Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Dote On Her As I Please

“Hey, what do you mean by that? It’s obvious that you think we’re incompetent, isn’t it?” Even though
Ysabelle knew she was not good in physics, it did not mean she agreed with Mavis’ opinion. Mavis
rolled her eyes at her.

“You know full well about how you got into this camp.” Mavis was the top scorer in physics in her
school, which was notably well-known for consistently winning first place in the annual physics
competition. Thus, it was natural for her to belittle everyone else.

“You…” Ysabelle was about to explode with anger.

“What’s with your snarky attitude? Just wait and see! You’re going to be crushed by us soon!” To her, it
meant everything to defend her dignity.

Mavis snorted in response.

“You may want to reconsider my offer, Bailey.” When she looked at Bailey, she was utterly devoid of her
earlier arrogance. While munching on her bread, Sophie said, “Don’t you already have a team? Are you
planning to kick out your current teammate just so Bailey can join your team?”

If that were the case, a person like Mavis could not be a good teammate.

“It’s none of your business!” Mavis was back to her arrogant self.

“Mavis, you should go back to your teammates! Otherwise, I reckon no one would be willing to form a
team with you if they knew what you were thinking.”

Mavis was reluctant to give up. Her only interest was Bailey.

“Bailey, you won’t stand a chance to win if you form a team with those two! Listen to me!” she

“Hah! So, it’s bad for him to join our team, but it’s fine to be on the same team as you? Do you really
think the result of the competition is predetermined? Are you claiming you’ll win first place just because
you said so?” Ysabelle retorted, not bothering to be courteous toward Mavis. Deep down, she was livid.

“That’s enough. Just go back. We’ll use our capabilities to prove ourselves.” Bailey did not want to
continue wasting time with Mavis’ nonsense. Mavis swept a glance at Sophie and Ysabelle.

“I’m giving you a chance here, Bailey. You don’t want to look back and regret missing out on such a
great opportunity later on.”

After finishing her sentence, she walked away with a pale face. Ysabelle was both amused and
enraged by her words. “She thinks she is invincible, doesn’t she?” she remarked unhappily. It was true
that Mavis won first prize during the previous physics competition, which emboldened her to act so
arrogantly that time around.

“All right. Let’s continue our meal!” Sophie exhorted.

It was not worth getting upset over an insignificant person. What Mavis thought was her own business,
so they had no reason to be angry about it.

“Don’t worry, Soph. I’ll make an effort not to become a burden to our team!” Ysabelle promised

By hook or by crook, they had to give Mavis a drubbing. After having a spoonful of oatmeal, Sophie did
not feel like eating it anymore. Although the food there was decent, her palate had become more
refined because of her time with Tristan.

When Ysabelle saw that Sophie was done eating, she quickly finished her bread in a few mouthfuls
and stood up.

“We’ve finished our food, Bailey. Enjoy your meal!”

With that, Ysabelle dragged Sophie away. Bailey responded immediately by standing up abruptly,
hoping to leave with them. However, Ysabelle had already left with Sophie. Upon seeing that the duo
had left, Mavis approached Bailey again and asked, “Are you seriously not going to consider my offer,

Bailey was speechless. “Can’t we just compete to the best of our abilities, Mavis?” he voiced in the
end. Mavis was at a loss for words. Why does the person I like only see me as a rival? Meanwhile,
Felix began to report work-related matters to Tristan as soon as the latter drove back to Jipsdale. Along
with his return, several tricky and challenging issues were immediately solved with ease. Felix sighed.

“We’re all humans, so why is there such a huge difference between us?” Those difficult problems that
arose while Mr. Tristan was away were easily settled after he returned.

“Duh! Do you think everyone is capable of being Mr. Tristan?” Sean’s words had hit the nail on the
head. It was undeniable that there were not many people like Tristan in the world.

Playing with the emerald in his hand, Charles asked, “Mr. Tristan, did you drive all the way to
Summerbank just to drop Sophie off?”

It was merely a physics competition, which was insignificant compared to the pressing issues in
Jipsdale. Despite that, Tristan ignored the mountain of work in Jipsdale to personally send Sophie to
the training camp. Tristan shot Charles a look.

“What? Did I hold things up?” the former questioned. I came back, didn’t I? Moreover, I took care of all
the issues as soon as I returned.

I’ve only been gone for about six or seven hours. Can’t I even have a few hours of freedom?

“That’s not what I meant, Mr. Tristan. I just think you’re doting on Sophie excessively. If you keep doing
this, she’ll have you wrapped around her little finger in no time,” Charles replied.

This is the mighty Mr. Tristan, a man of perfection and indomitability, that we are talking about! A man
like him can have any woman he desires. There’s no need for him to pamper a woman so much.

“It’s natural that I dote on my woman,” Tristan refuted. To him, Sophie was an exceptional woman. It
would be devastating for him to lose her to another man if he did not spoil her more. There was nothing
Charles could say when he saw how happy Tristan was from doting on Sophie.

“Fine. Pretend I never said that, and don’t tell Sophie about it,” Charles requested.

Although Sophie was still young, he felt that she was actually quite a scary person. If she were to know
what he said about her, he reckoned she would probably be hostile to him in the future.

“What’s the matter? You’re a courageous guy, aren’t you? Why are you scared of a young lady?” Felix
teased mercilessly. Charles fell silent. Forget it. Why am I bringing this upon myself? She is Mr.
Tristan’s woman.

If he wants to spoil her so much that she walks all over him, he can still handle it himself. There’s no
need for me to be so concerned.

“Oh, right. How is Winter doing in Alendor?” Tristan asked all of a sudden.

“Pretty good. My sister may be arrogant and wilful, but there’s no problem with her work performance,”
Charles answered. Nonetheless, Winter had repeatedly expressed her desire to return home.

“That’s good to hear. In that case, you should talk to your grandfather. Tell him to stop coming over and
rambling to my dad all day long. I’m tired of it.”

Since Winter was doing well over there, Tristan did not see the need for her to return. Once again,
Charles found himself speechless.

He would not dare to say such things in front of Walter. As a matter of fact, the latter was very upset
with him for not being able to help Winter.

“All right, then. Is there anything else?” Tristan then asked the other three. The trio shook their heads. It
was because Tristan was extremely efficient, solving everything within half an hour of returning.

“That’s good to hear. Felix, get the person in charge in Summerbank to send some food for Sophie and
Ysabelle. They’re staying in a mountain resort this time, and the food there is terrible,” Tristan
instructed. His woman and niece, of course, deserved the best treatment, and he was more than
capable of providing it.

“Mr. Tristan, the mountain resort’s service and facilities are already adequate!” Charles was beyond
surprised at Tristan’s words. When Mr. Tristan visited the mountain resort, he ate in the resort too. So
why can’t Sophie eat the same food as he did? However, he could only keep his mouth shut when he
saw the look of affection and love in Tristan’s eyes. Forget it. It’s fine if he’s willing to do so. Everything
we say will fall on deaf ears, anyway

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