Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Naughty Stuff

“That’s enough. Why is an adult like you arguing with two young ladies? We’ve yet to get off work, so
why are you in such a hurry?” another female staff member chimed in, stopping the argument.

As a matter of fact, she knew Sophie and Ysabelle were not late. Thus, her colleague did not have to
make things difficult for them. Ysabelle harrumphed as she could not be bothered to deal with the rude
staff member. The latter could sulk in the corner by herself if she were annoyed. Her anger would not
affect Ysabelle and Sophie, anyway.

Then, Ysabelle took the suitcases and decided to sit on the couch to rest while waiting for Sophie. She
chose to wait there obediently instead of becoming a third wheel. Tristan had just walked over after
parking the car when he saw Sophie striding out. Upon walking to her side, he asked, “Where’s
Ysabelle? Let’s go eat.”

He planned to have dinner together. During his last visit to Summerbank, he went to a restaurant that
served excellent dishes, and he believed Sophie might like that place.

“Mr. Tristan, I’m sorry. As we have to leave for the training camp now, I don’t think we can have dinner
with you.” Sophie felt apologetic. He drove her and Ysabelle here for more than three hours, yet she
could not even have a meal with him in return.

“I see!” Sure enough, Tristan’s expression darkened a little right after those words fell from her lips.

“You girls should go ahead! I’ll come and pick you two up after the camp,” he continued. It was
impossible for him not to feel disappointed, but he could only accept the reality since he knew Sophie
did not mean for it to happen.

“Then, I’ll go back inside now. We must leave immediately.” She knew she would have to leave him
sooner or later. “All right.”

At that moment, Tristan looked like a puppy abandoned by its owner. Sophie had the urge to pet him,
and she did so by throwing herself into his arms and hugging his waist.

“I’ll go back once I’m done here,” she said, trying her best to comfort him.

“Mmh.” Tristan, who was sad at first, perked up once she hugged him.

“Do your best!” Although he knew he should let her go, he was reluctant to do so and wanted to
continue talking with her.

“I will. Be careful on your way back. Also, remember to call me once you get there! But then, I don’t
know if I can answer your call. After all, training camps like this will usually confiscate our phones.”
Tristan brushed his fingers across her dainty chin. “Okay, don’t worry!” He would be fine since it was
not his first time driving long distances. Seeing that the time was almost up, Sophie stood on her
tiptoes and kissed his lips briefly.

“I’ll go inside now,” she said.

The young woman did not know she would feel so reluctant to part with someone one day. It seemed to
her that she was falling deeper and deeper for Tristan. That was why she was growing attached to him.
Before Sophie could turn around to walk away, Tristan kissed her again.

“Two weeks is too long!” he lamented. It was too much to picture not having her by his side for the
following two weeks, so he wanted to kiss her deeper to have enough to reminisce about whenever he
missed her.

“What is taking her so long? Didn’t she say ten minutes? This is too much!” The female staff member
who argued with the two young women got impatient when she saw Sophie had not returned after ten
minutes, so she went out to see what the latter was doing. To her surprise, she saw Sophie kissing a
handsome man passionately.

The female staff member was completely dumbfounded. This man is way too handsome! He’s even
better looking than the male celebrities in the entertainment industry! In that instant, she grew jealous
of Sophie. She’s so young, yet she’s already acting like a sl*t, kissing a man like that in a public space.
How shameless! After the heated kiss, Tristan let go of Sophie.

“Go now! I’ll come and pick you up after the camp,” he said gently.


At that moment, Sophie had flushed cheeks. The look in her eyes was alluring, making his heart race
for her uncontrollably. When Sophie returned inside, the female staff member could not resist the urge
to mock her.

“I thought you had something important to do, but you only asked for more time to be with a man! Is
this why you came to our training camp? If you came here to seduce men, you shouldn’t take up a
spot. Don’t you know how many people are interested in coming to our camp?”

Her words were vicious due to her overwhelming jealousy. Sophie frowned. She truly disliked the
female staff member.

“You are in no place to judge if I’m qualified to join this camp.” With that, Sophie went straight inside.
She didn’t have to quarrel more with someone like the latter. Sophie went to Ysabelle, who took in her
countenance and asked curiously,

“What’s the matter? You look like you’ve done some naughty stuff with Uncle Tristan.” Young girls were
naturally interested in things like that, especially Ysabelle. Instead of answering her question, Sophie
took her suitcase and urged,

“Let’s go. Time’s almost up!” I suddenly regret coming to this training camp. If I had known it would be
like this, I wouldn’t have listened to Mr. Elswick. Then, I wouldn’t have to leave Jipsdale for two weeks.
Two weeks! That’s way too long. The other female staff member led the duo to the bus. Since they
were the last two students to head to the camp, the bus was relatively emptier than before. Sophie and
Ysabelle sat in the same row.

“Sophie, tell me the truth! What do you think about Uncle Tristan? I’ve never seen him treat a girl so
well!” Ysabelle continued, “You see, Winter didn’t do anything to hurt you physically. All she did was say
something horrible, yet Uncle Tristan sent her to Alendor!”

Everyone knew Winter was the dearest third daughter of the Quigley family.It was also due to that
incident that Walter frequently went to their place, but Tristan refused to withdraw his decision, no
matter what the elderly man said. That had Walter feeling somewhat dejected.

“I know.” Sophie agreed with what Ysabelle said. It was true that Tristan treated her well. She was a
human with emotions, so she would be lying if she said she did not realize Tristan treated her
differently from other women.

“Then what about you? Don’t you feel attracted to him? Do you like Uncle Tristan? No. I should ask you
if you’re in love with Uncle Tristan instead. Are you?” Ysabelle believed Sophie must have developed
some feelings for Tristan, considering that he had spent so much time pursuing her.

Otherwise, Sophie would not give him that many chances to approach her.

“Aren’t you tired? Get some rest if you are. I think it will take a long time until we reach the camp!”
Sophie did not want to discuss such a topic with her, so she closed her eyes to rest. Ysabelle was
rendered speechless. Is Sophie avoiding the question?

Forget it. If she isn’t willing to tell me more, I shouldn’t press her any further. I am her best friend, after
all. Uncle Tristan will never be as important as Sophie is to me. It took them more than an hour to arrive
at the training camp from the registration venue. That time around, the camp was held in a mountain

The bus had just pulled up before the resort when Ysabelle spotted Bailey. Don’t tell me Bailey has
been waiting for us here. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that he is the first person we see? Ysabelle
nudged Sophie, then pointed in Bailey’s direction.

“Sophie, Bailey is here to pick you up!” The former did not exaggerate her words. It was clear that
Bailey came to pick Sophie up. Frowning, Sophie looked in that direction, and sure enough, she saw
Bailey. He must have arrived here much earlier than us! But then, it’s not surprising. Whitlea must have
placed high importance on this summer camp.

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