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Anything For Her Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Dance Battle

“What do you mean, Sophie? There are so many people here on the dance floor, so it is normal to
bump into others, all right? Do you have to make a mountain out of a molehill? If you must behave in
such a petty manner, I suggest you go home and complain to your mom about this. Oh, I’m sorry. I
forgot that your mom doesn’t care about you. I suppose she won’t entertain you even if you talk to her
about this.”

Louisa genuinely despised Sophie as she could not fathom what was so great about the latter.

“You—” Ysabelle had always been a sweet and well-tempered person, but even she was infuriated at
that moment. “You obviously did that on purpose. Do you know how to dance? Was that even

Louisa snorted. “Are you kidding me? Did you say I don’t know how to dance? Just so you know, I
started learning ballet when I was five years old. If I can’t dance, then are you saying that you can? Or
perhaps she can? I believe everyone here has witnessed their ridiculous moves earlier. It is plain to see
that they can’t even follow the music’s rhythm,” Louisa retorted arrogantly.

Louisa began learning ballet at a young age. Everyone who knew her praised her extraordinary
temperament, an acquired quality that she credited to picking up ballet when she was little.

“What a joke. How dare you say you started learning ballet at the age of five when you’re such a
terrible dancer? Are you sure you’re not an idiot?” Ysabelle snapped in response, reluctant to admit
defeat. She could not stand Louisa’s contemptible demeanor.

“Ha! Everyone can talk big even if they have nothing to show. Since you all think it is my fault for
accidentally bumping into you, let’s settle this matter using the practice here!”

“What kind of practice?” Although Sophie had visited Nocturnal on a few occasions, that was her first
time dancing there.

“Dance battle!”

That was not the first time Louisa and the others had a conflict with another party in Nocturnal.
Nocturnal had an unspoken rule for partygoers who had a dispute on the dance floor to resolve the
issue through a dance battle.

“What’s the matter? Do you dare to accept my challenge? I reckon you all do not have the guts to do
so. Someone like her is only adept at fighting, so there’s no way she would know the graceful
performing art of dancing.” After saying that, Louisa and her group of girls laughed mockingly.

“How do you plan to carry out the dance battle?”

“Soph?” Ysabelle grabbed Sophie’s arm. I’ve heard of people sorting out an argument through a dance
battle. Louisa acquired the skill in dancing when she was little, not to mention she frequented this kind
of place. On the other hand, I’ve never seen Sophie dance. At this rate, it is apparent that we have no
chance of winning this dance battle.

“It’s very simple. We’ll battle at the same time. Then, the loser will have to do anything the winner
demands.” Louisa felt secretly delighted when she imagined how embarrassed Sophie would be later.

Everyone in the Tanner family are jerks. How can that d*mned Willow ignore my cousin, Mason, after
he got hurt? I can’t believe I used to think of her as one of my best friends.


I’ll teach you a lesson today, Louisa.

Meanwhile, Tristan strode over to look for Sophie and Ysabelle because the two did not show up even
after a long while. Unexpectedly, he was met with the scene before him.

“What’s going on?” Tristan asked when he saw Ysabelle’s swollen arm.

“It’s nothing.” Ysabelle lacked the courage to confess the trouble she stirred. After all, she was the
reason that altercation occurred.

“So? Do you dare? Hurry up and leave if you’re just a coward. Stop wasting my time here,” Louisa
uttered rudely.

“You—” Taking in Louisa’s haughtiness, Ysabelle had the urge to step forward and brawl with her.
“Soph, forget it. I’m fine.”

Ysabelle did not want Louisa to get the chance to mortify Sophie.

“Ha! I know you two are cowards. Fine. I shall not make things difficult for you. Since you’re too scared
to face me, all you have to do is apologize to me. I’m a magnanimous person, so I’ll forgive you two.”

“Are you crazy, Louisa? You want me to apologize to you after you stepped on my hand? I think you’re
getting tired of living!” Ysabelle grew up in a conducive and educated environment. As a result, she
was not skilled in chiding others. Nevertheless, she was so enraged that she had a strong desire to
curse Louisa.

“I’ll be your rival.” Ysabelle is hurt, so she cannot compete with them. Since they are targeting me, I
shall gladly accept their challenge.

Louisa smiled smugly upon hearing that.

She might be afraid of Sophie if they were taking part in a different contest. However, Louisa was
confident she would not lose in dancing.

Felix heard Sophie agreeing to the dance battle just as he walked over.

He could not help but wonder. To be honest, Sophie is a capable person, but can she dance? She’ll
have no problem facing others in a fight, but to compete against others in a dance contest sounds
rather far-fetched.

“Sophie, let’s just beat them up.” Why is she wasting her time arguing with this woman? Felix was
displeased after seeing Ysabelle getting bullied.

He would not mind hitting Louisa even though she was a woman because she dared lay a finger on

No matter what, he wanted anyone foolish enough to harm Ysabelle to pay the price.

“Ha! Do you think you’re impressive for being acquainted with a few men? Do you deal with your
problems by allowing men to stand up for you, Sophie? I was under the assumption that you were very
formidable.” Louisa was not at all afraid. After all, she was acquainted with a considerable amount of
people in Jipsdale. If the situation boiled down to a fistfight, all she had to do was to summon more
people to her aid.

Ysabelle was overwhelmed by an urge to slap Louisa’s face when she saw the latter’s derisive mien.

“Louisa, you’re f*cking crazy.”

“Remember what you just said. If you lose, you’ll do whatever I ask of you, is that right?”

“That’s right, and that’s a promise,” Louisa replied. How can I possibly lose? I’ve been dancing for over
ten years. There’s no way I’ll lose to a thug like her.

Sophie took off her coat under everyone’s watchful eyes.

The crowd was amazed after she removed her coat.

“Oh my god! She could become a model with that body!”

“That’s right. She looked gorgeous with her coat on. I did not expect her to be more captivating after
she takes off her outerwear.”

Regardless of their gender, all the onlookers were enthralled by Sophie’s beauty.

Some of them even started whistling at her.

In contrast, Tristan was not a fan of the turns of events.

In his opinion, he was the only person who could indulge in Sophie’s magnificence, yet those random
strangers dared discuss her figure in front of him.

Then, Sophie handed her coat to Tristan and said, “Hold this for me.”

The annoyance he felt moments ago dissipated following Sophie’s gesture.

“Good luck, Louisa. You can do this. Sophie’s so full of herself. She probably thinks she’s better than
everyone else just because she’s slightly good-looking.”

“Don’t worry. I may not have the confidence to secure a victory if we compete in something else, but no
one can win me in terms of dancing.”

Louisa was quite familiar with Sophie’s background. She figured the latter did not receive any exposure
to dancing thus far in her life.

“Good luck, Louisa.”

When those girls in Louisa’s group saw how handsome Tristan and Felix were, they grew more jealous
of Sophie and Ysabelle, hoping more fervently that Louisa would be able to teach them a lesson.

Louisa walked up to Sophie and whispered, “Sophie, I’m going to thoroughly humiliate you today in
front of everyone, you vain and materialistic woman.”

Mason is such a nice person, but he ends up in his current miserable state because of Sophie and
Willow. I’ll never forgive them.

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