portion.

“I’ll give Arius a call. You should get some rest after eating,” suggested Sophie.

At that moment, Ysabelle was caught in a dilemma. It’s a waste if we can’t finish the food. I shall
continue eating! Wait… Sophie is so disciplined though she’s always had a good figure. Isn’t it terrible
for me to eat this much? Meanwhile, Arius was preparing to perform an emergency operation when he
received a phone call. Still, he decided to answer the call when he noticed that the caller was Sophie.

“Professor Gullifer, the operation is about to start. What are you-”

“Hold on,” Arius interjected and walked to a side to answer the call.

Everyone else who was also waiting for Arius dared not utter another word either. Although Professor
Gullifer has always been amiable, he can be fierce sometimes.

“What’s the matter? Do you miss me? Why are you calling me suddenly?” Arius asked with a smile.

“I just wanted to know how is Nicholas?” Sophie queried.

“Nicholas? What have you done to him? Well, you don’t know the situation in Anglandur, do you? He
made a mess of things upon returning to the country,” Arius knew for sure Nicholas was displeased
because of Sophie.

“Nothing much, actually. Anyway, stay away from him, and don’t let him capture you. Otherwise, you’ll
lead a miserable life ahead,” Sophie reminded.

“Hey, what exactly have you done to him?” In truth, Nicholas had always been a crazy person. From
bad to worse, he became a psychopath upon returning to the country this time.

“That’s it, then. If there’s nothing else, I’ll disconnect the call,” said Sophie.

“Okay. Remember to visit Anglandur after your university entrance exam. I’ll show you what my
everyday life is like.”

“Let’s talk about this later.” Sophie was still unsure about her plan for the future.

“No! You’re the one who promised me back then. Moreover, Barney looks forward to a visit from you
every day!” Arius would not give up easily as it was rare to encounter someone as talented as Sophie.

“I’m not saying that I’m not visiting. It’s just that there’s still some time before the university entrance
exam. Let’s talk about this after the exam.”

To Sophie, it would not make much difference to her to take the university entrance exam. She was
merely taking the exam on Josiah’s account.

“That’s great! I thought you wouldn’t be coming. I’m serious, Sophie. You won’t regret becoming a
doctor,” Arius assured. Noticing that Sophie remained silent, he then continued, “All right. That’s it,
then. I have to perform an operation on a patient now. Don’t worry about me. Nicholas can’t do
anything to me.”

“Okay.” Meanwhile, Nicholas had gotten grumpier after returning to the country. He could not stay calm
each time he thought about how Sophie had tricked him.

“Boss, Old Mr. Sable is absolutely furious at your trip to Jipsdale. It’d be better for you to stay put for
the time being.”

Having heard that, Nicholas smashed the glass in his hand against the wall. Instantly, shards of glass
were all over the place. At that moment, Nicholas’ assistant remained rooted where he was, without
moving a muscle. Unfortunately, a piece of shard injured his arm, and blood started trickling down.

“How dare you bring up this matter? He wouldn’t have known that I went to Jipsdale if you didn’t tell

Immediately, the assistant was rendered speechless. Looking helpless, the assistant voiced, “Boss, I
was just following orders. On top of that, we can’t do anything when Ms. Tanner refuses to come back.
After all, a forced relationship will not bring happiness.”

“How do you know it will not bring happiness when you haven’t even tried?” Nicholas retorted. I’m sure
we’ll be happy. Even if we are not, I still want her. She is mine! Again, Nicholas’ words rendered his
assistant speechless. Judging from Sophie’s personality, there’s nothing else we can do if she says no.
This is quite a mission impossible, no?

“That can’t be! Listen, I don’t care what you do but capture Sophie and send her to me by all means.”
Unfortunately, Sophie had become an obsession with Nicholas in this lifetime. He would probably do
something foolish if he could not capture Sophie.

“It’s pointless even if we’ve successfully captured her, Boss. It’s not like you can marry her. Old Mr.
Sable will not agree.”

“If marrying her is the only way to keep her by my side, we can work on it.” The assistant was utterly
speechless. Does Boss really want to marry Sophie? It may cause a ruckus if they really get married.

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