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Anything For Her Chapter 302

Chapter 302 The Physics Competition

When the Tanner family walked Sophie out, Tristan and Ysabelle were already waiting for her. Sophie
was somewhat surprised to see Ysabelle.

“What are you doing here?” the former inquired curiously.

“I’m going to the physics summer camp with you!” Ysabelle chirped. With the help of her uncle, she
managed to sign up for the camp held before the physics competition.

“Huh?” Sophie could not help but wonder if Ysabelle thought she joined the camp for fun. When Tristan
saw Josiah, he got out of the car and approached the elderly man.

“It’s cold out here, Old Mr. Tanner. You should head in and rest. Don’t worry about Sophie; I’ll ensure
she gets to her destination safely,” Tristan reassured. After nodding in response, Josiah pulled out a
card from his pocket and handed it to Sophie.

“Take this. I want you to take good care of yourself out there, okay?” the old man said, unable to feel at
ease over the fact that his granddaughter would be on her own outside. Willow was beside herself with
jealousy when she saw Josiah give Sophie a bank card.

What about me? Sophie always gets the best, while I get nothing! Grandpa is playing favorites!

“I have enough money, Grandpa.” Sophie was actually wealthier than Josiah thought.

“Grandpa, Sophie’s now the CEO of Tanner Group, so why would she lack money?” Willow stated
jealously, unhappy that it had been a while since she last received pocket money from Josiah.

“Grandpa, I’d like to buy a…”

“I don’t care how rich you are. Nobody can ever have too much money, so just take it.” Josiah then
forced the card into Sophie’s hands. Willow got so upset that she could almost cry.

Sophie didn’t want the card, but she still got it. I got nothing even though I asked. Grandpa is obviously
biased toward Sophie! Since Josiah insisted, Sophie had no choice but to keep the card he gave her.

“All right, I got it. You have to listen to Morgan. Have your meals and go to bed on time, okay?” she

“Okay.” The old man was unusually compliant then. After opening the car door for Sophie, Tristan, too,
got into the vehicle. The physics competition, an invitational that would last for two weeks, was to be
held in Summerbank. When Tristan thought of how he could not see Sophie for the next fourteen days,
he decided to take the time to send her there himself.

The two young women, Ysabelle and Sophie, sat in the back seat.

“Sophie, I’m not good at physics, so you must ensure that I don’t embarrass myself too much, okay?
I’m only planning to learn whatever I can there,” the former requested.

“Sure.” Going from Jipsdale to Summerbank required a three-hour journey by car, so Tristan pulled up
at the rest stop when they reached one. While Ysabelle used the restroom, he and Sophie got out of
the car to get some fresh air.

“You asked Ysabelle to go with me, didn’t you? Didn’t I tell you I could take care of myself?” questioned
Sophie rhetorically.

“She wanted to go,” Tristan insisted, trying to convince her that it was not his idea. Sophie was
stumped for words. Even though he denied it, she refused to believe that he was not, in any way,
involved. How would Ysabelle get to join the summer camp if Tristan didn’t pull a few strings?

After all, the principal had to do the same to secure two spots for Jipsdale Premier High. “What’s the
matter? Are you upset? I only made the arrangements because Ysabelle wanted to go with you.That’s
all there is to it,” uttered Tristan, despite knowing that Sophie could sense that was not the case.

After all, she was a sharp person.

“I’m not upset.” Sophie denied being displeased, but her lack of smile betrayed her.

“Sophie, I just hoped you’d have a friend beside you at the camp. You’ll be gone for two weeks, so the
least I can do is have Ysabelle keep you company!” he explained sincerely while holding her hands.

In response, Sophie sighed in resignation since she could not help but be moved by how considerate
the man was.

“Don’t worry. If this doesn’t sit well with you, I won’t make any similar arrangements in the future without
your approval. Are you okay with this?” Tristan, a tycoon, was unexpectedly understanding when
speaking with her.

“Mmh.” Sophie did not wish to be unappreciative of his thoughtfulness. Regardless, she was not averse
to having Ysabelle around. Hence, the matter was resolved then.

Ysabelle brought two bottles of water for Tristan and Sophie when she returned. It was already past
three o’clock in the afternoon when they finally reached Summerbank. Since that was the last day for
registration, Sophie and Ysabelle went straight to the counter while Tristan waited outside. Afterward,
the two young women were to head to the private summer camp as soon as possible.

“Is there anything else you two have to do? If not, our driver will take you to the camp. You’re the last
two participants to join us,” one of the staff members stated. Even though Sophie and Ysabelle were
not late, they were still greatly displeased that the duo did not arrive earlier for such an important event.
“I’m sorry, but I need ten more minutes,” Sophie replied.

Tristan’s still waiting for me outside, so I can’t just leave without saying goodbye to him. If I do, he’d be
very pitiful.

“Why are you so fussy? You’re already the latest to arrive, yet you still want another ten minutes?” one
of the staff members complained impatiently.

“Miss, it’s not as though we’re late, so why are you being so rude? Or do you not want us to join the
camp?” Ysabelle retorted, unable to stand it anymore. Did she just get dumped by her boyfriend or
something? We can take as much time as we want so long as we make it to the camp before it starts.
There’s no need to grumble non-stop.

“Do you think you’re all that just because you come from Jipsdale? We, the staff, are all waiting for you
here, and you dare to ask why I’m being rude?”

“If you don’t like the job, I’m sure many are more than willing to replace you, so quit whining,” Ysabelle

“Why, you little…” The staff member did not expect Ysabelle to talk back like that.

“You speak as if the physics competition was held just for you. Do you want to get me fired? I’d like to
see you try.”

“I’m going to file a complaint about your inexcusable behavior!” Ysabelle was not one to back down
from conflicts. Never once did she let anyone get away with disrespecting her in Jipsdale, and she was
not about to change just because she was in Summerbank.

“I merely asked for ten minutes. Even then, we will still have more than an hour before the registration
ends, so what’s the problem?” Sophie spoke up. Even though she would prefer not to argue with the
staff member, she could tell that the latter had no intentions of letting them off.

“I have no problem at all. It’s not as though rich girls like you know how hard we work.” Ysabelle was
rendered speechless by how dignified the staff member had made herself out to be. I can see that
she’s working hard to make things difficult for us.

“Either you stop whining, or you quit.” Done with wasting her time on the staff member, Sophie went
outside to Tristan.

“Humph! I wouldn’t get on her bad side if I were you because she’s going to be the champion this time.”
Ysabelle absolutely believed in Sophie’s capability.

“Hah. As if you’re going to amount to anything. Let me tell you something—not everything in this world
can be bought with money,” the staff member countered. She was sure that only the truly worthy ones
would shine in the competition, not those with wealth.

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