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Anything For Her Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Act Coy To Me

At seven in the evening, the first lesson of the training camp had started, and the speaker was a
famous physicist, as expected of the best physics training camp in the country. Sophie initially did not
have high hopes for the physics training camp. However, her interest in physics grew after the lesson.

A smile bloomed on Bailey’s face when he saw how immersed Sophie was during the lesson. I knew it.
Sophie still likes physics a lot, doesn’t she? Physics is actually an interesting subject. After the physics
training camp, I’m sure she’ll like physics even more. Ysabelle was sitting beside Sophie. Naturally, she
saw the expression on Bailey’s face. It was as if he only had eyes for Sophie. It seems like he really
likes Sophie a lot!

“Sophie, physics is interesting, right?” Bailey asked.

The physicist was well-renowned in the country and was extremely professional in his lesson. While
typical students might not understand the physicist, Bailey knew Sophie understood everything when
he saw the excited glint in her eyes.

“It’s not bad. It’s worth it for you to pursue it for your life,” Sophia replied. She knew how much Bailey
liked physics. Ysabelle, who was beside Sophia, scratched the back of her head in confusion. Look
how they’re getting along so well with each other! Is Sophie going to fall in love with him because of

“Sophie, I’m not feeling so well,” Ysabelle muttered pitifully.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie immediately asked in concern when she heard Ysabelle’s words.

“I don’t understand what he’s saying at all! I did well in physics too! Why can’t I understand what he’s
saying?” Ysabelle whined as she was overwhelmed with a load of information.

“Don’t worry. He’s a master of physics. There’s nothing wrong with you not understanding what he
said,” Sophia assured her as the two-hour lesson finally ended.

The moment the three of them walked out of the room, Ysabelle’s phone rang. The training camp did
not confiscate their phone, and Ysabelle thought it was really open-minded of them.

“Felix? Why are you calling me?” she huffed.

“Come to the main entrance with Sophie. Mr. Tristan has ordered supper for you guys.” Ysabelle’s
expression immediately softened when she heard there was food for them.

“Aw, Uncle Tristan is so thoughtful! All right, I’ll go and get it now!” Ysabelle then grabbed Sophie’s arm
and added, “Sophie, let’s go to the main entrance! I have to pick something up!”

“I’ll go with both of you! It’s late at night now, so it can be pretty dangerous.” Bailey was concerned
about their safety.

“No, it’s okay. It’s a mountain resort! It’s not going to be dangerous at all. Well, maybe you should head
back and get some rest!” With that, Ysabelle grabbed Sophie and rushed out without giving Bailey time
to respond.

Hence, he could only stand rooted to the spot and stare at their retreating figures.

“Bailey, let’s have supper together!” Just then, Mavis, who had been following them behind them, called
out to Bailey.

“No. I’m good.” As soon as he saw Mavis, he turned and left. Mavis froze on the ground. She was
fuming. She didn’t know why Bailey was still being so ungrateful when she had already humbled herself
for him.

“Bailey, let’s wait and see. You’ll be mine one day.” Mavis refused to admit her defeat. The more Bailey
was cold to her, the more she wanted him. Sure enough, a man in a suit was already standing by the
main entrance when Sophie and Ysabelle arrived. The man greeted both of them respectfully as soon
as he saw them coming.

“Hello, Sophie. I’m the manager of the Michelin restaurant in Summerbank. This is the supper that I’ve
prepared for both of you. I hope you ladies will like it.”

When Ysabelle told Sophie to come with her, the latter thought there was some good stuff. She did not
expect it to be supper.

“Okay. Thank you so much!” Ysabelle grinned and thanked him while she took over the takeaway

“You’re welcome!I’ll be responsible for all your meals when the two of you are in Summerbank these
two weeks. If two of you need anything, feel free to contact me anytime!” With that, the manager
handed them a name card.

“Sure! We’ll take your offer then!” Ysabelle replied. She thought Tristan was extremely thoughtful.
When Sophie and Ysabelle returned to their room, the latter immediately took out all the dishes. As
expected, all the dishes from the Michelin restaurant were scrumptious.

“Sophie! Come and try their tiramisu! It’s amazing!” Ysabelle exclaimed excitedly while she devoured
another piece.

“It’s okay. You can have it.” Sophie had no appetite at all. Seeing her that way, Ysabelle put down the
takeout box in her hand and asked with concern as she walked toward Sophie, “Are you okay? Are you
feeling unwell? You didn’t eat much for dinner either.”

“I’m okay. You should eat first. I need to make a phone call,”

With that, Sophie walked to the side and made a call. The call was answered on the first ring.

“Mr. Tristan, you don’t have to be so worried. We’re eating fine at the mountain resort.”

“Eating fine is not enough! Your appetite has always been bad, so we should take better care of what
you eat. Besides, it’s not troublesome to me at all. All I have to do is tell someone to deliver the food to
you. Don’t worry about it. Tell the manager what you want to eat, and he’ll arrange it for you guys.”

Serving the people was what a Michelin restaurant was supposed to do anyway.

“All right. I got it.” Sophie knew she wouldn’t be able to win over the argument. Hence, she couldn’t be
bothered to argue with him anymore. Ysabelle seemed to enjoy the food, anyway.

“How’s everything? Are you adapting well at the mountain resort?”

“Everything was excellent! Mr. Wade, a physicist, gave us a lesson today. I find physics to be quite
interesting after his class!”

“I see!” She changed her mind after only the first lesson. Mr. Wade is truly amazing!

“I’ll support you no matter what you want to do!” Tristan assured.

Wasn’t the International Medical Association still waiting for her to join them? However, he didn’t want
her to join the International Medical Association. After all, Arius was still keeping an eye on her.

“Okay.” Sophia felt warmth in her heart when she heard Tristan’s words. He was right. Sophia was
interested in both physics and the medical field. She told herself that if she could not pick one, she
would just go for a double major in university. She couldn’t be bothered to think too much since she
didn’t want to stress herself out.

“Sophie, you’re only gone for one day, and I’m starting to miss you already. What am I going to do for
the remaining thirteen days?” Sophie was speechless when she heard what Tristan said. Back then,
she would’ve never expected him to be so affectionate. Compared to Tristan, Sophie seemed to be too
cold and heartless.

“I know you’re busy. Don’t worry. I won’t disturb you. But I hope you can give me a call when you’re

“Mr. Tristan, are you acting coy with me?” Sophie was puzzled. It seemed like he was acting all cutesy
to her. Tristan had always been a relentless and decisive man.

Thus, she would’ve never expected him to act coquettishly.

“I have no choice. I want you to act coy with me. But you won’t do it, will you?” Since Sophie wouldn’t
do it, Tristan had decided to take matters into his hands. After all, one of the two had to be more clingy
in a relationship.

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